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What’s going on Hermanites? And welcome to my demonstration video for the Romanian deadlift also known as an RDL Now the reason why we’re going to do this exercise a lot of you guys are probably doing things like seated leg curls or prone leg curls and what’s so great about a Romanian deadlift is you’re working on all your hip extensors So your hamstrings and your glutes now just to give you a kind of a visual when you’re doing a leg curl all you’re really doing is this so you just hit that hamstring For this you’re gonna actually go through a hip extension So you’re gonna be here you’re gonna push forward then flex those glutes super hard So you’re working that entire motion hitting the glutes and the hamstrings Another great thing about this exercise if you compare it to something like a stiff legged deadlift is the probability of Herniating the disks in your spine is a lot lower Because you’re not going to go into a spinal flexion which is basically when you’re in this position Which is where you would be when doing a stiff legged deadlift, and as I said earlier because you’re working your full hip extension This exercise is really gonna help improve your lift and your powerlifting movements such as your squats or your deadlifts Because you are actually going through full hip extension Now for this exercise are some key points I want you guys to keep in mind while doing it first things first You wanna maintain a neutral spine So you want to have your your head up and your chin somewhat tucked in you don’t want to be like this But you want to be nice and straight I’m gonna stand sideways for you guys you are gonna have some scapular retraction, so you’re gonna bring those shoulder blades back you don’t want to bring up and back we’re going down and back just like this okay, and you also Want to make sure that when you get down to your hips and your lower back That you’re gonna have an extension of the spine so you’re not going to be Like this you’re gonna be like that okay and stick your butt out a little bit and as you move through the exercise You’re going to have a slight bend in your knees and you’re going to push your butt back like this, okay? So just like this, butts going back, knees are slightly bending You’re going to make sure your feet are about shoulder width apart and your hands are going to sit on the bar now before we get started with the weight I want to grab a PVC pipe and I recommend you guys do this as well if you don’t have a PVC pipe you can find something light or you don’t even need to hold anything in your hands. I’m just going to for demonstrational purposes You want to make sure you’re doing this exercise properly especially if you start doing it with weight because you don’t want to injure yourself There’s going to be a point while doing this exercise That if you start to go, too low your back is going to start to go into flexion and you can risk hurting yourself So you’re gonna grab the bar just like this hold it outside of your feet all those key points we just talked about and I want you guys just to practice sticking your butt back and going down bending your knees and you really want to feel that stretch through your hamstrings when you’re doing this Okay, so stick that buck back as far as you can now watch my back when I start to go too low I’m still good here. I’m still good here when I get to about here you notice I start to go into flexion so right about there my back starts to curve over Okay, so that’s what you don’t want to do is the point for me to go down is about mid-shin and That’s where I can stay my strongest and not risk Flexion you also want to make sure like these shoulders don’t start to droop either cuz that’s not good and what the drooping is When you get down to here they start to fall, and when they start going to fall It’s like a domino effect, everything is going to crumble my back’s going crumble I’m gonna bend over, and then I start getting into that stiff legged deadlift position Okay, so keep all those things in mind. We’re now going to use some weight to do the exercise One trick that I like to do when I do my Romanian deadlifts is I actually like to dead lift the weight up into the starting position If you have a wrap you can grab it off, that’s great if you’re coming off the floor you don’t have that opportunity available to you. You can go right into a deadlift So I’m gonna set myself up And I’m gonna dead lift the weight up make sure my shoulders are back Make sure my head is in the right position and I’m gonna go into the RDL Just like this really stick that buck back Feel that stretch in the hamstrings now this is that point that they said where I’m about to go into a flexion and I don’t want to So I’m going to push right back up push through the hips, flex my glutes and get a full hip extension So I’ll do one more Sit back It’s like this oh yeah, I feel that Full extension That’s how you do a Romanian Deadlift Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video Lots of great more stuff available for you guys on my website and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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