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well looks like I just created my masterpiece fake chicken and protein waffles you’re gonna need chicken bread carbs and smoked paprika begin by preheating your oven to 425 degrees take some parchment paper laid on a baking tray put half a cup of bread crumbs in One Bowl and one beaten egg in the other it’s okay beat that thing once you’re finished go ahead and take the smoked paprika 1 teaspoon and the teaspoon salt put it together with your bread crumbs and mix mix mix now take your 8 ounces of chicken and first dip it in your beaten egg and then in your breadcrumbs once you’re finished go ahead and put it on the pan once that’s done put it in your oven for 20 to 30 minutes now let’s make the waffles whey protein a Greek yogurt a baking powder cinnamon begin by putting your two eggs in a bowl two heaping tablespoons of Greek yogurt next two scoops of whey protein one teaspoon of cinnamon half a teaspoon of salt mix everything up together well go ahead and put some nonstick spray on your waffle maker if you don’t have a waffle maker go ahead and put them on a pan on your stovetop for some pancakes and go ahead and let them set for about three to four minutes depending on your waffle maker now let’s check on our chicken golden brown perfect so let’s go ahead and put it on top of the waffles cover in a little bit of agave and you’re done and baked chicken of protein waffles these are awesome now if you excuse me I’m gonna take a moment [Music] so those took about half an hour to prep and cook not too long but I know there’s some of you out there who really have next to no time you may be a student you may have a full-time job you might be juggling family with all that so what do you do the solution is and I want to go over my favorite way of preparing my meals for the week I present to you the slow cooker in my personal opinion the slow cooker is one of the greatest kitchen utensils you can have what they do is they simmer at a lower temperature over a long period of time so unlike baking or frying what you can do is put your ingredients in the slow cooker set it aside for about four to eight hours depending on the recipe and then you let it cook after that you open it up and it’s good to go it’s really really simple someone with little to no cooking or recipe experience can handle it I know myself included when I first started doing it it almost seems a little too good to be true but thankfully it isn’t and it’s amazing for meal prep so let’s go ahead and do one of my favorites now it’s very very simple all it is is some salsa and own the skinless chicken what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put a little bit of the salsa on the base you’ll go ahead and pour all your chicken in and then you’ll go ahead and cover it with another layer of salsa you go ahead and let it sit if it’s frozen for about eight hours if it’s already thawed for about four hours so what I’m gonna go ahead and do I got it all in there and now I’m gonna go hit the gym and when we come back we’re gonna have ourselves a damn fine recipe Oh [Applause] all right here we go final day of phase one just got to the gym gonna be hitting shoulders grab myself water out of the trunk you always want to stay hydrated so what I did cuz I kept forgetting they got a few bulk boxes of water so I can just grab one every single time makes it so much easier cuz I hate for getting my water oh yeah now I’m ready to go just about rush hour let’s see if I let’s see if Renan scouted one of those racks I think that might be Brandon I don’t know I’m gonna check what would you do with Brandon buddy Sanchez what happened what happened to the beard rest in peace you know Brandon and my dad are a lot the same as soon as you get used to one look they go and switch it up on you I think they may be part of the witness protection program yeah keeps life interesting [Applause] [Music] and also give that chin check you know you’re a little too close I’m missing my whiskers you know it’s like a cat usually I would feel the weight before it you know came up and hit me in the chin but now I’m naked so just give me a little chin check overhead press one of the golden five compound exercises the other being deadlifts squats pull-ups and bench press excellent shoulder exercise hitting all three heads of the deltoids with this one you want to keep your feet about hip width apart your core tight and as you bring near the bar you want to pop your head out of the way as Brandon was saying to get a little bit of that chin check so just pop your head out of the way as the bar passes your head go ahead and bring the head back to the original position block out a top position and then bring right back down to the cloud single-arm Arnold press when working to set exercise there’s something you got to do you can only talk like Arnold and you can only deliver one-liners and then do what I said I’d work you out blast [Music] [Applause] [Music] this exercise is fantastic yeah [Applause] give him stare come