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So the ability to accelerate is one of
the hallmarks of being a great athlete. If you can get to the spot a tenth of a
second faster than your competition you’re gonna be able to make that play
to help your team win. Acceleration is the ability to take off from a dead
standstill and build up your speed as fast as you can in a straight ahead
manner. So when we are teaching acceleration we’re talking about the
three P’s…. position, pattern and power. For position what we’re looking for is can
the athlete get into physically in the position they need to be able to to
accelerate fast and do they have the stability to be able to hold those
positions. When we get to patterning we’re gonna work on their actual running
mechanics so how they are applying force to the ground how their body moves
particularly looking at their posture and their arm and their leg action and
then power obviously making every step more explosive. We use a variety of
plyometric exercises so jumping exercises to improve lower body power
and also traditional strength exercises. Every kid can get faster if we train and
work those physical qualities to get quicker. Our goal we want to not only
make you physically faster but have that translate over into sports and athletics.
That’s a game changer.

19 thoughts on “How to Run Faster | The 3 P’s of Speed

  1. I’ll try it since I’ve got sports day coming back and my strength on sports day is running. Recently we ran 150m and I was second fastest in my group with 23.05 seconds and the person in first was at 22.45 😭 They might not do running on sports day, they might do long jump but I still want to improve 😊

  2. The science and knowledge about speed and quickness, all for the slippery floor to nullify said speed and quickness smh

  3. Their both HORRIBLY wrong, the fastest way to run
    Is by Naruto running.
    If you Naruto Run, you are forced in a more aerodynamic shape,
    Which makes you psh against the air, and move faster.
    This is how us gamers will raid Area 51.

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