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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, everybody? I’m Scott from And I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a floor oblique crunch first thing you do is get on the floor What you’re going to do is You’re going to lay down flat Then whenever side you’re going to work. That’s the leg that goes on top. So I’m going to do my right side first So what you’re going to do is bring this leg And roll it over like this I like to spread my legs out wide because it allows me get a better base And to really focus on my side like this Sometimes I’ll take my left hand. Just put it on my thigh take my right hand put behind my head like this Now what you’re going to do is you’re maintaining a neutral spine Stare at the ceiling then breathe out as you come up, and you keep your core tight the whole time Just like this come back down and up Breathe out the way up If you notice is really no movement in my body except for my upper body that’s going to help you focus on your oblique And what you want to do is after you finish one set Switch sides roll your other leg over Switch hands same thing neutral spines there and ceiling come up tighten your core and breathe out the way up And that’s how you know to oblique crunch on the floor. For more information feel free to subscribe to my videos I’ll be having new stuff come out all the time. Talk to you later guys

99 thoughts on “How To: Oblique Floor Crunch

  1. It's similar to those who do martial artist, the 'tschh' is a way to put more power into the movement (and cnotrol how much you exhale). Some might choose to do it silently, hold their breath and exhale at the end. Others choose to make a small noise or even shout.

  2. the breathing was explained here but it doesn't need to have a sound

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  8. Men I had my headset on and your Shiiiii sound exploded my ear drums…..Plzz don't make that sound next time !!

  9. LOL two second after i wrote that my boyfriend came home from work, and he's like ''Checking out dudes eh'' 'm like ''I'm learning to oblique crunch'' lol

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  15. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, perhaps I lack flexibility, but these feel terrible at my hips. My legs don't feel like they should bend this way. I suppose that I can barely feel proper engagement in my obliques, although I imagine that will improve with time. Thoughts? Perhaps I should also look for another video for another perspective on how to perform this exercise.

  16. Good workout makes you sweatt i done 30 of them and i am a gay male and i got to say you are really sexy.

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  18. i dont get anything of this. its just going upwards those few centimeters and i can do more than hundred of these and I never exercised before and i dont do any Sports


    Crunches are great, but they get boring quick. Variations like this are not only fun, but they'll burn your obliques like crazy!!

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