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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Whoo! Spring break! Whoo! 2016 Spring break!
Whoo! Ahh! Whoo! Spring Break! In this episode you’re going to find out how you can drink
alcohol and party responsibly, of course, and still make lean muscle gains. You’re going
to find out my top secret intra workout mass builder that can help you pack on an additional
3 to 5 pounds every single month. And you’re going to find out about a top-secret anabolic
window that is so powerful for your gains that I call it Ronnie Coleman’s Front Door.
Let’s get started. I hope you guys enjoyed that intro. These people across the street,
the construction workers, probably think I’m literally insane because they see some kid
holding a bottle of Hennessy, screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘spring break’. But
I wanted just to emphasize a little point, get you guys jacked about this video. Part
one, I call it Party Gains. Now, back when I was in college, even still to this day,
I still like to party occasionally. I was trying to lift heavy weight. I was trying
to follow a good diet. And I just wasn’t making gains. I wasn’t increasing my strengths and
building muscle as fast as I would have hoped for someone that was right in the peak years
of muscle building, between the age of say, like 20 and 25. Alcohol is by far the most
catabolic, muscle-wasting thing that you can do. So I came up with this little blueprint.
Obviously, I know you guys are watching this video, if you’re between the ages of say,
21 – 25, probably even some guys under the age of 21, you know, you’re young. You want
to socialize. You want to drink alcohol. But at the same time you want to make gains in
the gym. So instead of telling you guys to never drink alcohol at all, I want to give
you guys a powerful blueprint that’s going to allow you to consume alcohol and still
make rapid lean muscle gains. So it’s going to be three parts. We’re going to talk about
what you do about an hour before you consume alcohol and then what you do throughout the
night, as you’re drinking and partying responsibly, of course. Then after, what you’re going to
do to soak up all that alcohol and turn your body from a state of being catabolic back
to an anabolic, muscle-building state as you enter your sleep cycle. So getting into part
number one. Now, this is so crucial. Please do not drink on an empty stomach. Being a
naturally hard gainer and a skinny guy you are obviously at a genetic disadvantage to
get really big and pack on slabs of muscle mass officially, so the worst thing that you
can do is just consume alcohol on a straight up empty stomach. What you want to do is you
want to get in a good combination of slow-digesting carbohydrates and high-quality protein. Also,
if you can get in a carbohydrate source that has lots of potassium and electrolytes and
minerals, they’re going to help hydrate you even better. With that being said, my favorite
combination is grass-fed beef. Sometimes I’ll crack an egg or two over it for some added
protein and also sweet potatoes and once in a while I’ll throw in a banana. Now, sweet
potatoes and banana are really high in potassium. As you drink alcohol, your body is going to
become more and more dehydrated. Being dehydrated is the worst state that your body can be in
as you’re trying to make lean muscle gains. I would just fill up on about 40 to 50 grams
of lean beef and have between 60 and 70 grams of carbohydrates from sweet potatoes and banana.
Step two, as you are partying responsibly, of course, I really think that drinking clean
is going to save you guys because you start partying and you’re taking shots of the sugary
syrup and these cheap liquors, it is the worst thing in the world for your body. My favorite
go-to drink, if I’m still trying to get a little buzz, party responsibly and not lose
my gains is always a vodka water with lime or a vodka soda. Now, soda water, obviously
water. It’s hydrating, so even though you’re drinking something that’s dehydrating you,
at the same time you’re replenishing and you’re hydrating, so that’s why my go-to is always
a vodka soda or a vodka water. Obviously, if you guys don’t enjoy that, you could still
do like a rum and diet Coke with lime or things like that. Just try to really monitor your
simple sugars and all that good stuff because that’s going to be really deteriorating for
your physique. And most importantly, step three, what you do after you get done partying
responsibly is you want to soak up all that liquor. You want to have a nice combination
of fats and proteins and carbs and electrolytes. It’s going to further replenish our body.
Here’s my little realistic blueprint on what you could do. Step number one, and this is
no fail. Anytime that you are out drinking, I guarantee you there is a pizza place that
is open, so what I do is just so I can continue the night, obviously you’re out on a Friday
or Saturday night, it’s not realistic for you to go home and eat a grilled chicken breast
and some broccoli and some brown rice like you’re a robot. You’re out socializing. You’ve
got a little buzz on on a Friday or Saturday night. So what you do is you have a slice
of pizza. I always add in some high-quality protein on top, so I’ll get some chicken,
maybe a Hawaiian pizza with some ham and pineapple and I’ll enjoy my pizza. So the pizza has
some healthy fats that’s going to soak up some of that liquor. It’s got some protein
from the cheese and then any type of meat that you add on top. Now, next up, when I
get home I will chug a big container, a 32 ounce Gatorade. Now Gatorade, the simple sugars
and the sodium and the electrolytes and the magnesium in the Gatorade is awesome for preventing
hangovers and getting your body back into an anabolic, muscle-building state. Then also
when I get home I will have some leftover protein from something that I cooked earlier
in the day. So I’ll have some grass-fed beef. I’ll have some eggs. I’ll have some high-quality
chicken breast or turkey breast. But I’ll make sure I consume another 30 to 40 grams
of high-quality protein. Then last but not least, this is my secret weapon. I will replenish
my electrolytes, so I’ll actually have some magnesium powder. They make this stuff called
Natural Calm that’s just pure magnesium powder. Now, when you’re drinking alcohol, you’re
actually becoming dehydrated, you’re losing your body’s essential minerals and electrolytes
that are so crucial for your function and increase your strength and build lean muscle
mass. So zinc and magnesium and potassium are the big ones, so that why I chug the Gatorade
and then I’ll also have a drink with some Natural Calm. It’s just pure magnesium powder.
