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Hi guys,
So the objective of todays video is just to correctly demonstrate how to set up your TRX
suspension trainer at home. Because there are one or two people who have been getting
confused ok. So the first thing we need to do is take this
part of the door anchor and put it behind the door.
So I got that, behind the door and thats secure, ok. So this is the part where people get confused.
So you need to disconnect this long yellow suspension strap from the main carabiner there
ok, because if I was to put that in there it’s gonna be too long.
So then, now I’ve got this into here its six foot which is the right length, ok the carabiner
loop here is at six foot, so that’s the right length, ok. So I have my suspension
trainer straps set to mid length So these yellow tabs here are in line with
this yellow stitching, so this is the right length for any pulling type row type movements
ok, so I can do my rows there, I can do some arm curls, andI can do some flys ok, or Y
raises yeh. So then, I’m going to fully lengthen the
straps, so I have it at, the foot cradles at the mid calf length, which is good for
any pressing movements or anywhere where you have to put your foot Into the foot cradles
like suspending lunges, ok. So I gonna do my chest presses, ok, tricep extensions there,
and then i have the suspension trainer at the right length, for any suspended lunge
type movements, yeh, so I’m there, I put my foot in there, I can do my suspended lunges
there ok , there boom. Just have a little tip, if your foot is small
and is slipping through the foot cradle, you just fold that around there and make a smaller
loop for your foot yeh, so I’m going in there and Ive got my foot there and I can do the
same thing suspended lunges yeh,boom. So that’s about it.
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be grateful. Thanks ever so much,
Cheers, Goodbye.

22 thoughts on “How To Set Up TRX At Home

  1. Thanks a lot, I was just given the Trx. My gym ceiling is low and I and I removed the strap like you did, and perfect.

  2. Thanks again for this explanation. Not sure why TRX doesn't tell you in the instructions to take off the extra strap. Enjoyed my first workout. 

  3. Thanks for sharing this excellent explanation. Implementing TRX wrong and then trying to work with it wishy-washy-like is just a waste of time, hope people will grasp that 🙂 Thumbs up!

  4. Hi! I really need to ask you something. I bought a suspension trainer on ebay (not an official TRX brand) and my two straps are moving in the main upper loop. Is that normal? I tried to watch "how to set up" videos a lot but no one is explaining or showing that. If you grab the 2 handle bars into your hand is your strap is moving up and down in the main loop as well? Or actually original TRX trainers are fixed and the two straps are not moving in the loop? I do not know if you can understand my question but let me know. Thanks for your answer!

  5. I am thinking about buying TRX for training. Now I know which video will help me to mount it. Thank you very much!

  6. Just remove the yello strap! Duhhh! Thank you! I'm looking and listening to a young Arnold😉Thank you!

  7. Thank you! Very helpful set up! Removing the strap, have been stuck here for days ( couldn't figure that out).

  8. Thank you! I am considering starting TRX and wasn’t sure if I could set up at home, so your video was perfect 😊🙏

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