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100 thoughts on “How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon

  1. step 1 (and only): get an asshole, with big self esteem issues, ready to pay 10k for a pair of shoes.

    you are welcome.

  2. Curious question: aren’t these pairs considered fake since it didn’t come out from a legit nike factory?

  3. Shoes are just something you wear and why does it have to be 999Just For yeezys I hate shoes and how expensive they are

  4. Why was this in my recommendation I work in construction I could not give one fuck about a sneaker, make a good durable boot not fucking knock offs

  5. Why would some one spend 10k on a pair of shoe. What does it have to cost 10k? Is it laced with platinum? Or dimonds?

  6. and china is making great replicas, just like these guys. so does it even matter who makes it anymore and call it fakes? all shoes are made by humans. just cause it comes from nike website its authentic? the shoe game is stupid

  7. If a Nike shoe is made in an unauthorized shop America it's a "custom" shoe but if it's made like this in China it's a counterfeit. Think about it…

  8. I'm bipolar and a creative .I relate to this dude .I already make hats,belts,etc and customize clothes .I think I just found a new found appreciation in being a cobbler .Bring back craftsmanship,bring back individuality shit .Everybody paying 300+ for yeezys or offwhite ONLY TO LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE .I would love to have the skills to make me my own one of one 💯💯🙌🏽🔥just solidified an idea I had .dope craftsmanship ,bless

  9. You are an inspiration. We come from different worlds but I found your story inspirational. You didn't let the bi-polar diagnosis stop you or confine you into a box with a label. I could relate to that.

  10. So when Chinese people just reproduce shoes that's already out, they called counterfeits, but when a guy, takes the shoe that's already In reproduction and changes the whole design its legal… give me a break with this white privilege, it's getting old real fast.

  11. Vice, after 2 years of watching your channel you finally get a sub from me for this video. That's not to say all your other vids aren't cool. This one is just the best. (and the Westminster Dog Show on Acid).

  12. I like shoes but I’m not a sneaker head. The reason I like this video is I can take that passion in my own craft and use it as inspiration. Thanks

  13. Respect his craft but my mans way to overpriced, if i had enough money id most def attend his class tho

  14. He buy the legit nike and just ripoff the sole to use it as base for the custom then sell it back in the original nike shoe box for you.
    check his collab with john geiger well video-documented for the misplaced checks, nike didn't agree with the design so they did it themselves.

  15. It's called Shoemaker, you fucking idiots. It's not a fucking studio, it's a workshop. People are doing this job for ages.

  16. If anyone looking for the song at the intro 0:00, It's Clairvoyant by Misogi and it's probably one of my favorite songs.

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