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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey back again guys so yeah this is
going to be a quick video on how to take whey protein because I did this video a
long time ago I have it up before I think for almost 4 to 5 years on YouTube
and you might not know I’m slim before so the video was like how to take whey
protein over there yeah and yeah I checked on the comments and some people
they’re saying that it’s bad to take whey protein before exercise and it’s
usually after exercise now okay give it a chance that you have that you have
budget for other sports supplements out there like a pre-workout you have intro
workout then you have a post workout which is whey protein then I would
suggest that you do that I mean you take all those supplements if you think that
it does help you perform better right now if you’re on a tight budget I would
suggest that the number one supplement for someone who’s working out would
still be a regular protein whey protein or soy protein it depends on how or how
do you then just milk products just whey protein is from tastes from the
byproduct oh geez yeah so it’s milk based so it has lactose alright so going
back the question not to take with protein alright I’m going around in
circles anyway how to take whey protein so whey protein is a fast digesting
supplement fast digesting protein you would usually take an hour two hours for
the digestion rate so it’s faster than casein usually around four to six hours
up to eight hours for other types of casein protein so you can take advantage
of this when you exercise or after you exercise you drinkers serving or scoop
two scoops of whey protein it does help you know mass or a quick muscle or fast
muscle recovery and increase muscle soreness right so if you chew
to drink whey protein before exercise you may do so right either before after
if you ask me which one it would be the best timing he’ll be after exercise
because before exercise you would want to concentrate on the blood flowed right
so when you exercise you want all the blood I mean most of the blood most of
your blood actually causes your blood to be concentrated on the body part that
you’re exercising so if you were going to exercise the guns you would want the
the pump to be there majority of the pump right to be there
so that means that you have the nutrients you have the olive blood
flowing to that body part and most of the blood flowing to that body part
right so you get more nutrients to the muscle it will help in also like muscle
recovery if you drink whey protein like before exercise affect maybe let’s say
going to the gym you’re going to start your workout like 10 minutes within 10
minutes you going to start I would suggest that you drink whey protein like
30 minutes before exercise or an hour before exercise that is because when you
drink something when you eat something blood flow and it would also rush
through your gut I mean to the digestive system so that means that when you drink
the whey protein blood would also go there to help in assisting like delivery
of nutrients through your your body so you wouldn’t want that to happen right
you have blood flow because you’re digesting your blood flow and your
digestive tract more blood flow there then you have blood flow to the muscle
working out so if there’s two ways that your body is not working so you would
want to concentrate on just one which is muscle building so if you want to drink
whey protein before exercise take it like an hour 30 minutes before or just
drink it after exercise that would be better yeah that’s the best one yeah why
are you still here so yeah any questions suggestions comments just with them
and I’ll try to answer them as fast as I can because right now we have like at
the time of this posting maybe I will be editing this out so I’m guessing is like
100 Plus subscribers maybe 100 120 who knows so yeah I’ll see you guys on the
next video Cheers

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