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100 thoughts on “HOW TO MUSCLE UP – THE BEST WAY

  1. Thank you guys so soooo mucccch. I got my very first muscle up after watching this video. Though it was pure lucky but i got it and it was awesome. Now i know what i'm doing wrongggggg sorry my englissh is not good enough


  3. no creo que respondas a esto pero tus vídeos me han ayudado mucho y me han servido demasiado, saludos desde mexico amigo

  4. If I can, I hope that the APP can have a Chinese version. I am a Taiwanese. I really like your channel and learn from it.

  5. I'll be honest, if I saw him coming in a dark alleyway I would be scared. Once he starts talking though he's like a Sunday church regular.

  6. Hey Chris Heria or anyone, I want to do a muscle up so bad but I have a bad left shoulder from a snowboarding incident. Sometimes when I swim or lift on my shoulder, my left shoulder pops out and gets dislocated. Is surgery the only answer to heal this thing? As soon as I feel strong than out of the blue in a workout my shoulder pops out. Are there any workouts you recommend for the bad shoulder?

  7. Man…When i look at you it looks like you're floating. Does gravity not affect you? Much love and motivation. Keep up the great work.

  8. Hey Chris i think that you are such a good motivator. The applause you gave him after the second muscle up was so good. Things like this motivates for real. Thank you for your effort!

  9. 1| Muscle up requirement :

    Strength required :

    – 15xreps Pull ups

    – 15xreps Straight dips

    – 15s L-Sit

    – 15xreps toes to bar

    2| Technique required :

    – The magic button 10xreps

    – L-Sit pull back 10xreps

    – Lay over the bar

  10. Thank youuuuuu😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I learned to do muscle up now i started doing 10 muscle up because of your lessons😍🖤🖤

  11. Did my first muscle up today. I was fuckin surprised as hell. Because times when I tried I couldn't and it was frustrating, my body wasn't listening to me. But when I did it today, my body just shot up and it was surprisingly easy. Thank you and to your program, I use your app for my workouts, on to even more advanced training. 💪

  12. Man when he did the muscle up and the clap and scream started, i could feel that guy's happiness of achievment. It feels great. I remember when i couldn't do one pull up when i did my first pull up, i was very happy. It felt like an achievement. Now i can do 15 pull ups. Muscle up is next. Been trying to do them for months now but still.

  13. Ironically, I learned my first strict muscle up before doing any high pull-ups or straight bar dips. If you have a good general pull-up, push-up, parallel bar dip foundation, there shouldn't be any problem mastering muscle ups quickly. By foundation I mean 15-20 strict pull-ups, 20-30 dips. They have an amazing carry over to elements like muscle ups, front lever, human flag, and so on. Cheers!

  14. I just managed to do my first muscle up today!!!
    Ive been training for 2 months now and this is my first real achievement!

    Thank you so much for inspiring and motivating me to get where i am today!

    Next stop: planche push ups

  15. For those who have the strength but cannot do a muscle up yet: I managed for the first time to do some (assisted) muscle ups today.If you 're struggling to see yourself on the top of the bar and you train alone, do yourself a favor and buy a good resistance band. I can do 15-20 strict pull ups (if rested and in good form), up to 10 push ups with one hand, can do up to 10 l-sit lifts (one step before the actual muscle up – pretty hard if you try to go high) and tried 5 times/self-training-sessions to muscle up but could not, cause the movement is super new to me. After 3 tries with resistance band I finally found the small change I had to make in order to complete the move. I think it is much easier to progress using a resistance band.

  16. This video is really helpful because I’ve been wanting to do a muscle up. I’m documenting my progress on my youtube channel I hope i get to do at least one

  17. i love your vids dude. as a rock climber alot of this stuff helps me get better and helps me work on my body as well so keep up the amazing work

  18. Hope You Read This!! Both my little brother and I downloaded your app just over a month ago, have been training 2 hrs a day 6 days a week! And I am proud to say I hit my first muscle up yesterday and my brother hit his today! Was sloppy gotta admit 😂 but our form will improve! Much love Chris 👊

  19. Just my opinion but you're the best master of calisthenics, every skill explained simply, so easy to learn, just what a real master needs to do

  20. I am, not very a strong boy, my dream is to do a muscle-up, so I am working out, calisthenics is hard for me so I am working with weights and so far it has been 3 weeks, I work out with 20 kilos now, I hope that I can do a muscle-up someday.. Btw I will start calisthenics as soon as I get enough strength, I can't even do a push up properly.
    Just reply to this if you want to know my current form.

  21. I once learned the muscle up but I forgot it…after a weekend of party with my friends xD then I started doing ring muscle ups and bar kips bat still cant do proper bar muscle ups…LETS LEARN IT!

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