Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I heard you know how to start vegan bodybuilding. It can be hard, given how much body building
material is based on eating a big juicy steak regularly. Yuck. Or drinking protein shakes based on whey powder
or milk. Which is off limits when you are vegan. The best alternatives left for vegans are
soy based shakes. I have heard of people using hemp protein. You might as well add hemp milk to your oatmeal.
Or oat milk. That’s redundant. You could eat brown rice protein powder. Or
brown rice based ice cream, for something that tastes better. But brown rice isn’t a full protein set. Beans and rice offer a full complement of
proteins. And unlike a lot of protein powders, beans are dirt cheap. I know people who practically just eat tofu,
rice and beans. If you’re tired of rice, you can eat quinoa,
too. It even cooks in a rice cooker. I have heard of people eating pulses like
lentils. Chickpeas, lentils and green peas are good
sources of protein. And lentils are really cheap. Rice, beans, lentils and chickpeas, a cheap,
vegan diet Dave Ramsey would be proud of. I saw a yellow pea protein powder recently. It’s vegan, but it’s expensive. So are walnuts, pecans and other nuts for
protein if you’re going to eat enough to become a body builder. No-sugar added peanut butter is a good alternative. And peanut butter sandwiches are almost as
convenient as a protein shake. And simple enough that anyone could make it,
unlike a tofu stir-fry. I heard you could even get raw vegan protein
shakes. Raw walnuts and peanuts are just as good for
you, and they cost less than those exotic protein shakes. Yeah, but it doesn’t have the cachet of
mixing raw, vegan, organic and body building in the same sentence. You literally cannot afford that, if you’re
going to be a body builder, unless you get it for free as an affiliate salesperson or
advertising fitness model. Great idea. Now I know how I can actually
pay for this stuff.

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