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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, I’ve just recently launched my
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and use the code PICFITNEW to get 15% off your order. Thank you! Alright, this one should be a quick one but
I do wanna get it covered since many of you have asked about this in the past. As you all know, when it comes to supplements,
there are really only three that I would regularly recommend: caffeine, protein shakes, and…
creatine. But when it comes to creatine, it might be
confusing on exactly how we’re supposed to take it. In this video, we’ll go over recommended
creatine intake levels based on scientific research. First of all, I want to clarify that I’m
talking about creatine monohydrate. There are other variations but by far the
most studied and relevant variation is creatine monohydrate. If you’re unfamiliar with creatine in general,
then please come check out my other videos about creatine to get yourself caught up. Back to intake recommendations. First, let’s address one of the most common
creatine intake questions: Do you have to LOAD your creatine in order
to maximize its benefits? Short answer, not really. Longer answer, kind of since there’s one
crucial benefit to it in which we’ll discuss. First, what is creatine loading? Creatine loading is a phase where in the first
week, creatine supplementation is much higher than normal. During the loading phase, it’s commonly
recommended to ingest about 20 grams of creatine per day, a substantially higher number than
the normal recommendations of 2 to 5 grams. This is suggested because standard diets generally
fill muscle creatine stores to only about 60 to 80%. In order to fully saturate the muscles, we
need to not only supplement, but according to some, we need to supplement a lot. Now, in this case, a study did show that loading
20 grams of creatine daily does indeed fully saturate muscle creatine stores. However, research has also shown that full
saturation can be achieved with only 3 grams per day. And that’s where the “no, loading is not
needed” comes from since we can indeed achieve full saturation with lower intakes. Of course, there is a catch and that’s duration. 20 grams a day achieved full muscle creatine
saturation in 6 days. 3 grams a day achieved full saturation in… 28 days. With that in mind, then it does seem that
best practice is to have some sort of loading phase. Although unneeded, the much more rapid saturation
with loading can allow us to more readily take advantage of creatine’s performance
and adaptation benefits. That being said, let’s get to intake recommendations:
I would recommend consuming 20 grams of supplemented creatine for the first 7 days you start taking
creatine monohydrate. After that, you can dial it down to 2 to 5
grams daily since it’s been shown that this is sufficient enough to MAINTAIN full saturation. It’s also recommended that you take creatine
alongside some form of carb and protein. Studies have shown that creatine retention
is greater when taken with either a carb or carb plus protein mixture versus creatine
alone. So, throw it in your sports drink or protein
shakes and you should be good to go. Just make sure you drink a bit more water
due to creatine’s osmotic properties that can lead to slightly more water retention. As for when you should take it, studies really
show no difference. What matters most is that you take it consistently,
be it before or after your workout, or a different time. And finally, you don’t have to cycle creatine. You can take it year-round or even jump off
of it without any detrimental effects outside returning to your previous levels of muscle
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everyone else more helpful health and fitness content. And that’s it. That wraps up this video on HOW to take creatine. If you have any questions, please feel to
ask in the comments below. Other than that, like the video if you enjoyed
it and share it with your creatine-loving friends. As always, thank you for watching and GET

100 thoughts on “How To Take CREATINE (For Muscle and Strength)

  1. 2:25 for those that want to skip straight to recommendations.

    If you do skip, do me a solid and check out some of my other vids. It’ll mean a lot.

  2. Word of warning, it speeds up hair loss ALOT in people susceptible to it. If someone in your immediate family is balding and you want to hang on to your hair for a bit longer id give it a miss personally.

  3. Now, the final question: creatine on off days? I guess you won't use as much when you don't work out so that should be covered?

  4. Pick up scoop.
    Take a full scoop of creatine.
    Put in mouth.
    Take sip water.

    I know, it’s a bit complicated but eyh… 🤗

  5. I've trained for years on creatine

    I've trained for years off creatine.

    The only difference I felt was in my bank account.

  6. Just to make sure, if you load the creatine with 20 grams per day for the first week, then take 2-5 grams per day consistently after it, but take a week or 2 off of it, every few months, would that be fine?

  7. What I always wondered if you need to completely dissolve the creatine (it dissolves much easier in hot water but tastes horrible) ?

  8. I've just started using creatine then I saw this creatine video, how did you know?

    Can't wait for the shirts I ordered to arrive, but I'm slightly disappointed that you don't have a shirt with "it depends" on it xD

  9. I would suggest pinning creatine biweekly, most people do Monday Thursday although I do Tuesday Friday prior to legs as less pip. Stay natty kids, creatine ain’t no joke.

  10. It's hilarious unpacking a giant tub of creatine, followed by a even bigger tub of protein while visitors are over :'D. The looks are priceless.

  11. You don't need to take 20 g per day( 1 week,) . The muscle will be saturated even if you take 3g every day.. the rest of video is ok💪

  12. I was just discussing about creatine with my friends yesterday and was looking to buy some today, so thanks YouTube recommendations.

  13. Can't Wait for my second PicFit shirt <3 Already own the yellow barbell one, now I'm ordering the new black one. Keep up the good work !

  14. Take no creatine or supplements. It's a bunch of unnatural bullshit that will hurt your long term heath if anything

  15. is it true that taking creatine continuously makes your body become resistance to it? or creatine resistance is just a myth?

  16. Anybody use Muscletech platinum 100% creatine here? It recommends to only load 20grams for 3 days, after that just 5 grams per day.

  17. Monohydrare yes…. ATP capsules no….
    1 week loading… no carb its bullshit… Insulin will drive it inside… is bullshit…
    Salt will drive it faster… Water for monohydrate… ATP capsules needs just your personal intake no extra..
    Anyway video not even for juniors..

  18. I take creatine from time to time. The problem with creatine is that it retains water. Your face will look like a balloon. When I don't like my face in the mirror, I stop. I think I will finish what I have and I will stop completely. Creatine make your kidneys work hard. I think it is a good idea to take while you decide to do a very intense training for a short period.

  19. My friend thinks creatine is like steroids and he grills meat every day and I’m like dude! You’re consuming creatine right now lol.

  20. I've been on creatine for over a year , taking 5 grams a day at least 28 days each month (sometimes i forget or get lazy) . It has made me way stronger than before starting taking it , but now a days my progress in very slow .And no negative affects on my health , except i feel sometimes like my blood pressure increases a little bit , and don't know if it's Creatine or anything else . Anyone else ?

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