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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from I’m going to show you guys how to do a standing Oblique twist with just your hands And what you’re going to do is you’re going to stand and get your feet a little wider than shoulder length apart bend your knees slightly, and you want to try and keep your head and your hips facing forward as much as possible And put your arms out like this, and you’re going to pretend there’s a bar going across your back So that as you twist and turn Your arms stay straight and what I mean is they don’t Do like stuff like this or this move or that doesn’t move keep them straight It helps if you squeeze your shoulder blades together as hard as you can and simply breathe out as your arms come in so Now the force here is when you get to this side, and you twist yourself like that And when you keep your core tight and jerk your body the opposite way, that’s really going to target your obliques so again come here Now over exaggerating the force right now Boom that’s when you feel it so again Feet a little wider than shoulder length apart bend your knees keep your core tight keep your hips and your head as straight as possible And simply do this For more information feel free subscribe to my channel cuz I’m putting out more fitness videos all the time Later guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Standing Oblique Twists with Just Hands

  1. Thanks for taking the time to come up with all these videos man. I enjoy learning new stuff.

    Anyway, how long did you take to get to ur visibly big and muscular state? Inspired!!!

  2. why do you have to leave these annoying comments on each one of his exercise routines…. haha try lifting the weights that he does, while holding your breath ahah and you'll understand

  3. Hey great vid scott. My entire core workout has been getting stale, so I've been looking for exercises to add to it, this is perfect. Thanks again!

  4. Scott i asked you a question last time and you didn't answer could you please tell me about peanut butter if it's good to be part of the diet and if not what do you suggest for spread on toast in the morning with my coffee thank you

  5. @brentsexy08
    its important to breath out when exercising, which is what he is doing.
    Lots of people breathe out in various ways, his way just comes off annoying to you.

  6. scott you should check out my channel man im 13 and i do workout and training videos and i have a 6 pack and im only 13 and mabey you can comment and subscribe if you want i do workout tutorials parkour tutorials and kung fu tutorials and self defence tutorials and wrestling tutorials lol

  7. Great exercise for the obliques… I was just wondering what your diet is because I want my abs to look like yours, so i was wondering if you can let me in on your diet and also how often you work out your abdominal?

  8. thank you very much for these videos, wish you could help me with my shoulders i would like to make it broader… hehehe

  9. With muscle tech creatine you see instant results…scares me sometimes I think jay cutlers steriods are in there.

  10. @balplayer21 Don't know if this was ment as sarcasm (ignor this if it was) but creatine isn't bad for you as long as you have no pre-existing medical problems such as poor kidney's. If taken properly, and you have no medical problems then it will have only benefits.

  11. @kyleKAB00M Just increase the overall workout on your right side by 2. So, if u are doing 10 reps for your left side, then do 20 reps for your right.

  12. @MisanthropikOne You shouldnt do it at all ,its a waste of time,theres fuck all contraction for very littel duration with zero resistance,doing it with weights is dangerous due to lumbar rotation with added momentum.Rotational movements need a rubber band or cable machine resitance to be effective and safe and you dont need to even rotate your spine at all,rotate your whole body from the feet up.I WOULDNT BE ASKING A CLOWN LIKE SCOTT FOR ADVICE ANYWAY

  13. similar to army exercise. we did 4 reps from start position to front/half of full sweep, switched to opposite, 4 reps. Counts as One. 10 total.

  14. @rsanipf I can't believe how quickly I got killer abs. You've gotta concentrate on two basic things, what your eating and your workout. I ignore all other advice beside Daniel Murray, he's a god when it comes to the gym. Don't know how much longer he will be giving it away, so get it now ->

  15. in good shape but i m boosting up my workout by not eating nothing like once a day and drinks lots of water, i dont need food anymore anyway im 54,when you get up in age food just makes you bloated

  16. im not stupid your stupid from calling people stupid who were watching your vids!stupid.but you are right its just going exstreamly slow at this age im at and im fustrated!,im in the menop. years and its going so slow,buy i have been cutting down mel porstions.

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  21. When i will get Obliques like a branded Belt..i will never forget to Twitter you Friend and my Trainer. Peace

  22. Scott what duration of this exercise do you recommend for a beginner, I'm making a workout and I'll include some of your exercises in it. Thank you in advance.

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  24. todo esta bien pero ese cuerpo solo se logra con maquinas,
    every thing looks very good,but that body is worked whit machines

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  27. When I was doing these, I couldn't help but yell out the phrase, "fat guy in a little coat…. fat guy in a little coat!!!" For anyone who watched Tommy Boy…. lol!!!

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