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What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj at and in this
video today we’re talking about how to lose the last layer of fat. So maybe the last five or ten pounds that
always seem to be the hardest to get rid of. A lot of people out there will say that they
were able to go from, maybe, twenty-eight percent of bodyfat down to fifteen percent
of bodyfat with relative ease but now they’ve hit a fatloss plateau and they just can’t
get leaner no matter what they do. Before I jump into the video, if you do enjoy
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missed out on anything. So, here’s the reality: when it comes to
losing the last five to ten pounds of fat there really are no special secrets involved. The basic principles are still the same. It’s just harder to actually execute them. Just like muscle growth becomes naturally
harder over time the more overall mass you’ve put on. The same thing holds true for fatloss, okay. The leaner you get, the harder it becomes
to lean down further and further. And once you’ve hit around fifteen percent
bodyfat or so as a male and maybe twenty-two percent or so for a female, for each percentage
point you try to drop lower than that it’s going to get increasingly tougher. Our bodies are evolutionarily wired to carry
a certain amount of bodyfat just for basic health purposes. And so the further and further you try to
push the envelope the more your body is going to fight back and the tougher it’s going
to be for you. Because it’s just responding automatically
to the environment and it has no idea what you’re actually trying to do here in terms
of achieving a lean looking body. But when it all comes down to it fatloss is
still primarily just a matter of maintaining an ongoing calorie deficit. That’s what stimulates your body to break
down its fat stores for use as energy. So, if you’re trying to lose that last layer
of fat but you’ve hit a fatloss plateau it’s just means that you’re no longer in
a calorie deficit. The same number of calories that gets you
from thirty percent bodyfat down to twenty-two percent bodyfat is not going to be the same
number that it will take to get from twenty-two percent down to fifteen percent, or fifteen
percent down to twelve and eleven and so on. And you’re going to need to adjust further
which means either slightly reducing your calorie intake or increasing your activity
level. So maybe an extra cardio session or just some
additional movement throughout the day or a combination of both of those. It’s mostly just a matter of discipline
and being willing to really dial things in terms of your training and primarily your
nutrition. So many people will come to me and say that
they can’t lose the last five to ten pounds even though they’re tracking their calorie
closely and they’re training hard and training consistently. But in most cases if you really sit down with
somebody and you audit their diet step-by-step, seven days a week, you’ll usually see that
somewhere in there certain errors are being made. Either they’re not tracking their intake as
accurately as they thought or extra meals and snacks and things like that just happen
to work their way in and they aren’t being accounted for. And those errors add up enough throughout
the course of the week to where calorie intake and calorie expenditure end up about equal
and so no extra bodyfat gets lost. It’s not because your metabolism is damaged
and your body is just magically stop responding, usually in most cases it’s just that you
need to be much more diligent with everything in general. When you’re trying to lose that last bit of
fat hunger is going to be more of an issue, your energy is going to go down, training
performance will also go down, but these are things that you just have to plow through,
basically, and stick to your plan regardless of them. So another question to ask yourself is: is
it really worth it for you, in the first place, to get leaner than you are right now. When it comes to losing the last layer of
fat, that’s going to mean different things to different people. If, for example, losing the last five to ten
pounds means going from, say, seventeen percent bodyfat as a male down to thirteen percent
then I’d say that’s a perfectly reasonable goal to have. Because thirteen percent is still within a
realistic, healthy, sustainable range. And going from seventeen percent to thirteen
percent will make a pretty noticeable difference to your physique in terms of overall muscle
definition and leanness. On the other hand, if losing that last layer
of fat means you’re trying to go from thirteen percent bodyfat down to ten percent bodyfat,
in that case you might want to really evaluate if that’s even necessary in the first place. If it’s for a temporary thing like certain
event, photo shoot, vacation or whatever, then that’s fine. But if we’re talking about a bodyfat percentage
that you’re going to maintain year round, a true ten percent is actually quite low. And that’s actually, probably, the lowest
percentage I’d recommend any guy to try to permanently sustain. Anything below that, unless you are a genetic
outlier or you’re on drugs, usually isn’t going to be healthy or sustainable in most
cases. You’re going to be on relatively low calories
and you’re going to have to track things much more closely on a permanent basis and you
won’t be in an optimal place in terms of energy, training performance, libido and things
like that. For most guys, I think about twelve to fifteen
percent bodyfat is a much more realistic year round percentage. And that’s still actually quite lean because
most people way underestimate their true percentage to begin with. Twelve percent bodyfat is pretty lean for
most guys. You’ll be leaner than ninety-five percent
