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What’s going on Nation? And welcome to shoulder warm ups increased mobility and injury prevention now We’re going to be doing three warm-up exercises, okay, ten to twelve reps per exercise And you’re going to run through this circuit twice So complete all three warm-ups and then start over and once you complete it twice and you’re done now the reason why we’re doing this is because we want to prevent injuries and Increase mobility of your shoulder by doing these warm-ups or you’ll be activating the muscle tissue around the joint so it’s going to help stabilize That joint when you do any exercises involving the shoulder. We’re also going to be doing is forcing blood to the areas We’re getting blood to the muscle tissues to the tendons and the ligaments what we’re also doing is warming up the synovial fluid that’s actually Inside the joint all that stuff is is it helps the bones glide cross each other smoother as it’s warmed up Okay, so you increase the viscosity of it. So what we’re going to do is the first warm up which is going to be simple internal and external rotation with a dumbbell so all you gotta do is lay down on the ground and You want to keep some key points in mind you want to ensure your back and your shoulders as flat as possible And you want to show your arm stays at a 90 degree bend right here, okay, right at the elbow so I’ll lay down grab my dumbbell Grab a weight that’s not too Heavy you want to make sure you can do this warm up properly this isn’t a muscle building exercise So you’re not gonna be grabbing 20-30 pounds I’m gonna use a five right now, and then use my other hand and just put it on my shoulder just to help keep me mentally focused to make sure I’m pushing that down to the ground as much as I can so I’m gonna go down as far as I can and Then once I go as far as I can and I just feel a nice little stretch And then come back and now I’m gonna go back as far as I can So I’m going to internal rotate Internally rotate as far as I can and then externally rotate Now some things that might happen as you’re doing this your elbow might slowly slide down more and more and more so make sure you reset if you have to and keep it straight and also make sure your arm isn’t going in and out as You’re going down as soon as you do 10 to 12 on one side begin to the other side do the same exact thing and now if you want to take it one step further if you’re having trouble keeping your shoulder on the ground you can utilize a Barbell as added weight and put it directly on your shoulder. I’ll show you how right now, slide over grab the barbell And I’m just going to lay it right on my shoulder Just like this and do the same thing go as far as I can and Then back as far as I can just like that Remember these are warm-ups. So you should be feeling warmed up not like you just been a super intense workout when you do these as soon as you finish this you can move on to the next warm-up. It’s going to be overhand underhand resistance band pull So all you’re going to do is use a resistance band for this I’m going to use this pink one the pink ones are generally five Pounds, you don’t want to go too Heavy with this because it’s going to take away from the actual warm-up and your ability to do it properly I’m going to fold it in half And grab the ends like this now one thing you want to focus on when doing this is Making sure that your elbows don’t dip down when your arms come all the way back Your palms are facing the ground and your elbows are going to be pointed back straight back So I’m going to show you a few different ways, and I’ll show you from the front It looks like I’m going to turn around and show you from the back So I’m going to grab the band at the end. I’m going to pull it a little bit and put some tension in the band well actually I’m gonna pull the whole way that’s the next one so I’m gonna grab the band just like this and pull all the way back elbows pointing back come back into the middle keep the tension on the band and then come all the way back and you can go a little faster on this Just like that. I’m gonna turn around show you guys what it looks like pull back elbows up what might happen to some of you is as you pull your arms will start to do this that’s not what we want elbows out nice and high and Also, a good idea to keep something in your head lock out the elbow while doing this don’t let it bend Okay, soon as you finish doing 10 reps over hand. You simply gotta grab it underhand Keep your arm straight, and then pull back as far as you can just like this keep tension on the band when you come back to the middle and Obviously, you’re not going to be able to focus on your elbows being high when doing that so just focus on keeping your elbows locked Out and going back as far as you can now The next thing you’re gonna do and the last one you’re going to do is going to be very simple It’s going to be a shoulder now what you’re going to do is take that same band And you’re going to grab it with the Overhand grip okay? And you’re going to get some tension on the band so you’re going to put your arms out as far as you can and you’re going to start with your arms down come up over your head and Then touch your butt with the band Come back just like this, and that’s one rep so back And then forward two reps, so I’m going to show you guys from the back all the way over all the way back and once again you’re making sure that you’re keeping your elbows locked out the entire time and if you want to try this with a pole you can use a PVC pipe or body bar and You know these are also going to help activate a lot of the muscles in your upper back as well so you should be feeling that to go through your posterior deltoids and your upper back so these are the three very simple warm-ups that you guys can do to help increase the mobility of your shoulders and prevent injuries while you train I’m Scott from join us on our website for more great routines and exercises and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. hey Scot, don't really know if you'll read this, but anyways, since this is a warm up video I have a question. I have these clicks in my shoulder joints, not really sure what it is from, but i belive it is from dumbell incline press or bench press. I just wanted to know what is your advice, on what to do, do i take pause, or do i keep goind, doing THE CORRECT FORM now that i've seen your videos. I'd really aprichiate it :S

