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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Whatsup guys my name is Ivan Ferjo and welcome to my another new video This time we are in the kitchen after long time, and this time I will show you How to make your own mass gainer, so here we go! First of all I want to say, that I don’t recommend gainers at all because Lot of gainers contains lot of sugar, lot of additives..And instead of muscles you will gain a fat from them But, this gainer will be different because this gainer is made of quality ingredients Quality food and quality carbs, quality proteins and quality fats Ok so this recipe is quite simple and quite easy..And all we need are few ingredients Ok so all we need are Peanuts Sweetener Cottage cheese High-fat milk Some frozen fruit One banana And oats Ok so here we can start Firstly we have to take mixer Bottle..And we have to add 500ml of milk Ok that’s 500ml Ok so now we have milk in the bottle, and now we have to add there some cottage cheese Ok now 100g of nuts or peanut butter..It’s up to you Now we can add there 100g of oats Ok now 1 pack of frozen fruit And in the end one whole banana Ok that’s all..No, also I forgot to add there some sweetener I use stevia We can add there 2 pills or 3 it’s up to you Ok so now our blend is done, and all we have to do is mix it Ok guys so that’s it, here is our beauty Here is our own made gainer guys It is incredible but this gainer has 1500 calories It’s very huge amount and if you are hardgainer you should do gainers like this Really guys I recommend it to you Ok so now I will put it into shaker and I will taste it It is very good I have to say Very good Good proteins, good fats, good carbs, good calories..And very good taste Ok guys so if you like this video please give me like, share, subscribe..Also you can follow me on my facebook fanpage Instagram, snapchat And if you are interested in personal trainings you can visit my website And if you want to buy epic fitness gym wear you can visit website So bye:))


  1. Hey man nice video,one question,can i add maybe some honey instead of the sweetener? Or do you just add it for the sweet taste?

  2. Hey man another question how long did it take you to down the entire shake? Just curios and inbetween what meals do you drink your shake?

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