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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, guys! Amy Jo here with ATHLEANXX for Women, and
today I want to talk to you guys about the unwanted arm fat. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. The dirty, old tricep. So, we’ve noticed that bicep is a little
easier to tone and see more muscle definition. I’m going to show you three exercises today
that are going to help with the tricep. Let’s do it. All right, first and foremost, the basics. We know the extra, unwanted, stubborn fat
on the tricep, you have to burn. It’s bodyfat. We need to reduce body composition, or improve
body composition, reduce bodyfat for the tricep to appear more toned, more muscular, reduce
unwanted fat. So first and foremost, that’s going to happen
with nutrition, a good weight training program, and also some extra calorie burning through
some high intensity cardio. So, the first exercise I’m going to show
you that’s going to help you build your triceps is a skull crusher. These ones, I’m going to show you a different
hand position. It’s really going to help increase hitting
different muscles of the tricep. Up above the head, you’re going to have
your palms face behind you, and you’re going to bend your elbows. Then you’re going to go up, and squeeze. This is hitting more of my inner head on the
tricep. As you know, there are three heads to the
tricep. So, hitting each head a little differently
is really effective. Always switching hand position, doing different
exercises, having different angles, force of gravity; that really helps to get a better
workout for the triceps. So, I’m going to perform about 12 here. I’ve got 8 more. 7, 6. And you can see I’m only bending at the
elbow. 5, 4. I’m not moving my whole arm. 3. And then all the way up, squeezing. 2. Last one. And one. Awesome. You can do that. You can also flip your hands this way, and
I can extend back and have my palms facing up toward the ceiling and squeeze that way. So, I’ll go 10 more. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. Big stretch. 4, 3. Two more. 2. Last one. Up, and hold, squeeze. 1. Excellent. So, there are two different ways to do the
skull crusher that is really good for toning and building the tricep. Then we’re going to do kickbacks. I’m going to use one dumbbell for this guy. I’m going to come around my bench. Like I talked about different hand positions. Twisting the wrist. As little motion as that, how you’re holding
your hand, can really change up how you’re hitting the tricep and what muscle group you’re
really targeting and focusing on. This one, you guys have seen the regular kickback. I’m going to turn my palm, just like I did
on the skull crusher. So, it’s here, and I’m kicking back this
way, bending at the elbow joint, stretching the tricep, and then back, and squeeze. Stretching, squeeze. So, I’m going to get 10 here. Like a hinge on a door I’m squeezing that
tricep back. I did 12 reps on the skull crusher exercises,
and then I’ll get 12 on these as well with my palm facing back. One more. Then I’m going to hit the other arm. Make sure your arm is coming out so it’s
parallel to the floor when you extend back. Palm facing up. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. Straighten it up again. 2. Last one. One. Okay, so I’m going to come back to that
right arm and now I’m going to mix up my hand position again. So, there are three different positions. There’s the straight kickback – the one
I just showed you – and then there’s the reverse. Now my palm is facing forward and I’m not
changing anything else about my form except for my hand position. So now it’s this way. Now you’re going to feel more of that inner
head. Squeeze. Just like we did on the skull crushers. 8, 7, 6. Straighten the arm. 5, 4. All the way back. 3, 2. Last one. Good. Let’s even it out. Other side. Have your palm facing forward and kick back. There you go. 5, 4. You should really be feeling the burn now. 3, 2, and 1. Awesome. So, I’ll add those in. You don’t really need a lot of heavy weight. Just because it’s also a lot of pressure
on the shoulder joint when you’re elevated up. You want to make sure you perfect it with
a form first. But that’s really going to give you a really
good isolation, a really good contraction, and you’re definitely going to feel the
burn in the tricep. Setting aside reducing your bodyfat, those
are great exercises to help tone and help pop out that tricep muscle a little quicker. Even if your bodyfat remains the same, the
tricep is going to come out a little bit more if you have more there, right? Those are my best tips for you guys today. Let me know what you think. Comment below. Head over to ATHLEANXX for Women’s website
with more programs, more offerings, a great meal plan to help reduce your bodyfat as well,
to see all that hard work. Thanks for joining me. I’m Amy Jo, we’ll see you next time. Bye.

28 thoughts on “How To Tighten Flabby Arms (BEST TRICEPS EXERCISES!!)

  1. Superb video Amy Joe.. love your videos. so informative.. I've done the regular skull crusher with the neutral palm position.. will try the 2 other variations next time. 🙂

  2. Mama Jo! You look awesome!!! You are awesome!!! You are an inspiration to all pregnant moms right now!!! Im gonna show this video to my husband because he didn't believe it's good at all to do dumbbells while pregnant. Of course we're sensible people, dumbbell weights had to be within reason. Love you and take care! Much love, from Hong Kong

  3. I do heavyweight squats, heavy deadlifts and my lower back never complains, but strangely most tricep exercises hurt my lowerback. What do i do wrong?

  4. Amy Joe I feel a quiet popping in my shoulder joint when I do the kickback with palm facing backwards. Why is this and how do I fix it?

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