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What’s going on Nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a plate press the first thing you want to do is grab plate I’m using 45 You can sit down on a bench And now for this exercise you’re actually going to take your hands and Push them together you’re not going to grab the weight you push them together push them together like this You’re going to flex your chest, and you’re really going to hit the middle right here You’re going to feel this exercise all through this area okay? So the safest way to do this and start off Grab it like that or have somebody hand it to you, okay? Get started off on your chest as well, and now you’re going to keep your elbows in Somewhat tight to your body, and you’re going to push straight up from here. Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground Now might not look like a lot of weight, but what I’m doing is pushing my hands together So there’s no real grip on here. Oh Yeah, I can feel that fire right through my chest Breathe out on the way up Keep your core nice and tight Try and keep your hands between your middle of your chest and your belly button one more Boom oh yeah, those feel good. So that’s how you do a plate press for more great information Please feel free to subscribe to my videos and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Plate Press

  1. @utubesqueeze Quite a number of exercises are not 'safe' and could lead to a trip to the hospital if something were to go wrong. If you take the necessary steps to do it safely and within your limits (and with a spot) I don't see why the exercise can't become part of a safe workout.

    I had a go at it the other day and I thought it was fantastic. Provided you use your head when training, I would definately recommend you try it out.

  2. @utubesqueeze brotha, I understand your concern, but anything can be dangerous if done wrong… benching is dangerous without a spotter, but we still do it every week. I teach controlled movements and to work at your own pace, if you follow these guideline.. you will be just fine.

  3. @MrDaemonKane No, the whole point of this exercise if to PUSH your hands together. That is what will make you feel the exercise in the middle of your chest my friend 🙂

  4. The biggest plate in a gym is 45 pounds ( in general ) like a bench bar, I understand that you guys Bench the bar without weight with a spotter because 45 pounds is too dangerous and it coulb broke your sternum? ROFL thumbs up so i can brag to my friend that i'm hot on youtube

  5. @utubesqueeze not only is this exercise meant to be done lightly(ie not 1 rep with 200 pounds) but also the hands are placed AT THE CENTER of the weight that means that it will have to slip atleast 10 inches before the weight could actually fall on u and by then it would be just a couple inches from your chest like man i'm all for safe exercising but saying this is not safe is just pathetic i'd be much more nervous when squating and deadlifting over 300 pounds than i ever would with this

  6. @Inshnale yeah i'm sure a 3 inch drop of 45 pounds is gonna send u to a hospital lol and that is if ur retarded enough to let it slip all the way out of ur hands to begin with

  7. this is an amazing new exercise i've never seen before. Did it this morning and I'm already feeling it. Great way to add a new move

  8. don't try this at home guys……….lol unless you want that 45 lbs to slip and hit your chest. there is a reason why this ridiculous invented called exercise is not in any book. hi have some good exercise here and lots of good advise but this one is not it

  9. to anyone sayin this is unsafe, its true there is a bit of risk. just like ANY other work out. know your limits, have a spotter and be careful. and im sorry but if your small enough that dropping a 45lbs weight 4 inches on your chest is going to hurt you then 45 is too much for you anyways.

  10. OMG that's just retarded Scott..
    Just like your "One-Arm barbell benchpress"
    If you want to work your chest one at the time, why the fuck not just do it with one dumbbell??

  11. I do this with two dumbbells pressed together and I feel it a lot in the center of my chest and triceps. This seems kinda dangerous

  12. @KiimmTube somthing tells me scott is alot bigger then you so im gonna take his advice over your judgmental negative opinion. oh and by the way unless your using 30 pounds how about you try benching one dumb bell without falling of the bench

  13. @Michkins1
    then again – in what universe would I bench press using only one dumbbell at the time??! That's just stupid.
    I have a lot of respect for Scott, and have used some of his videos a lot – but this "Plate Press" and "One arm barbell bench press" = retarded. And if you can't see it – well then I'm sorry to say that you are stupid too.

  14. awsome ,will try it ,also can tell me safe excerise for declined chest press ,as i hear it damges eye or something

  15. You can see that it really works the inner chest at the end when all his blood rushes to the area after the set. hahaha nice im so doing this

  16. thanks heaps for this exercise scott its really helped hit that inner part of my chest i have had most difficulty developing

  17. awesome exercise, doing it as my third of four exercises and it gives me a nice pump and really hits the middle of my chest! will have it in my routine for a long time! thank you!

  18. If that weight slips out of your hand and crashes to the center of your sternum, it can cause ventricular fibrillation.
    And you are braindead within 5 minutes, if there is nobody smart enough to use a defibrilator on you.

  19. @xXJeReMiAhXx99 Squat can be dangerous bench can be dangerous, everything can send you to hospital, and the fact is that you can use other weight to do this exercise if you arent strong yet to use 45pounds

  20. @Inshnale no no man squat with 400 pounds is much safer then holding 45 pounds above ur chest lmao what the hell are people thinking when they post that?

