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What’s going on guys? I’m going to show you how to do a hack squat on the Smith machine But first there’s two things need to know the first thing You want to make sure if the machine is not bolted into the ground and there’s plenty of weight on each side of the machine the reason being is because when you go down you might find yourself Sliding to the right or left on the way back up. when you’re lifting the weight okay? So make sure there’s plenty of weight on there Second thing is you’ll notice these stoppers now if you’re afraid that you’d have no spotter and you might fall You bring these stoppers up, so when the bar comes down it hits the stopper And then if you fall the bar will stop right there, and it’s one on each side So make sure you put them on an even length, okay? I don’t really use these one two three four one two three four, but I’ll put them on a Okay, now what you’re going to do is you take your pinkie finger and put it on the line on the bar, okay? now step forward Take the bar up off the hooks Okay, now this bar has hooks on it. So you have to do is lift it up and turn it to unhook it My hands usually move in a little closer to my neck to when I get in inside the bar now what you want to do Is you want to do this like you’re sitting down in a chair So you’re going to put your feet out like this now you won’t fall so don’t be afraid because look the bars going to hold me in the air Now what you going to do Get like this when you come down, you’re going to put your butt back and pretend You’re sitting in a chair okay, and you’re going to have a complete 90 degree angle at your knee so breathe in and sit in a chair And then come right back up push through your heels keep your core tight Maintain a neutral spine breathe out on the way up, okay one more time Come down sit back, breathe in 90 degrees push up through your heels breathe out and That’s how you do a smith hack squat for more great information Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and as always more good stuff coming soon later guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Smith Machine- Hack Squat

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  7. PLOT TWIST the smith machine is a satirical piece of equipment in relation to the power rack that is not to be used, but stared at

  8. PLOT TWIST the smith machine is a satirical piece of equipment in relation to the power rack that is not to be used, but stared at

  9. So many haters on here. This isnt supposed to be used instead of a back/front squat but rather used in conjunction with the squat. helps activate a different part of the quad, namely the outer sweep.

  10. thanks for sharing this scott we dont have the machine itself so i use the smith machine instead thx alot 😀

  11. This personal trainer dude I know told me that squats are best with free barbells. And that smith machines are next to useless. True? False? Somewhere in between? I know it has something to do with stabilizer muscles, his reasoning that is. 

  12. Don't ever do this people.  Its one of those unnecessary exercises.  Regular squat on smith machine will get the job done.  Your health is more important.

  13. Take it from somebody who has done this exercise a lot. It's dangerous for the lower back. Don't do it.
    Btw when back IS f**ked, don't follow Scott's Nursing a Back injury routine. It will damage your lumbar vertebrae even further.

  14. Rule #1 of Smith machine squats- Go to the actual squat rack. Smith machines are 7seless. Real squats allow a more natural range of motion. Moving 8 a perfectly straight line is Un natural, doesn't get you as strong or big as a real squat, and because it's so Un natural and causes you to contort oddly to move so linearly is more apt to cause injury. Do real squats. Just start l8ght until you get your form straight and if you want to have knee cartilage at 50 then squat BELOW PARALLEL (aka as to grass). This loads the weight on your gluteus maximus and thighs, and not your patella and vastus medialus

  15. D Yates never did barbell squats and he did just fine in the world of bodybuilding! Do what works for you… Good vid!!

  16. I have severe back problems and just started with the smith hack machine.I was considering training with my feet extended beyond my hips, but now know what never to do. Actually, glad to see the comments! Thanks everyone…..

  17. I´ve done this for years, my quads are big and my back is fine. Never had any injury from this exercise.

  18. You won't hurt yourself if you're not a dumbass! Check your ego at the door and put on a low enough weight so that you can control your movement. I've done this exercise a hundred times because I don't have a hack squat machine in my gym. It's a good alternative. The 90-degree angle gives your vastus medialis and vastus lateralis a hell of a workout.

  19. I didn't believe all the fuss about it fkin up your back…well…now my lower back is fcked. Only tried it this 1 time too, never again!

  20. Yes, it is on a fixed ROM. Yes, it should not replace a regular Barbell Squat. Is it effective? ANYTHING THAT CAUSES HYPERTROPHY IS EFFECTIVE NO MATTER IF IT IS PICKING YOUR FAT CAT OR DOG OR MOTHER OFF THE COUCH

  21. those getting hurt shouldn't be in the gym in the first place ,smith machines are for pussys/begginers if get hurt on a free wight bar bell then yea I feel for ya but on a smith machine lol …lifting for dummies

  22. I dont like machines really. You should balance the weight with your own body thats the best way for building muscle. Traditional squat is way way better than smith machine.

  23. What he did is similar motion to a hack squat machine. But thanks dude!, now i can do a hack squat on a smith machine!

  24. I have slight injury/pull/strain WHATEVER it is on my hip flexor or groin area and it hurts when I open out my leg. Now will this variation of squat actually work for me and protect my adductors from engaging?

  25. I wish I found this video a year ago! Easily the best demo and explanation I've found for a hack squat.

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