on Hagen you got what you wanted give these people yeah it really does work [Music] these spoons in a bit of a face-off I guess now the question is which one of us is John Travolta on which one of us is Nick Cage we start screaming the bees will know this is too tempting and I want to do it too I guess you could say there’s a little Nic Cage in all of us always loved ladder races perfect isolation for that lateral head of the deltoid and you know take it light if you’re not too used to it if you only kind of pain or don’t do them at all but we like [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’d built that up way too much that was way too over got a little bit of Nic Cage left in the you know the theaters it’s always good to go for act a little you got over you gotta sell it here visualize this is a great exercise to use visualization you want to imagine your friend traps right up to the ear some people might be able to bring it up to the your chin not me not yet it’s got imagine yourself for your turtle you know you’re bringing that shell right up to about here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it’s pretty good right yes I use straps but and really neat forms are a bit sore from yesterday a second no video chess weird I don’t know either sort but common mistake some people make means you’re not crunching in before you start so if you just kind of let your upper back rests on the ground and you’re doing it not really gonna be a lot of that a back activation other than just your hip flexors activating for your legs so really make sure you crunch up keep your upper back off the ground and push your lower back into the ground and then go through it you immediately feel a lot more tension in the ABS phase once done buff dude post-workout classic one banana two scoops of fat-free milk two scoops of protein and some chocolate syrup but I heard the anabolic window was myth wrong hey man I’m easy to please I’m like a rat with cheese you put me in a maze or in my case a gym you tell me I have an hour to work out my reward is that protein shake whoo hell yeah I’ll do it that thing tastes damn good and with phase one being over it feels just about right and that’s usually a pretty good indication that it’s time to move on because when you’re getting that workout in you feel good but you feel like it may be time to take on a little bit of a heavier load that signals it is time to move on and I think both me and Brandon feel the same he was telling me when we left the gym today that he was feeling about ready to start phase two and I’m feeling about the exact same so we’re ready back home and it’s time to check on our slow cooker something’s definitely happening now so we’re gonna unstrap it see what we got going on here we go whoa all right it smells amazing that’s for sure but now it’s time to check on us what I’m gonna do little fork here see if you know what’s good when the chicken just falls apart that is perfect so had it on high for about four hours since I was downtown for quite some time call my wife up had her put it on low for two so a total of six hours four on high two on low you could easily do it on low the whole time for eight hours but I’m hungry I want to eat so what we’re gonna do now is use another amazing kitchen tool and it is a rice cooker very much like the slow cooker it’s relatively inexpensive and it makes cooking rice very easy you could definitely also cook rice on the stovetop but when you cook rice as much as we do gonna go ahead and use a rice cooker went ahead and did 2 cups of water 1 cup of our big-ass bag of basmati rice you’re not really so big anymore pretty deflated actually it was 20 pounds now it’s down to about I’d probably say quarter of a pound but that’s the great thing about buying a bulk buy something like this makes it a lot cheaper and then lasts a long time so we’re gonna go ahead and let that rice wait it’s gonna be about 30 minutes then we’re ready not only to meal prep but then I also have my dinner good to go too which is awesome the rice is good to go let’s make this meal a reality so one of my favorite simple recipes using the slow cooker chicken is you take the chicken you take the rice you take an avocado go ahead and whip them all together stir them really well and then you can either eat them just like that which is very tasty in my opinion or you can grab a tortilla which I’m doing now and make yourself a buff dudes Street taco slow cooker style all said and done it’s very cheap it’s very easy and you can use all the leftovers you put them in some glass containers or plastic whatever you prefer we prefer glass and then you just throw them in the fridge I usually do about four to five days and you’re good to go hope that helped this is a little bit of meal prep we’re gonna continue to do meal prep through the duration of this plan and I’m excited because next episode we’re gonna be starting phase two it’s about to get intense so hold on tight until next time yes

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