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Do not go on that swing because its just a decoration Yet the kids always gravitate to that swing Bring your own medical kit That’s what we’re doing this weekend…building the kids play area I’m Andrew. I’m Kevin Welcome to Brojects! To take advantage of the outdoors our playground is going to have a
slackline, a hammock chair A zip line, a baby bouncer and a
teeter-totter…something for every kid to enjoy We’ve seen a lot rock climbers playing on these things They’re called slackline The first playground build is called a slackline A length of toe strapping is strung between two trees a short distance off the ground This will give the kids a tight rope style obstacle and something to challenge their
balance and agility I think you’re supposed to put two feet on it It kind of seems like the
sort of thing that give it a few days and you’ll get your
balance Once we do that I think we’ll be fine on this thing The second build is a swinging hammock chair that uses simple climbing gear like ropes and pulleys to allow a person or child to pull themselves up a tree and enjoy the relaxing view Let me show you how it’s done There you go! take a carabiner and a pulley and it’s gonna be up on our rope that way when you’re
sitting in the chair you’ll have a rope and you’ll be able to pull
yourself up The bear getaway chair So with a two to one pulley I need to be able to lift at least half my weight in order to get myself up The zip line uses a strong metal cable that
attaches between two points above the ground Once you’re hooked in you can fly across the yard just like your favourite superhero So this is quarter inch aircraft cable. This is plenty strong I think A pulley…a cable will run through there and we’ll have to build a handle of some sort Once we actually get it up and I get to see Kevin zipping…it’s going to be fun Our next playground build uses a long rope
slung from a tree groups of rubber tubing and a harness to make a giant belly bouncer that kids can use to jump to new heights I put a rock in a sock…we’ll see how it works That is a hard throw Oh got it! Hopefully the tree doesn’t come down on top of Kevin Somethings gonna break I’m a bird! Our last build could be used by kids and adults we’ll start by building a simple teeter
totter But for this one we’ll use some wagon wheels for movement and I think we can hook our canoe on for easy transport For the teeter totter we’re going to liberate my mom’s wagon wheels that are at the end of the road put our piece of wood across Alright lets put the cotter pins in Paint this bar, and start working on the seat I like this one…it’s easy you know I don’t feel like we’re overwhelmed with the build At the end of the day if all of the rest of our stuff doesn’t work This is still going to be a fun teeter totter for the kids Lets put those seats on it! I think the teeter totter is going to work a lot better with the seats Faster, faster daddy! Faster? We’re not drilling for oil hun! You want out honey? No! Do you want down? Put me down! No! I think…It was great! Awesome! Lets stop admiring and go get in it How is it? Awesome! Yeah? This is amazing man! Really? Absolutely it’s amazing! No clinger shower curtain here That’s right! I forgot about that thing And the flow’s totally fine

63 thoughts on “How to Make an Outdoor Jungle Gym

  1. great video, awesome builds. One note, with slacklines, you need to protect your trees and gear. Trees move water through their bark, and when you strangle the bark with a looped slackline, you are killing the tree, The bark also abrades the slackline, shortening its life and lowering its safety factor. All you need to fix this problem is to wrap an old folded up blanket, length of carpet scrap, or thick craft store felt around the tree before attaching the slackline. keep up the good work and slack safe.

  2. I love watching you guys. You remind me of when my brother and I work together!. However, on this design, all I see is future law suits coming!  Now you need to come up with Cottage Life padding throughout the Jungle Gym.

  3. The endings to your videos end rather ubrupt. You should explain A little more, or demonstrate the builds, at leasr a little more info.

    Just my opinion, though.
    Love the builds keep em coming.

  4. guys this game call fusion fall its for kids we only need 4 more people please be good to the kids and help us out

  5. I wanted the lag bolts you drove right into the tree to let go so bad. Why not wrap it around? Such a bone head move for such smart guys…

  6. I would love for the videos to be at least 10-15 minutes long, so we can see each project build with a little more detail!!!
     Love this channel, and great work 🙂

  7. @Cottage Life DIY  Are you guys near Bancroft Ontario? or Kawartha? because if so i know roughly where your "Aboot". OMG i love being Canadian EH?

  8. Hey Cottage Life, what exactly are the materials for the Baby Bouncer? A rough sketch of its structure? Thanks in advance.

  9. Hey I’m a huge Fan if your videos but I think u should make the vids bit longer at the end to show u using the thing u built

  10. I realize I'm a few years late to this party, but a word of advice to anyone looking to DIY their own playground: DON'T DO WHAT THESE GUYS DID. The finished projects here look totally unsafe (just going by the video). Not to mention, birch trees are far from ideal and some of that hardware is susceptible to corrosion (even after one season). The last thing you want is a branch falling 20-30 ft onto your children or the fasteners of the zip line to rip out of the tree. Also, those fasteners can kill your tree. Just sayin'. There are much safer alternatives.
    These guys managed to do some building and should have avoided relying on the trees. The safest piece of equipment here looks to be the slack line (ratchet straps also susceptible to corrosion). Let's just hope the teeter totter never rolls down into the water.

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