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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Calisthenics is among the best ways to start your adventure with getting fit. This is simply because bodyweight exercises are very flexible and they require minimum technique on a beginner level. Going to the gym to lift weights for the first time can be very intimidating. Should I use machines or free weights, how much weight to put on, what exercises should I do? There are just a few questions most beginners have and without personal trainer it can be very hard to structure your workouts properly. But with calisthenics, there are just a few simple rules and tips, that will give enough knowledge to start training without frustration and with great results.
So let’s get to it. Before every workout you need to warm up. There are unlimited ways to do it, but the goal is to increase the temperature of your muscles, stretch your body a little and prepare it for more intense training. Proper exercises for warmup should be quite easy and engage your whole body. Great examples would be skipping rope, jumping jacks, shadow boxing, running in place and so on. Do a few sets of these until you feel warmed up. For the main part of workout, you should be doing full body workout, focusing on basics. As a beginner, there is no need or reason for you to do cycles. Doing full body workout 3 to 4 times a week is optimal. Workout should be structured very simply, especially in the beginning, when you can be disoriented by multitude of exercises and training methods. So let’s get to the details. To do the full body workout, you need to exercise every muscle group. So let’s start with determining those groups. Chest, shoulders, back, abs, legs, biceps and triceps this is the basic division. By doing at least one exercise which primarily uses one of these muscle groups you will train the whole body. Also bear in mind, that most bodyweight exercises uses majority of your muscles, so “triceps” exercise can also strain your chest, “back” exercise can exhaust your biceps and so on. As a beginner, you shouldn’t worry too much about reps and sets. The simpliest way to tackle this is to set an overall number of reps you want to do and achieve it in as few sets as you can. Also choose exercise which allow you to do at least 5 to 10 reps of it in a single set. If you can do only 3 or 4 pull ups maximum, don’t do them, choose easier variation of the exercise like australian pull ups. Now, I will show you example workout following these guidelines in two variations – easier and harder, as the beginner category is very
wide and contains people with different starting levels of strength and endurance.

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  1. Very simple layout for this video, and very simple to follow, thanks!

    I do have a question, I see you show a lot of push-up variations, but even most of those variations I can't do (i.e literally cannot do more than 2 push-ups, even the knee kind). I've been trying to start with wall push-ups, since my shoulders/back are so tight and weak, but only doing wall push-ups doesn't seem to help fully. I just feel like, since you're at an angle to the wall, by the time your face touches it, you have less of a range of motion than you would if you're on the floor. I'll still do them to work up to the knee ones, but do you have any other good shoulder exercises that you'd recommend to do along side wall push-ups to really get the strength and flexibility back?

  2. Hi,
    Can you please share Bignner,intermidiate andvadvance workout plan along with diet chart. It would be help full for us. thanks for your usefull video

  3. Whenever I'm sad or depressed, I come back to this video, switch to 0:51 and spend the remainder of the day with a smile

  4. Thanks amigo, I keep going back to your workouts as I start my journey with calisthenics. I really like your simple and straightforward approach.


  6. I guess he did not know how to call punching
    Into the air, and he just called it shadow boxing. Hey !!nothing wrong with that, unless you wanna get into boxing , there my friend is something else.

  7. Problem is ı cantdo one pushup or pullup. This is the begining. I have never seen a real starting guide yet.

  8. Warm up :
    skipping rope
    jumping jacks
    shadow boxing
    running on the spot
    Sorry if i missed any!

    wanted to make a list.
    60 x push ups HARDER
    60 x knee push ups EASIER
    40 x pike pushups HARDER
    60 x inclined pike pushups EASIER
    30 x pull ups HARDER
    30 x australian pushups EASIER
    40 x knee raises HARDER
    40 x leg raises EASIER
    50 x jumping squats HARDER
    50 x squats EASIER
    50 x bicep curls HARDER
    50 x bicep curls less inclined EASIER
    35 x dips HARDER
    35 x box/bench dips EASIER
    Good luck making a workout out of this, i hope you acheive your goals
    I also make videos like this, check it

  9. Video is okay for beginning. Number of reps and the poor execution of some exercises is just too dangerous for beginners to count as a good advice
    Sorry but big thumb down

  10. Why shouldn't I do my 2-4 pull ups? I started by doing 4 times 2 pull ups and that really got me going. But in addition to that I also did the Australien pull-ups. I think this gave me the most progress!
    Or am I completely wrong?

  11. This matter of fact video was the single one that cured my being too intimidated to just get started… over a year ago. And be consistent since. And now have both results and consistent behaviour to work from when progressing. So thanks. 🙂

  12. You say for exercises in which you can only perform 3 or so reps, don’t proceed with them. But from my understanding from previous studies, I’ve always heard that for STRENGTH TRAINING (my focus is more strength than size) I’d always heard the optimal rep range is 3-5 reps whereas when training for SIZE the optimal range is 6-10 reps and endurance 10 and so on. Is that so?

  13. I went to the comments right away and see lot of shadow boxing comments and proceeded to watch the video I started CRYING lol it’s ok tho you made a good video

  14. Oh come on guys it's just a warm up,the message is clear…keep it up my friend the video is helpful an educating👍

  15. Who the hell thinks it's harder to figure out how to lift weights. Try something – if it's too hard, dial it back, too easy, add weight. But how do you train a muscle up if you can't do one: negatives, explosive pull ups. High pull ups. Dips, low dips. It's much more complicated.



    WARM UP:





    H = HARDER
    E = EASIER


    H – 60 PUSH UPS

    E – 60 KNEE PUSH UPS


    H – 40 PIKE PUSH UPS



    H – 30 PULL UPS



    H – 40 KNEE RAISES

    E – 40 LEG RAISES



    E – 50 SQUATS





    H – 35 DIPS


  17. Hi mister thank you so much for your videos which are very clear and easy to follow; great Work. greetings from Chile

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