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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So I’m now in Stoke-on-Trent, and I am just outside the strength Asylum gym where I’m about to go inside and meet a
professional trainer and strongman Luke FullBrook. Now I have never been to
Strength Asylum before, but it is supposed to be a legendary gym especially for
bodybuilding and strongman so I’m really excited to go inside and check it out deputies doing now yeah yeah so how many
lifting right now just 180 at the men won today’s today’s like a like a rep
week so I’m only going to go up to 245 for then I’ll do four sets of six and
that way today on deadlift like I say it’s a rep week then we’ll do like a
speed week then I’ll do a heavy week and then I’ll do a deal load week and it’s
pretty much that kind of rotation for for everything really
right purple yeah today’s some rap week really forceps so one AG’s lightweight
yeah yeah warmup so parent mind kind of waits to your
listing yeah and the kind of movers ever do yeah how do you avoid injury mmm well
I’ve been anybody knows mark black journey strongman journey
he’s been plagued with injuries have detached both biceps attacks my doctor
numerous hamstring tears tore a ligament in me in my lumbar and loads and loads
of black injuries all the way through and I met a bloke called crispy lose a
friend now and he eats like a mobility kind of coach that I do lots of stuff
now in terms of mobility into it or starting your life what is $25 sergeant
what’s your name for the very large plates for a very large amount so banter
then that’s the typical thing is it in the food :
yeah we’ve always mi1 ed was training for the worlds and the record deadlift
it’s really really important to have that because otherwise it’s just really
fucking intense it’s a case of you know you’re living eating and breathing it
and you spend the majority of your time in the gym if you genuinely do our
sessions would be anywhere up to about four hours long so it’s important to
have that but then it’s also important they’re able to switch it on when you
need it but yeah he’s good balance is good keeps you nice and grounded and it
just makes it fun otherwise it would be boring it would be odd words yeah yeah
it’s so different to a playground or building yard so in between sets it’s
all fun and games but then it’s serious when you come yeah yeah definitely you have got more outfits like a fucking
Lady Gaga at the BAFTAs or something or wherever she goes MTV Awards whatever it
is I’m old so I don’t do references very well for young people but yeah right
we’ve got it’s that cosplay man you’ve got the elbow sleeves knee sleeves pre
workouts talk about hydration formulas let’s light balls to grow on smelling
salts painkillers just pretty much pretty much everything really
unfortunate and of that I have a sponsor from our lifting kit which is service
and our sponsor form of supplements which is team affinity
I’m very very fortunate in in there in that respect because they are very good
yeah but and then I’ve got about three different
pairs of shoes all these shoes running shoes squatting shoes it’s pretty
full-on yeah so you’re saying this is your first working set yeah basically
first working set now for like I say this reef week is a rec week 245 working
weight this week and try and even a sort maximal weight still try to treat it and
approach it but it’s a max lift and the same as to do with everything whether
it’s a log or a squat or whatever you have to approach it like it’s a max all
the time just to drill in that mental attitude void but also if you attack it
like it’s fall under kilos any 22:45 ineffective you know it should fly or
you know that’s that’s the theory be honest and I’ve notice you just put some
headphones in for this particular oh yeah yeah when it when it starts getting
his own and I was I tend to put tentacle music on on a compa day I’ll have my
headphones on and I’ll just sit in a corner just take myself away and what
the music employs a mixture stuff really to get angry music is there a bit of
Backstreet Boys yeah it’s rock it’s rap it’s all that all the dependent on mood
really deadlift normally requires am a bit of rock music to me and how much rest you typically have
then between em the depending is really him because he’s not really maximal
weight it won’t be long but it’ll still be about five minutes and three to five
minutes just go by feel really and well yeah I’ve got a little bit of a a cold
like everybody answer this time here so the breathing is a little bit labored
but yeah anywhere up to five minutes I mean when it going for every singles and
doubles take anywhere between my ten to fifteen minutes between sets so yeah
it’s quite um quite a lot of rest required when you’re just training for
strength so you’re saying you just lost twelve kilos yeah in weight and you’ve
lost the twelve kilos because it was mainly fast yeah yeah how does weight
help you in strongman the only time it’s one of the it’s one of the things that
I’m a big advocate off because I’m a strength coach and I help people with a
nutrition is if you can’t flex it doesn’t do anything okay it wait just