plus of the population if you’re at that level, probably more like ninety-eight percent. I got my bodyfat tested a couple years ago
and it came in at fourteen percent, and that put me leaner than ninety-seven percent of
guys at my age according to their stats. Even at fourteen percent. So, yeah, I wouldn’t suggest just aimlessly
trying to get leaner and leaner because you’re trying to look like some Instagram fitness
model or whatever. Really sit down and look at it and honestly
decide for yourself if it’s worth the effort. Because, again, the leaner you get the harder
and harder it becomes, not just to get there but also to maintain it. There’s a very big difference in terms of
maintaining fourteen percent bodyfat versus ten percent. Not just in terms of how you’ll feel but the
additional dietary and lifestyle freedom that comes with just keeping an extra few percent
of bodyfat. Now, if you have decided that it is worth
it for you to get leaner, or like I’d mentioned before if you’re sixteen percent now and you
just want to get to, maybe twelve or thirteen percent, again, it’s really just a matter
of continuing to create a calorie deficit and really just dial things in more closely. If your bodyweight is stagnant then you need
to reduce your calories until it starts dropping. Shaving off a hundred to a hundred-fifty calories
from your intake per day is a good starting point. Or you can also increase your activity level
as well. Once you have that in place you need to track
it closely. You can’t just be estimating things anymore. You can’t be sneaking in an extra table spoon
of peanut butter or eating big cheat meals and not accounting for them, or adding in
little snacks here and there and not tracking them. If you’re currently on a fatloss plateau and
things aren’t moving that’s the time when you really have to be diligent with your diet
and be really honest with yourself about exactly what it is that you’re consuming and what
your true calorie intake actually is. Hunger is also likely going to be more of
an issue for you as you’re trying to get rid of those last five to ten pounds, so you really
want to start to employing more strategies to control it. And I’ll link a post I did in the description
box below that outlines twelve tips you can use to reduce hunger while on a diet. I don’t want to go ahead and cover all of
those in this video otherwise it’ll end up just being way too long. But basic things like increasing your vegetable
intake, eating more fiber, really focusing on maximizing your food volume relative to
calories by eating less calorie dense foods, making sure you’re getting enough protein,
drinking enough water, things like that. Incorporating a weekly re-feed day, that can
also help out as well. That’s going to be where you eat at your
calorie maintenance level once a week with the increasing calories mainly coming from
carbs. That’s just a way to boost your leptin levels
back up temporarily and give you a nice physical and mental break to look forward to each week. And also if you’ve been dieting for a prolong
period then beyond re-feed days what you can also use is a full one to two week diet break,
that will also give you some of the extra energy you might need to recharge and to plow
through that last phase of fatloss. And a diet break is essentially just an extended
re-feed where you eat at your calorie maintenance level for a full one to two weeks before going
back into a deficit. And you can do that for every, roughly, one
to three months of consistent dieting. And one other thing to experiment with is
different daily layout for you meals in terms of the frequency and the timing. As long as the total calories are the same
for the entire day, it won’t make any actual difference to your fat burning results whether
you eat, say, six small meals a day or four medium size meals, or two large meals or some
other variation of that. Some people do better on different layout
in terms of controlling their appetite. You can try eating more calories earlier on
in the day and fewer later on or vice versa. Intermittent fasting is another option that
some people do well on. So if hunger is an issue for you in that final
phase of fatloss, you’ll want to try playing around to find the specific meal frequency
that best suits you in terms of controlling your appetite. For myself, that usually means pushing a higher
percentage of calories until later on in the day but everybody is a bit different, so you
have to find what works best for you. So, just a few ideas there for you but at
the end of the day fatloss, again, comes down to maintaining a calorie deficit. And as you get leaner and you’re trying to
lose that last bit of fat, maintaining that deficit just becomes more challenging sing
you’re going to have to be more diligent with your dietary tracking and because hunger and
energy and thing like that are going to become more of an issue for you. So, it really just comes down to basic discipline
and hard work if you decided that getting leaner is worth it to you at this stage. So thanks for watching, guys. I hope this advice was helpful. If you want to to eliminate all the guesswork
and grab a complete step-by-step plan that shows you exactly how to train, eat and supplement
to reach your desired level of leanness as efficiently as possible, as well as had a
transition into a proper muscle building phase after your cut is over, then you can check
out my complete step-by-step Body Transformation Blueprint by clicking here or by visiting, the link for that is in the description box. Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram
if you aren’t already. The links for that are also below. And the official website is over at Thanks for watching, guys. And I’ll see you in the next video.