  2. for people who think this warm-up isn't important , think again , because injury's shoulder are the worst thing to ever happen to a bodybuilder , it's related to chest , back , when you are injured you can give only 65 % of an effort , so please be careful 

  3. i add to this doing bent over row with dumbbells or anything for the back; it helps me a lot to warm up the shoulders. having back muscles warmed up too helps my shoulders being more stationary during weight lifting.

  4. Dips are my 4th excercise in my routine after doing Deadlifts, Leg Press, and Pull Ups.

    Do I still need to warm up my shoulders after these three excercise or can I just go aheada and do Dips?

  5. Today, my left shoulder started burning, then my right as I progress in my workout from bench to flyes to incline db press.  It starts getting really bad when I do db military press.  I feel my left shoulder weakening at the top of the movement.  I feel as though the cable flyes I did right after doing bench press the last couple of weeks is what is causing the pain.  My form is ok, but perhaps I'm going too heavy and straining my shoulders a bit.  My bench press has also gotten heavier just recently, so all of this builds up causing more and more pain each workout.  I'm hoping these warm ups will really help alleviate the pain, and help me get stronger at my lifts simultaneously.  I'll be taking it easier for a week or two to get my form, posture, and flexibility in check.

  6. if i do any movement similar to that last warm up, my shoulders click really hard.  it's not even a click, it's more of a grind.  i always thought shoulders weren't supposed to move like that.  does anyone recommend i keep trying it until it stops clicking?  or does it just mean my shoulders don't move that way?

  7. Videos like this could really benefit from a microphone. That way you cancel out the brassy noise of the gym environment.

  8. Very simple warm up but very effective, I know from damaging my shoulders, through bad form, that when you injure your shoulders you can't do jack, and it can take so long for them to repair themselves (like months!) The bands are brill too, cheers.

  9. Always, always, always warm up your shoulders and stretch before you do anything. They are so easy to injure.

  10. Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but I can't do the last one. I never had any shoulder problems. Once I get up over behind my head my arms want to flare outward to get the band behind me. It feels almost like I can't do the warm up. I have never done anything like this before so maybe I need to stretch more to loosen up my shoulder muscles and joints. Any thoughts?

  11. Having suffered four years + of agonising shoulder pain, and an operation that only helped to partly fix the issue… I wish I had watched and listened to this sooner. Take it from me guys and warm up 😉

  12. Release Your Tight Shoulders With These Powerful 15 Minute Routines. Shoulder Flexibility Solution => [ ]

  13. I remember you from the D-pah-ted! Will definitely try these mobility warm-ups. My shoulders are super tight.

  14. Sup, Scott. I'm thinking that you can burn your shoulders a little bit before your actual workout with this warm-up. Do you recommend doing the warm-up routine slowly, and then giving it a few minutes before your strength exercises? I wouldn't want to get too tired just warming up and then not being able to do the good stuff properly. Thanks!

  15. Could you please do a warmup routine for people who don't have access to gym equipment like dumbells and such?
    Thanks a lot!
    Great video btw, your channel is my go to for any questions that I have.

  16. Great video, I normally do the first one (standing) and the last one. I will do all now. one question – didn't quite catch when you mentioned don't let elbows lock out.

  17. How to make your shoulders be able to do the last exercise? Once the band/pvc-pipe is over my head I can't push it further.