wait on yourself whether it’s fat or muscle will help in things like a squat
and it will help with events like truffles and things like that but it’s
not going to help in the deadlift there are there’s you’ve got you’ve got
Rhiannon Lovelace on the 63-kilo woman lifting four times body weight you’ve
got 105 men lifting 400 kilos so again almost all times body weight so being
fat doesn’t make you strong and what it’s one of the things we strong man and
strong women is people people use it and this is no offense this isn’t meant to
call the judgmental or anything like that but
they do use it as a way to justify their eating habits so you will tend to find
you know I put two kilos on this week so yeah I’m getting there the Volks growing
well it’s not really going to be anything but most it’s going to be a bit
of glycogen and the rest is having the water and shit so it’s yeah it’s it’s
one of the things that I’m quite quite like passionate about really when it
comes to clients and things is that you don’t have to be heavy to be strong
that’s all they’re strong men like Terry Holland
for example lost a lot of weight yet and californica znf completely but what
about movements like example and the log press yeah we might use your stomach
it’s like a shelf oh yeah power shelf yeah again again a PowerShell in things
like the axle and the log definitely but it doesn’t help you press more you know
it might make the clean easier which means you’ve got a little bit more
energy when you get to the top but it doesn’t make shoulders any stronger so
it’s all well and good getting it to your chest but if you can’t put it over
there what’s the point I’m just noticed on the bars here there
is a padlock all about em we’ve got Steph there very again we’re really
fortunate with the Jim and Andy the owner he does invest in a lot of kit and
these are quite specialized bars he’s really tow one was for the Ahly lifters
in CrossFit is we’ve got sexist deadlift bars and they’re really quite expensive
like you know 500 pound to throw kind of thing so we just locked them away or he
locks them away and you can go and ask for the key but for example if you’re
doing pin presses out at the rack or fucking barbell rows or something like
that and you’re getting a 500 pound bar and just slam it down then that’s why
they get lots away really so you just talk about how much
investment has been in this Jim’s next item on it is one of the best gyms for
frontman training this is one of the best gyms full stop for anything whether
you’re a bodybuilder CrossFit strongman anything at all the atmosphere is really
nice everybody the staff the people who train here are really friendly people
that think it’s a little bit intimidating because there’s quite a few
big guys but they’re not at all they’re really they’re really genuine and if you
know if you ask for help they’ll help you there’s a lot of females who train
here as well you know this professional bodybuilders I mean you’ve got edge
world Strongest Man myself who competes you’ve got other people who compete at
various levels in physique bodybuilding fitness and so yet I would say I would
say one of the best gyms in the country curiosity how long does an average
workout take it depends today is quite long and because it’s deadlifts squats
and a couple of moving events but anywhere from two to maybe three and a
half hours Wow but again I mean that’s not constantly bum bum bum bum there’s a
lot of rest involved in that and because it’s strongman is a lot of getting
kicked out setting kill putting get away so yeah don’t get me wrong it’s not all
constantly go go go but yeah about that kind of time do you have any kind of regular training
partners and all you just have the occasional training session for
political training funds of different or how does it work I’m trained on my own
mainly yeah since it’s really really hard and this again
isn’t meaning go to stick or anything because there are hundreds of people a
lot stronger than me out there but it’s really hard to find people who is
dedicated and who will push as hard and who’ve got the same kind of focus that I
have and that’s why I myself and had gravitated towards each other
edited gone through numerous training partners did stay with him for a couple
of months and then that I’ve injured themselves or they just couldn’t keep up
the pace or they were just doing it really is as a hobby habit and that
wasn’t so that’s why we gravitated towards each other I mean we trained
together for seven years so we spent more time together than he did with his
wife and I did with my wife at the time and things like that’s how it’s mo it’s
really really tough and to find somebody who whose uses motivate but I prefer to
train as well with somebody’s a lot stronger than me so for example the ex
deadlift ladder video everybody’s seen it everybody’s like thingy I think he
went up to 400 kilos I did it I went up to 340 and back down which is good but
you do that and then end comes along and does about 400 so for example squatting
I’d do three reps on 300 and think yeah brilliant
and then I had to come along 360 and do six reps so it’s a good way of like
keeping your grounded and keeping you keeping it real I suppose if you want to