83 thoughts on “How To Lose The Last Bit Of Fat (4-Pack To 6-Pack)

  1. The timing of this is perfect. I think I’m around 12% – 13% atm. We really are “fatter” than we think we are, but it’s also silly for people to get caught up in bf percentages because everyone’s fat distribution is different. I know a guy who is like shredded to the bone prepping for a contest, he looks like a legitimate 6% bf, but his dexa reading came back to close to 10% bf. His upper bf was 5% and lower was higher and carried most of the fat.

  2. Great video dude. I have a question… If you are really low bf such as 8% would you build less muscle on a lean bulk than someone who is 15%?

  3. Should I account for the cardio I do when tracking calories? Myfitnesspal let's me add the calories I lose from cardio. I tend to go to burn about 400 calories daily so that I can consume those 400 calories and not go crazy. Sounds silly… but according to Myfitnesspal… I still maintain a 500 calorie deficit daily

  4. I'm probably like 25% body fat. 2 stone I have got rid of while lifting and stagnating now. Time to ramp it up and cut more calories. Gonna be painful.

  5. An individual's subcutaneous fat distribution is different from person to person, if you're lucky enough to look great at 14% as a male, or unlucky by having extreme leanness in extremities and fat concentration in one or two area, we're all unique and have to deal with what we have. Thanks for the simple reminder of why we may plateau and whether it's worth it or not.

  6. Great info as always keeping it real ,you're the best. What's your take on the possible health benefits of the keto diet as well as on if. As you say it's both a form of caloric restriction and I agree completely cause it's math, but I was wondering it you have looked up some studies about or something ,especially about keto 4 people who are diabetic or pre diabetic meaning insulin resistant .I have some people in my family with those problems. The fact is that they have to lose weight, but especially the ones who are pre-diabetic seem to have more difficulties to lose weight even on a caloric restriction .Wanna hear your opinion about the so called adaptation to fat as fuel on that diet.

  7. My problem is estimating body fat accurately… started obese at 125kg of pure fat no muscle… now at 105kg bur according to a caliper like the one in your thumbnail i am 16% body fat. Height is 186 cm so 6.1 in us measures. But i still have a lot of fat and no abs visible, the serratus lines are there tho but no 4 pack or 6 pack, just a minor line down the center in the upper side and one horizontally a bit above the middle of the belly. Also chest fat but only in the lower chest now. Is the caliper a good way to measure? Could i really be 16%? I half expected to see abs by now but only look fit a bit, not close to your level. Would losing 6% to 8% make such a difference?

  8. Diet breaks are key. 2 weeks on/2 weeks off is key. this is the most effective way to lose weight, NOT continuous dieting. See

  9. the leanest ive gotten so far was 12% and at that percent i still had an outline of a 4-pack (maybe 5-pack on a good day) and when i say outline i don't mean shredded like some of these guys that say they are at 12% on youtube when they are really 8% or vice-versa. also genetics play a factor since with some like myself since im shredded like hell at 12% minus the abs.

  10. I'm fairly lean with extra belly fat. Do you think BWF / Calisthenics will help tone my body? The plan is to start with BWF and eventually move on to weights at a gym.

  11. My problem is the opposite, I usually overestimate my body fat %. I usually tend to think that when I am at 15% bf, in reality, I am 12-13 bf%. I wish I knew what 10% bf looked visually. All the images vary a lot on the internet. Like right now, I can see my six pack but only under very good lighting, does that mean that I am around 13-14% bf? Maybe higher?