  18. impingement city on the first rubber band one. First you keep your elbows at shoulder level, decreasing your sub acromial space because your traps will activate pulling your shoulder blades up and into anterior tilt. Then you advise internal rotation by pointing your thumbs downwards. This will drive the humerus slightly anterior and superior in translation causing loss of space internally now. Then you take the shoulder to extreme abduction the tension on the pec then will pull on humerus further decreasing space. Its like how to perfectly squash your rotator cuff tendon while warming up.

    the second one is alright though. Extrnal rotaion by facing your palms up. Elbows slightly below shoulder level making you relax the upper trapezius. Still to extreme abduction but now ok because rhomboids can be activated with lower traps to pull blades together and down a bit for at least a neutral position over anterior tipped.

  19. All these three exercises hurts because I have shoulder muscle pain ( mainly right shoulder medial delt hurts) so what to do now?

  20. Literally on all of these my shoulders ''pop'' no pain whatsoever but it makes a cracking sound… any suggestions? I regularly warm up my rotator cuffs/shoulders pre workout, they never pop during actual lifts… just doing basic stretches/warm ups…

  21. Your body looked way better 5 years ago when you did this video. You looked natural and cute. Now you just look like every other roid abusing meat head.

  22. Wow, thanks for this video. Watched it before I went to gym today. Tried my best to use all tips, but that breathing technique was certainly a revelation to me.

  23. Short Story: If you injure your shoulder, you are basically fucked up.
    Long Story: It's because it will affect all of your upper body parts including chest, back, triceps and even biceps since your supraspinatus biceps tendon goes through your shoulder and if you have an impingement or something like biceps tendonitis (impingement of the spot in which biceps tendon attaches to the shoulder) you will feel like sawing your tendons off when curling, believe me 🙂

  24. Tried this warm up last night before benching, I do suffer with pain in my left shoulder if I am at the gym or just slept on it but this exercise helped a lot. Thanks.

  25. I always warm up by increasing my heart rate then do 3 sets of 20 low weight reps. that usually helps but I'm gonna do this now as well

  26. Great video. I had problems with all the movements you showed. especially the first one. Is there something else i can do? im already foamrolling my entire body.

  27. when i do the first stretch on the ground my shoulder does a series of cracks (not painful). Is that normal?

  28. The first two of these workouts are also really good to strengthen the internal muscles/tendons in your shoulder.

  29. fucked my shoulder doing the exercise mentioned at 1:50 . May be my form was wrong and i have a labrum tear now because of this exercise.

  30. Dude thank you so much! I have had a shoulder injury before and this has helped tremendously! I feel more confident now that my shoulder won’t get re-injured… especially during dips

  31. Hi, sorry I know you're not a doctor (or maybe you are) the video title got my attention of something I should've done. I wasn't training for awhile but I guess I wanted to challenge my hubby so I did the perfect monkey bars to and fro, with no warm up. I won of course but the next day and till over a month I feel pain even just hanging. The exercise you did with the band taking all the way back. I can't get passed my ears. I tried researching what maybe was affected but couldn't find the similar symptoms from other people's experience. Do you have an idea of what my injury is? I thank you in advance and forgive for this long babble.

  32. "Don’t stretch before your weightlifting as this can increase the risk of shoulder injury". is this the same thing as stretching?

  33. I have dislocated (could have been shoulder separation as it did not require surgery) my right shoulder thrice. My last dislocation was like 7 years ago. I have been doing weight training for a couple of years now and my max bench press is only 220 lbs for 3 reps. However, I have plateaued big time and to top it off, my right shoulder is beginning to hurt mildly while doing bench press. I want to try the shoulder dislocator exercise but is it risky for those who had shoulder dislocations in the past?

  34. Girlfriend broke up with you? Go to the gym. Got some bad grades in school? Read some more and go to the gym and train your glutes because you want those muscles to be balanced when ur learning. Beat up by some shitty bullies? Go to the gym and do some strength exercises. Gym is da way

  35. Do press ups on an electric wobble plate, those vibrations pulse right hrough your shoulders into your back, an unusual method but it works.😁
    Great upload though, everything here will only help prevent injury.

  36. Old video so i dont know if you’ll see this comment but when I do the shoulder dislocater with the band or a pvc pipe, I get a pop in both of my shoulders. What would cause that?

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