It tastes really good. I’ll have some of that. Then I’ll also take 3 to 4 ZMA pills, which
is zinc, magnesium and vitamin B. That is the perfect combination and if you follow
that three-part blueprint, I guarantee you, you guys can party responsibly, have a few
drinks out on a Friday and Saturday night and not lose your lean muscle gains. Part
number two, a little hack that I’ve used over the years to pack on weight efficiently is
my intra workout mass builder. Now this is really underrated because just consuming 400
to 500 super high-quality bodybuilding calories throughout your workout, if you do the math,
it takes a 3,500 calorie surplus to gain one pound. If you’re doing 5 workouts a week and
you have a 500 calorie intra workout shake, that’s going to be 2,500 extra calories every
single week. That’s 10,000 extra calories every single month that you are consuming.
On top of that, it is going to skyrocket your energy levels and your protein synthesis right
in the middle of your workout. So instead of waiting until right after you work out
to have your protein shake, I recommend you have an intra workout mass builder that consists
of some simple carbs, some high-quality protein, and some creatine, which actually gets depleted
as you guys are going through your intense workout. What I do is I’ll take a 32-ounce
bottle of Gatorade and I’ll add in, or put it in a shaker cup, or I’ll have half the
Gatorade bottle when I’m first starting and I’ll add some water to it. I’ll add a couple
scoops of maltodextrin powder and then I’ll also add in and I’ll shake up some vanilla
protein powder in it. So my favorite combination is to use orange Gatorade and some vanilla
protein. I’ll add a little bit of maltodextrin. I’ll add about 5 grams of micronized creatine.
And I have a 400 � 500 carbohydrate and protein-filled mass-building shake that I’ll
start drinking throughout my workout. So I’ll start drinking it maybe after my first intense
exercise and I’ll continue sipping on it all the way through the end of my workout. By
the end of my workout, instead of drinking water,which has zero calories, I’m drinking
something that’s rehydrating me. I’m giving my body all of the amino acids that it needs
to build muscle, replenishing my muscle glycogen as I’m working out intensely and breaking
it down and also feeding my body with creatine, which is going to help me increase my strength
throughout my workout, so that is the perfect intra workout mass builder that can absolutely
skyrocket your gains. Just to summarize, take between 15 and 20 ounces of orange Gatorade,
take a big scoop of vanilla protein powder, add in some maltodextrin powder, add in about
a teaspoon of micronized creatine and you guys have my top-secret intra workout mass
builder. Drink that every single time you hit the gym and go for an intense workout
and you guys are going to see some awesome progress over the months and years. If the
60-minute window following your workout is the anabolic window, this is so important
I’m nicknaming it Ronnie Coleman’s Front Door. Now, what I mean by this is the 60-minute
period from, the 60-minutes before you go to sleep. This is so important for your lean
muscle gains as a naturally skinny guy. You have to understand that being naturally skinny,
you have to constantly drip through your body with amino acids and high-quality protein
that’s going to repair those micro-tears and you always want to be in an anabolic state.
Your body regenerates yourself when you go to sleep, when you enter your REM sleep cycle.
This is when you body secretes all these powerful hormones, like testosterone and human growth
hormone. What you do in the 60 minutes before you go to bed is so important for your recovering
efficiently. What I recommend you do is you have a slow-digesting, muscle-building protein
omelet. What I would do is I would take some leftover chicken breast or some leftover ground
turkey. I would throw about 15 to 20 grams of that on a skillet and I would throw in
some veggies, whatever I have laying around, and I would crack 4 to 5 eggs over it. Now
eggs are the perfect protein source for late at night because they contain cholesterol
and your body actually needs cholesterol to build free testosterone and free testosterone
is produced when you enter REM sleep cycle, so it is so vital to get in some slow-release,
high-quality protein right before you go to bed. The chicken also has really high protein
and cholesterol, so it is the perfect thing to eat right in the 60-minute window of before
you go to sleep. Now, if you don’t have any eggs lying around and you want the really
quick version, you could also have some cottage cheese or some casein protein powder. These
are both slow digesting forms of protein, but I always recommend you go with the whole-food
version if you have it available. Now, next up, I recommend you take 3 to 4 ZMA pills.
When you’re working out in the gym or you’re drinking a lot of caffeine or you’re just
going through mental and physical exertion throughout the day, your body starts to lose
magnesium. Now magnesium is probably one of the most important minerals that I haven’t
really talked about in any videos. Magnesium is so vital for building muscle and recovering
and just feeling really strong and ready to go when you go in the gym the following day
after a really intense workout, so taking some ZMA every single night is going to give
you some zinc which is great for healthy testosterone levels. It is going to replenish your magnesium
and the vitamin B6 forms an awesome synergistic combination that’s going to help you guys
recover. So I’ll have my slow-digesting protein omelet, I’ll have 3 to 4 ZMA pills and that
is how you make some lean muscle gains in your sleep. So the compound effect of doing
all these things, if you’re a young guy and you’re drinking a little bit of alcohol and
you’re going through really intense workouts and you want to build muscle in your sleep,
just doing those three things in this video are going to give you incredible progress
and gains after even just 1 to 2 months of this regimen. Hope you guys enjoyed this video,
wanted to put together a really outside-the-box list of things that you can really implement
into your life right away and I also want to be realistic about this stuff. I want to
start giving you guys awesome advice that’s going to be realistic to your lifestyle. You
guys aren’t pro bodybuilders. You’re not rigid little robots that just eat chicken and broccoli
and do your exact workout regimen every single day of the week 365 days of the year. I want
to start giving you guys more advice that’s going to help you with your exact situation
and your lifestyle. So hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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