  12. Lose the last 5? Hell, I'm still trying to lose the first 5.

    Actually lost about 3 lbs recently, but I think it has to do with my knee injure and not being able to squat for about 6 months, so it was probably muscle loss, not fat loss.

  13. Hi Sean, your videos are a great source of knowledge for all. My weight loss has plateau months ago & I've gain a little weight back since my lowest ideal at 5-6lbs less just a few months prior, but by appearance I am more muscular, vascular & have a little more striations. Would this means despite weight gains on the scale I could actually have less body fat? My appetite has increased & probably eat 500 calories a day more than my leanest but I also do more HIIT cardio workout now, I estimate my BF to be around 12-14 percent as I am able to maintain 6 pack abs all year. I tend to get a bit obsessed with achieving the lowest body fat percentage possible & never satisfy at my current stage, I'm not even prepping for anything just trying to look good with my shirt off.

  14. I thought you were Canadian living in Canada but you mentioned Australia a few times. Where are you from and where do you live?

  15. Can I run recomp for a long time, if im not concerned with the time it takes to see the results. I mean bring down BF% to 15 and then recomp slowly until I hit 12% BF. Is it worth doing? Will it work apart from the fact that it will take long time. Thnks.

  16. should a 16 year old be cutting? i'm not overweight or anything just want to look leaner before I start a bulk, is this healthy? I'd appreciate some input guys thanks!

  17. Interesting study compering straight dieting vs intermittent (not fasting 🙂

  18. Sean what do u think about to increase cardio and calories and still maintain a caloric deficit ? Since I'm stuck at 1500 calories can't go lower then that or is taking me to a lower body fat percentage

  19. I appreciate you being realistic about fat percentage. So many other Youtubers acting like you should be aiming for 7%, which just isn't realistic or optimal for the vast majority of people.

  20. Sean you sir are a 😍 sexy man. I've been watching for tips and ideas for a long time now. Thx to you for what you do!

  21. Sean, what about people who were lean and very active during their whole life ? Isn't their bodies more adapted and used to lower bf % ? What i mean by adapted and used to = hormones, strenght and performance on point despite low bf %. These people should be able to stay around 10% bf or lower without problems and negative effects on hormones/performance.

  22. Love these awesome vids Sean, pure and simple with very precise information. You my friend have such a finesse with words and explaining things , wonderful speaker!

  23. Hey Sean, i wonder if u can help me with such a problem. I'm a guy 28 years old and according to my latest body composition i have as low as 11.6% body fat. however i still have only 2/4 of my Abs defined and the rest f are still covered with lose skin and little fat layer. what do u recommend.

  24. You're right, dude. I eat so good during the week but bad on the weekends. I don't want my boyfriend to feel like he has to stick to my diet though.

  25. Hey Sean,

    If you start at a low calorie intake say 1800 calories, will your body adapt and stop losing weight or will you constantly keep losing weight due to constant calorie deficit?

    (Over a 4-5month period)

  26. Everyone of your videos you lose me on something i just dont agree on. Sneaking a spoon of peanut butter is good and can actually help you lose fat and lower chosletrol so you need to careful with the info you throw out there

  27. Sean I’m trying to look like Ronnie Coleman but naturally does this mean I need more chicken and BBQ sauce or should I add more grits

  28. I've been experiencing a bit of a weight loss plateau recently, i've added in extra cardio and started intermittent fasting, both of which seem to be helping but not by enough. I was just discussing this with a colleague and the conclusion was that my calorie intake no longer leaves me in enough of a deficit hence the plateau, and then this video pops up and confirms my thoughts exactly, thanks Sean 🙂

  29. Hi Sean, thanks. I have a crucial question to be answered.
    Can I train twice a day?
    I follow pull-push-leg routine, but I finish my hour of training without completing the full workout. So what if I train chest, for example, in the early morning, then I leave shoulders and triceps to the evening, would be ok or not?
    Am I overtraining following this method?

