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Hair fall and hair thinning are one of the
most common problems faced by both men and women today. As much as 25% of the men below the age of
21 years suffer from hair loss. And 45% of the women suffer from hair thinning
at some point of their life. Let us talk about it’s major reasons and
the do’s and don’ts to fix it. Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. I want to start this video talking about the
6 mistakes that you might be doing on a daily basis which is damaging your hair. Heat in any form is bad for your hair. So taking hot water bath, excessive use of
hair dryer or hair straightening machine should be avoided. Are you using a shampoo which contains sulphate? Check the ingredients of your shampoo and
see if it contains Sodium Laurel Sulphate. Sodium Laurel Sulphate is a detergent which
is known for hair loss. Try not to use too many hair products. If you use them, make sure to wash them before
going to sleep at night. Rubbing wet hair vigorously leads to hair
breakage. So avoid brushing wet hair. Do not tie your hair tightly all the time
as it puts a lot of pressure on the roots and causes the hair to fall. Too much of emotional stress can also lead
to hair loss. Hairs have their fixed cycles. It is like lithium ion battery. The more stressed out you will be, the faster
it will discharge. Now, let us talk about the 3 major causes
of hair fall and the ways to fix it. #1 is Poor Blood Circulation. The nutrients in our body flow through blood. If the blood circulation in your scalp area
is low, even if you take a nutritious diet, your hair will fall. This is because the nutrients are not able
to reach the scalp area. So, how do we improve the blood circulation? One way is to massage your scalp for 3-4 times
a week. Now, what oil you use for massage should be
taken care of. You should not use oils with artificial fragrances. This is because the artificial fragrance that
it contains is because of the alcohol and alcohol is not good for your hair. So, it is better to use mustard oil, coconut
oil or almond oil. Massage has to be done gently. If it is vigorously done, it can lead to hair
breakage. You can massage your hair before going to
sleep and you can then wash it in the morning. Another way of improving blood circulation
is through exercise. Any exercise done for 15-20 minutes can improve
blood circulation drastically. Specially women, you are also suffering from
thyroid or other kind of hormonal imbalances, exercise is highly recommended. Another major cause of hair loss is due to
the rise in the levels of dihydrotestosterone. Almost 90% of the hair loss in men is due
to the hormone dihydrotestosterone which is commonly known as DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is essentially formed
from testosterone through a biochemical reaction. DHT causes the shortening of the life span
of hair follicles. Then chokes the hair follicles and eventually
shuts them down. So, in order to reduce the DHT levels in the
body, one should include DHT blocking foods. Some of the DHT blocking foods are Fenugreek
seeds, Almonds, Banana, Tomato, Carrots, Mushrooms etc. I have listed some more DHT blocking foods
in the description below. This is one reason why you see bodybuilders
who take testosterone injections getting bald. #3 is Poor Nutrition. Poor nutrition is the major reason as to why
the hair of both men and women start to thin out at a very early age. If the body is devoid of nutrients for a very
long time, one thing it can afford is to lose hair. Body thinks that it can survive without a
single hair on the head. So, it stops making hair and takes care of
the other vital organs. So, any hormonal imbalance or lack or nutrients,
hair has to pay the price. These days, fast foods, fad diets, cola, artificial
sweeteners, artificial juices, processed foods are very much a part of every teenagers diet. This needs to be fixed. Every hair strand is made up of protein. So one should definitely have their daily
dose of protein. Foods like kidney beans, chickpeas, black
chana, lentils, paneer, chicken, fish are all rich in protein and should be a part of
your daily diet. Also, healthy fats are very important for
hair health. Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Walnuts, Flaxseeds
are all good sources of healthy fats. There are two types of vitamins. Water soluble and Fat soluble. Vitamin A,D,E and K are all fat soluble. If you remove fat from your diet, your body
will automatically get deficient of these vitamins. So make sure that healthy fats are a part
of your diet. Also B vitamins are very important for hair
health. Next, Iron and Vitamin C are very important
to prevent hair loss. Iron and Vitamin C come hand to hand. This is because Vitamin C is very important
to absorb Iron in the body. If you take iron but you don’t consume vitamin
C, it will not be absorbed. All the green leafy vegetables like spinach
and cauliflower are great sources of iron. And one of the best sources of Vitamin C available
to us is Amla or Indian Gooseberry. Other sources of Vitamin C are Orange, Lemon,
Capsicum etc. So if you consume a well balanced diet, you
will see that you will stop losing your hair. So, if you apply these basic tips in your
life, you will see that you will stop losing your hair. So Friends! I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did, please do give it a THUMBS
UP and also please do remember to SUBSCRIBE to my channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for

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