  21. good workout but a little risky, my advice, do it with light weights until you can manage to control it with your hands.

  22. Well if u want it more safe u can take one of those pads used on barbells and put it on the lower part of the plate?

  23. I haven't watched Scott in like 6-7 months. Gaining some serious mass dude. I am pretty positive you are still natty… inspirational.

  24. Would this work just as well with a short, weighted straight bar held vertically above yourself, to the same effect?

  25. this is straight bullshit rather do close grip bench press this way you are using way more arms to the movement and focusing on just HOLDING they weight than hitting inner chest

  26. christ…stop making up ridiculous exercises. For anyone not wanting to drop a plate on their face….all this exercise is, is a close grip bench press, bringing the bar down to your mid chest. Do it with a barbell and even squeeze inwards on the bar if you want…..much safer than what he shows in the vid and it will hit the chest exactly the same way.

  27. Actually, it wasn't something I "made up". Also, just because you lack the ability to control weight when exercising doesnt mean everyone else does.

    LASTLY, it is obvious you DIDNT even watch the video because the plate DOES NOT go anywhere near your face. So go troll somewhere else.

  28. actually NO it isnt. You are contracting your muscles in an ENTIRELY different ay by having to hold the plate with the pressure of pushing your hands together with the plate in the middle

  29. IMPORTANT: You are contracting your muscles in an ENTIRELY different way by having to hold the plate with the pressure of pushing your hands together with the plate in the middle. Do not compare this to a close-grip bench.. well, unless you are a BRO…

  30. nice vid it. pay no mind to the haters. just jealous cause youre ripped and theyre probably anyways thanks. gonna try this tomorrow for sure 🙂

  31. Thanks man, always love hearing from the Hermanites who actually try the exercise before commenting 🙂

  32. Nice video will try it next chest day! Looking forward to building that middle because it seems i have a small gap near the bottom/middle of my chest.

  33. lol you must be fucking stupid,even doing this with no weight and pressing my hands together with all my strength and contracting my pecs i can feel the inner portion of my pec major burning.
    Dont come troll Scott just because he is giving people options

  34. given that my information was correct, id hardly call it a troll. This works just the same as a narrow grip bench. You are throwing up so many variations on what are already existing lifts. Throwing up this many variations isn't going to aid anyone, heck the majority of beginners these days see all these variations and end up with a routine that looks ridiculous/horrible…. when all they need to do is stick to the same core lifts that have been giving quality results for years.

  35. if you close grip bench/narrow grip and do it properly then you should be forcing your hands together anyway. It's the same, just people don't seem to know how to bench / activate their chest properly.

  36. sorry. i read alot of ppl comparing to close grip, but isnt close grip target more on tricep rather than pec? enlight me pls.

  37. Thanks Scott, I'm a trainer myself. I'm built wide like a manta ray which makes it hard to target into my mid-chest. This is a great exercise and different from a close grip bench press.

  38. Close-grip bench press is excellent for developing the pectorals and the triceps (for this reason, you can include this exercise in an arm-specific program.) But allot of people do not squeeze their hands together when performing close-grip which takes most of the effort off of the mid chest. Scott's Press Plate Exercise forces you to maintain the tension in the mid chest while also taking off the wrist stress that comes with a close grip bench press.

  39. @RevoUK1, I don't think your information is correct. The exercises feel totally different. As for your comment on variations, there are people in the gym for all sorts of reasons whether on building strength, power, speed, coordination, rehab., weight lose, balance ect. it is very important for people to know various ways of safely activating their musculature. Scott's doing an amazing job at disseminating his fitness knowledge to a wide (and varied) audience.

  40. umm… if you feel the plate is slipping… just land it. Why would you drop the plate? Land it it's only about 6 inches off your body. Plus if you are new to the exercise start with a smaller plate.

  41. it defeats the purpose… the main focus is the squeeze… if you add straps it's just another close grip press… if the weight is too much lighten it.

  42. lemme guess… you haven't even tried it. It's totally safe. If you are a novice start of with a lighter weight (like any other exercise).

  43. Hey Scott when we are doing this are we simply just pushing our hands which causes our arms to raise the plate or are we pushing it up?

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  45. rather than doing it from the bench, use 2 10s squeeze them together and do it from a standing position

  46. this is called Svend press. Lying down and doing it makes more sense, but the old school is to do it standing up. I dont like that coz gravity will make the shoulders to take some of the weight of the chest.

  47. Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal workouts. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

  48. More broscience bullshit. "Working the inner chest". Are people still perpetuating this nonsense. There may be an argument for upper/lower chest (two muscle heads) but inner/outer is just uneducated crap. You can't activate muscle fibers in one specific part of the muscle, i.e. the inner, while not working the other part(s).

  49. anyone with experience can discover this exercise because it really focuses your inner chest. i did it myself both standing and incline today – which is what brought me here today. googled "plate between hands exercise" to see what i could find LOL. gg

  50. That plate is going to slip one day, I hope no one does this nonsense. Use the equipment how it was meant to be used.

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