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What’s going on Hermanation? I’m over here at the Life Fitness cable machine And I’ll show you guys how to do an alternating seated oblique twist, okay? What you’re going to do is get in here in the same way you would for the deep crunches Just like this slide down Now what you want to do, okay? This is an oblique twist you want to engage the core if you’re leaning forward and just twisting side to side If you’re a beginner, you can start off here But if you really want to engage your abs you’re gonna have to lean back lean back Leaning back is going to cause you to contract your whole core a lot harder than it would if you were right here, okay? And what you’re going to do put your hands like this hold them together. Whatever you want to do I like holding my hands Just like this you twist side to side, and you want your head to move with your body So this way this way this way just like this okay, and what you’re actually doing is you’re pull it like you’re driving your elbows side to side, so it’s So you’re twisting the core, but you’re driving your elbows If you have to look straight the whole time while you do it, which I happen to do sometimes as well. It’s fine Okay, so you can do it this way Or you can turn your hand I kind of prefer looking straight ahead actually Now if you want make this exercise harder grab a plate I have the 25 available pick it up If you have a plate like this grab inside the circles if you don’t just grab the outsides of the plate Okay, what you can do is you can lean back Hold the plate in front of your body Don’t put it on your chest pull it nice out in front and again twist side to side and drive your elbows Breathe out as you twist That’s how you do an alternating oblique twists Okay, for more great information feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

60 thoughts on “How To: Seated Alternating Oblique Twist

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  2. hello..
    an inspirational video!!
    one question,.. do you take testosterone suplementation??
    what suplements do you take??

  3. Mr Scott Fitness Herman, Do I have to make those sounds when i do this, I feel. that's important to know. hehe))) Love the vids btw.

  4. Hi Scott I was just wondering why you would´n want to put the plate on your chest.
    I really like your videos 🙂

  5. Man i was doing this in our school gym n the weight went flying -.- everyone stopped looked, then laughed. it was funny afterwards but not wen it happened lol.

  6. I would like to add that if you're just starting with the layback twist, you should slow down and focus on the twist more than the speed of the twist, especially if you're using a weight. You can easily pull a muscle in your back with this exercise. Build your core strength first before increasing the speed even though it's hard a hell to go slow .

  7. Is this better than weighted oblique side bends on a hyper extension machine? I'm scared to do the twists because of my back.

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  9. Nice and informative videos!! But I wonder if this dude ever uses a shirt haha. Although if I had muscles like him I'd probably never wear a shirt either so 🙂

  10. hey i have a question if i have extra fat specifically in the obliques area is doing these oblique exercises will help ? or should i just stick to general fitness exercises ?

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  13. do both… the best way to shed fat is to do cardio, so create a routine where you're incorporating cardio in your workouts… resistance training is less strenuous on the heart and so people want to stick with resistance, but the fact is both cardio and resistance are necessary… so I say do both

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  18. Do I have to hold the plate out in front of me? I do them with the plate almost touching the floor. Is that bad for the back?

  19. Great idea to use that lat machine seat – I'm definitely going to do that the next time some jerk is doing fish-floppers on the actual decline apparatus while intermittently resting (ie laying back down and making cell phone calls)

  20. That seems like a LOT of stress on the lower back.  It'll be interesting to see how this young man turns out when he's in his 50's, 60's and 70's.
    Old time shot putters and discus throwers used to use this type of core work.  But, now, I see Reese Hoffa doing standing and walking weight swings to get at the core.
    The difference is that in this video the hips are locked and the lower back is UNDER TENSION.  Add in that twisting and you are just grinding away at your discs.  When standing and walking swings are used, the hips are NOT fixed and under pressure.  So, the muscles still get a workout without grinding away at your discs.

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