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hi friends! Whey is a byproduct of
cheese making and if you’re a cheese maker like I am, you’re constantly
finding yourself with too much whey. I’m always looking for recipes to use
it up.Well today, I have something special for you! I’m making caramel and
it just might be the creamiest most decadent caramel you’ve ever tasted. So
come into my kitchen let me show you how to make caramel with whey. Start with one
gallon of whey and reduce it down by stirring it for about an hour and a half.
Once you’ve reduced it down to about a quart you’ll begin to add the other
ingredients. Now I’m using whey from a batch of Havarti I made recently which
means that its sweet whey, and in order to continue this recipe I’m going to
need to add some acid. So that’s what we’re going to do first. While the whey
is simmering down to the 1 quart measurement, you could stir it
occasionally but now that we’re starting to add the ingredients it’s time to stay
on this a little more. You don’t want to walk away from this or it’ll scorch just
like that. So let’s go ahead and add the ingredients. We’ll start with a quarter
cup of lemon juice and to it we’ll add one cup of sugar, and a teaspoon and a half of vanilla.
Now vanilla is the standard for this recipe but if you want to spice things
up a little bit you could always add almond extract. I like to add
almond extract when I make panna cotta with almonds. The last ingredient is
a quarter cup of unsalted butter. Adjust the heat to a low to medium boil and
then stir constantly. While I’m stirring let me explain to you the differences
between sweet whey and acidic whey. Sweet whey comes from cheese made with rennet,
and acidic whey will come from cheese’s made with either vinegar or lemon or
lime, and the first cheese I can think of like that would be ricotta. If you’re
choosing to use sweet whey just make sure that you add a quarter cup of lemon
juice or lime juice to the mixture. Mmm I wish you could smell this right now! It’s
so fantastic- buttery, caramel-y, sweet. Oh I can’t wait for this to be done. I am
very close to the end and I’m stirring vigorously because this really is a
make-or-break moment. You don’t want this to scorch so just take it to your
desired consistency. I think I’m right about there, because I know that
this is about to thicken when I pull it off the heat so I think it’s time. Let’s
pull this off the heat. So if you’re a cheese maker and you find yourself with
too much whey, now you know how to make caramel with
whey. It’s a rich delicious and easy treat to make. Thanks so much for watching. we
appreciate your support! Like and subscribe and we will see you in the
next episode.

12 thoughts on “How to Make Caramel (Whey Caramel)

  1. You are reading my mind. Excellent recipe and just in time. We do have some whey after making cheese. Usually we make some pancakes or crepes. Now I know a much better use for it:-) Sweet tooth is a sweet tooth!! You clear and concise guidance is amazing. I might experiment with almond and add it instead of vanilla. Thank you for the great advice. Say hello to YumYum!!!

  2. So happy I came across this. Will be trying this tomorrow. Liked and subscribed. If I am using acidic whey, do I still need to add lemon juice?

  3. I feel so bad about throwing out all the whey left over from making cheese. Now that my vacation is over, I'll def try this. Thanks, Lisa! 🙂

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