Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys this isn’t a not young and welcome back guys as you already know that I have recently made a video on full daylight for Indian bodybuilders who are on bulk and in that video I promised you guys to show you that how I have prepared each and every single meal so here it is right now we are in the kitchen and we are going to prepare our meal number one that is the protein smoothie so let’s get started so guys the ingredients that we are going to use is we have a protein we have holes we have two bananas and we have half glass of double to live so guys first of all we’re going to take around 250 grams of oats there it is it’s 250 grams and first we are going to grind it so that afterwards there would be no mixability issues so let’s grind it first you you so guys it’s done it’s almost it’s in powdery form now we are going to add two bananas they’re broken repeat and half glass of the bottled milk let’s grind it again and it’s done guys here we have a protein smoothie let’s try it out it’s really tasty the Vice the macaron breakdown of this meme is we have 190 calories we have 223 grams of carbohydrates we have 77 grams of protein and we have 23 grams of healthy fat so guys if you did find this video useful give it a big thumbs up and share it among your friends well guys if you have any questions you can comment down below and I will surely respond to them guys don’t forget to subscribe I will see you in my next video till then stay healthy

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