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100 thoughts on “How To Meal Prep – Easy Beginner’s Guide! | Buff Dudes Cutting Plan P1D4

  1. im at the library preparing for my exams. Decided to take a 30 min break, and couldn't stop laughing at that Arnold part, omfg, people hate me now

  2. Water in your trunk so you can't forget it. Sounds like a genius plan… But it's cold right now and it would freeze in mine.

  3. Cooking your own food and add justs the right ingrediants that you need for your body personally very nice video bro

  4. Just watched a (5) minutes ads and that's okay because you are keeping me out of the doctor's office and saving me a bunch money by switching to your channel.

  5. Opens with a scene of stabbing and cutting from a second-person view.
    Captions default to Arabic.
    Makes sense.

  6. Man… Your videos are great but then you play fucking DREAM EVIL as pre and you rise to eternal epicness!! Metal hails from native Dream Evil-country of Sweden! 🥰

  7. Chicken (or other lean meat) , veg, brown rice or pasta. – make enough to for two meals. pop 1/2 in sandwich box and take to work tomorrow. Rept everyday until fit (and then carry on)

  8. hey, how do you manage to get the chicken in the crackpot to become juicy and into a proper meal? I feel like my chicken always gets ridiculously dry after like 5 min on the plate after taking it out and on to the plate?! Really like it other than that fact, cause it really does help with the meal prep.

  9. If I had a camera going back and forth to my face while doing an Arnold impression I would be laughing out of control

  10. Guys, that crock pot chicken recipe is THE TRUTH. I also use Picante sauce, also amazing. Super tender, can't get any easier…it's a regular of mine now. Thanks, Buff Dudes

  11. Even though it was your beard, you should have asked the community before shaving it because it was also our beard.

  12. I always eat fresh vegetables with my meal.Usually a mix of tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, paprika, red beet and such.

  13. Pro TIp: keeping your upper back off the ground for crunches is such a good way to get the abs activated or "synched" and it protects your neck. Awesome.

  14. 4:13
    What happened to Chief Hooper from Stranger Things???? Where did you put him? Oh, wait, I see him!

  15. I am a HUGE fan of the Instant Pot. Since it's a pressure cooker it cookers faster. But it also has a slow cooker function if you want to go that rout. It also works great for rice. I use mine a ton.

  16. I'm totally going to start doing this! I eat at work most days so all I need to prep for is two days EZ PZ love this food ideas too keep up the awesome work!

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