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Hey guys Tanner here i am going to share
with you guys one of my favorite and simple protein bar recipe You only three ingredients a nut
of your choice I actually don’t have any at home but I got some cashews so what I’m going to do is ground these
for cashew meal and then I am going to add some of my dark chocolate chips to mine this is optional. So for protein I am going
to use VMI snickerdoodle whey isolate I really love this protein powder it
tastes delicious and the macros you know fits my diet perfectly and the
last ingredient that we need is the prebiotic fiber this is the syrupy substance that will
bind everything together and form it into a protein bar so i am going to put
the cashews in the magic bullet so that it turns into a flour this is about 3/4s of a cup so it really takes about 15-20 seconds
to make your own nut meal first of all you can save the work and
just get cashew meal or almond meal from the store directly that will save you a
little bit more work so the next thing I’m going to add it’s
my protein powder i am going to put 2 scoops so what i love about this protein is it has 25 grams of protein per serving in one scoop so what I’m doing it’s mixing the
protein powder with the cashew flour really well you can choose you know
your favorite protein powder as your option and if like you can add a
splenda or truva to make it a little sweeter but i really like the
taste of this protein so I don’t need to add any extra sweetener to this so I’m
going to add just have a cup half a cup of chocolate chips same thing i’m going to mix it
really well and the last thing we need to do it’s add the prebiotic fiber it comes in this syrupy form you can get
this on amazon it also comes in a powder form but i prefer the bite of fiber
syrup because it’s so easy to use all you have to do is pour a bit too on the
flour mixture until everything becomes Doughy then you can form your protein bars so I’m going to add half a cup yeah just have to keep working this dough
until it becomes until it becomes soft and doughy like a protein bar alright so i think we’re getting there it’s the perfect consistency for me it’s
not too dry and it’s not too runny the next thing I’m going to do is I’m
going to put this on a cutting board and form it into the shape that I like
and I’m going to put a little bit of protein powder on my cutting board so
that it doesn’t stick I always like to make sure that I clean
everything out of the ball so that nothing goes to waste and off the spoon this it does get a little sticky that’s
why i added the protein powder on the cutting board so that it doesn’t get too
sticky we have to do is you can form this into
the shape that you like Oh for me personally I think the easiest
thing to do is make them into little walls so going to grab a plate and put
them on the plate so what you want to do its take off a
little piece of the dough and roll it your hands like so and it turns into a
perfect little ball and we’ll just keep going until we use up all the dough so I really hope you guys liked this
recipe and definitely give it a try and let me know what you think so i am just finishing up making my
protein balls and i’m going to try it yeah it’s delicious make it taste the snickerdoodle protein
powder with a hint of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a tiny head of
cashew this is super chewy it almost tastes like raw cookie dough who doesn’t
like that so i hope you guys give it a try and let me know your thoughts

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