  30. I cut for a year to get to 12% and saw my 8-pack develop but I was dying… No energy, always hangry, and obsessed with thinking about food… It was not a happy time and I went overboard in that obsessive drive. Now I'm closer to 15% but not as bad with a few exceptions when I mini cut. But it can easily get out of hand. Be careful, guys and gals. This can be very dangerous if you don't take step back and just have a breather.

  31. Interesting. I have been calorie restricting for a bit over two years now. Lost a fair bit of weight in the first six months, from 103kg down to 93kg and then slowly down to 88kg over maybe the next year after that. I would have been up around 25% body fat going by eye. In the last few months I have been doing IF with alternate day calorie restriction to about 25% of my feed day averaging about a 500 calorie a day restriction. I'm down to 83-84kg and think I would be maybe 16% body fat. Working out a fair bit and I'm not struggling for motivation too badly. I actually feel a lot better and the difference in my appearance is really obvious after those last few kgs. But I still have this layer of subcutaneous fat across my belly that I would really like to shift. I'm changing to OMAD as the alternate day thing is starting to wear on me. I think it's disrupting my sleep.

  32. I'm lean, sub 10%. I OMAD weekdays, booze up and party on the weekends. Burning fat takes time. My tip, know your calories and keep carbs low, eaten around your workouts.

  33. I do Intermittent fasting and I love it. I don’t have to think about food all day when I’m busy and I can stuff my face (healthy food 95% of the time, balanced diet is important people) and I’ve never been happier, I get that eating one meal a day isn’t for everyone but it works for me. I’ve been eating more than I used to at 50 pounds heavier and I’m still losing fat so no complaints. Yes, I track my meals, yes I know how much I eat, no I’m not under eating. My metabolism just seems so much faster now. Incorporating a lot more simple carbs into my diet has helped too. Figure out what works for you.
    Good video dude.

  34. So, ate around 800-1000 at most for 16wks to get lean now drop more calories while still a two hour heavy weight training 6 days a week training program? So eat like 500 Cal's a day is the answer?😂 Fuck that! There's got to be another way maybe just get on gear fuck it then! SMH

  35. Just eat.things you don't like that much… I just eat spiders when i find one, thats how I lost the last 10 pounds….

  36. you are correct on what happens when you get down to a certain body fat level. you are wrong on the calories in calories out theory. insulin is the factor that affect body fat gain not calories. when you eat and what you eat is far more important than the amount you eat.

  37. don't get me wrong I like you and want you to help others, but you need to learn the current research and the findings of antidotal info doctors are showing recently there are many, look at dr. ken berry on calorie counting. Bart Kay and many more.

  38. we have been lie to about so much in diet that America is 40% obese. the calories in and out bullshit is false.

  39. I'm at about 12% body fat. I'm 67 and in pretty decent shape. But I still have about 2" of belly fat That Bother the hell out of me. But I am In a Calorie surplus. Trying to build muscle. I have a 30" waist and probably can geit down to 27 or 28 in. What I noticed is the wider my back and chest are getting the smaller it looks. But still no abs.

  40. The problem with "caloric deficit" that nobody seem to be discussing (maybe because few outside of mainstream know it) is that it starts up processes in a body that are very detrimental to "leannes" on a long run. Your reptilian brain doesn't know what you doing (Sean is spot on). To your basic brain, you are in famine and need to get the hell out. So all your metabolic processes slow down and every bit of excess glucose is stored for the "journey". You will feel restless for that same reason. The worst part is that ones you start on that pass, your body will never go back to normal and you chained to "dieting" for life. If you OK with that, go right ahead, but if you viewing this as temporary thing, better don't. So before you decide that you need to look lean, think long and hard, as end result will be quite the opposite. Having said that, occasional fasting is totally OK. As it doesn't break with your natural cycles. As long as you eat food that contains all macros to full satiety, your famine switch will not be flipped.

  41. Great info Sean!! I’m down to just under 11 percent. It has gotten harder. Another thing I noticed is that when I did a 2 week diet break (moved across country, not a justified excuse, but still an excuse ) I seemed to have gained body fat quickly from not tracking and consuming too much rice carbs. My diet wasn’t even extreme, but just too much on the carbs. For the past few weeks I’ve been back to it again and I’m losing weight again. You are right that it gets harder the lower you go.

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