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Hi guys and today I’m going to tell you how to start calisthenics properly not like when someone tells you “Go to the bars and do pull-ups” “push-ups and everything will be ok” So, If you want to be really powerfull and be strong on the bars for real, then you need to know how to start calisthenics properly Let’s Go! I want to begin with the first 3 exercises for the beginners which you can do at home and without any equipment There is 3 exercises which I recomend The first exercise is “plank” You can do it anywhere and somehow on a high ground, on the floor dynamically, it’ll strengthen your core muscles and will prepare your body to another static load The next exercise which knows every person this is push-ups in different positions, places and difficulty levels clap push-ups, wide pu, diamond pu No matter, just push-ups The 3-rd exercise which will prepare your body to the next elements of calisthenics: handstand, planche… and will prepare you at all, strengthen your musles in general it’s shoulders, forearms, trapezius, core It’s a tuck planche on the floor Once more, it’s everything what you can do at home also tuck planche and more difficult variations can be done on a p-bars, on a high ground even on chairs or just on the floor These are 3 exercises which I recomend to master or at least get acquainted with these exercises to begin to do calisthenics So now let’s go outside and look what what can and should master the beginner Well, there were all the exercises which I recomend to master for the beginners So I won’t tell you how many reps and sets you should do The very first task for the beginer is to get acquainted with these exercises with this complex, actually it’s not a comlpex but a particular simple exercises and elements of calisthenics which should be mastered by the beginner and after all of these simple exercises and elements you can go forward to the next more difficult variations and for the mastering them you need another particular tutorials about another elements e.g. straddle plache, handstand, one arm handstand, front lever and so on some of them you can find on my channel (in rus) The end of this video has come and I hope you enjoyed and was usefull for you or your frineds Besides, this video will be usefull not only for them, who already knew abot calisthenics but for those who never heard about it e.g. your friend who can do pull-ups and he never heard about calisthenics and he will tell “oh, what’s that and how to master it?” and maybe you won’t be able to answer properly, then so just send him this video who is not training on the bars and has no idea about calisthenics Let him progress with us, also with me Thank you for watching this video and good luck!

22 thoughts on “HOW TO START CALISTHENICS – Guide For Beginners

  1. С ума сойти просто сколько я потратил на казалось бы почти 6-ти минутный ролик ;DD
    Я вложил свою душу, поэтому хотя бы оставьте царский лайк! <3

    Spent much time for this short 6 min video ;DD
    Made it with my soul, so leave your king like at least! <3

  2. Лайфхак для тех, у кого нет низких брусьев для австралийских подтягиваний: просто кладёте ноги на вторую брусину и подтягиваетесь)

  3. Я подтягиваюсь 27раз и 20 раз отжимаюсь на брусьях и закрытый горизонт не могу.Подтягивания чистые 20-24раза потом грязные

  4. Наконец-то, пожалуйста делай почаще видео,они очень полезны,на любые темы.

  5. Смотрю тебя с открытия канала, делай чаще обучалки, или влоги со своих тренировок)

  6. Никит, красавчик, продолжай в том же духе, очень хотелось бы от тебя больше информативного контента)

  7. Спасибо 🙏 да Новичкам можно с этого начинать ,продвинутый уровень уже сложнее ,и так далее!🤸🏼‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  8. No offense Nikita, but at first I thought you were asian. Still the video was instructed perfectly, cheers to you man!

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