if you want a hug proof or want of a better phrase definitely and you
mentioned that we trained a red bird seven years yeah yeah how long have you
been training Domon 10 years 10 years
and you get my mess and how old are you 41 is that quite a lately start em yeah
is rid I mean I’ve always gone to the gym and have always been interested in
the gym and I’ve always loved strongman I’ve always wanted to be the strongest
in the gym and never bothered about being the biggest or the most in shape
but I’ve always wanted to be the guy who pushes the most of deadlifts the most so
about like I say about 10 11 years ago there was a few lines at the gym I was a
member and they were doing strongmen and they invited me along and that was it
you’d started from there it’s one of the things really that I tried to get over
to my clients no because people are starting is you can’t brush strength
it’s not romantic and it’s not pretty but it takes three to five days a week
for 10 years to get strong and it is consistency that that does that I mean
you’ve got to have a formulated plan and you’ve got to be you know structured but
it takes time you can’t you can’t brush your strength at all do you have any particular like
benchmarks or goals that you’re aiming for in it while training for a
competition yeah and this year and I want to pull
400 deadlift and I want to push a 200 kilo lock all-time best on Dead is 375
all-time best on log is 186 so I’m hoping to do that this year and then
there’s a competition called static monsters and that’s just to left which
is an 18-inch axial deadlift and the world record on that is 450 for a master
so I’m looking at them beating that and then the record for the master in the
log is 170 2.6 and then obviously the combined total world record as well so
I’m looking at getting all three of those to be back and then I’m gonna go
for the 501 kilo deadlift as well because everybody seems to be doing it
what’s Ryan to do yeah yeah like 54 one bar yep what the weights right at the
end so they break before by a millimeter and for 501 because that’s what ever an
awesome Serrano so the cardio do is like events based so
it’s just one day I’ll do 30 minutes and it’ll be at the minute it’s a bit a big
like circuit bear walk for 30 meters into farmers walk for 30 meters into
tire flip for 30 meters into Prowler push for 30 meters then rest a minute
and do that like five times then rest five minutes and then I’ll do like a
CrossFit thing so I can’t remember what it’s called but it’ll be six deadlift
six power cleans six presses and six squats with the same weight whatever
CrossFit thing that is I’m going to do that and that’s really helped with the
fitness boots causing a bit of lower back issues the next day and then like
today it’s like a bit pumped but I do a lot of like have a girl walking me dog
so I’ll do like I’ll try and do like two miles a day every day so now I study
state stuff like yeah so it’s kind of like a combination of meat and
high-intensity interval yeah yeah so we’re just in my way yeah and when
you’re a hundred and forty two kilo yeah the people in the world yeah and it was
an uncomfortable weight to be yeah it’s like to say when when I seem to get 240
kilos my body’s like no fuck off this was too much so you take three or four
steps back a comp you sat on the plane you don’t fit on the plane properly you
don’t sit in chairs properly cars are uncomfortable just just absolutely
everything I mean when Ed was like him 190 kilos it was how he functioned I
really don’t know because at 140 it’s hard work I mean you’re talking as
graphic as this is wiping your own ass is a struggle getting in and out of the
bath is a struggle it’s easy it’s hard work I mean I’m only five foot ten and a
half on a good day and five to ten on a normal day so it’s him at that kind of
heart and that kind of weight it’s it is pretty tough so I mean the lads out
there we were 170 and 180 and those kind of things I’m a six foot four with it
it’s like fucking our man it must be em must be just just just everyday things
it’s one of the things I had around quite a while ago instead
constantly body weights brought into play and it’s like hell yeah but you
weigh this much and body to weight ratio weight and obstinacy psyche hold on a
minute bitch head I don’t walk in a gym and put that weight on I have to fucking
live with that in the real world so I have to walk around at 142 curious I
don’t just wear a 142 kilo suit when I come into the gym you have to live with
it and walk with it so it’s tough it’s hard work and then they clothes and
everything as well I’ll close or not I’d literally even now at 128 kilos even now
I live in joggers and t-shirts that’s it that’s that’s literally a man in summer
it’s shorts and shorts and vest because it’s just it’s impossible because I’m
just short not overly tall and they think because you’re wired at the top
then you’ve got a great big massive got and if you’ve got big thighs they think
you’ve got a massive got as well so everything it’s all like a tent out here
so actually it’s a tough work man it’s hard but yeah yeah just what the toys
are kept in the back yeah how much is the trip to da frame way
then 85 85 you got struggle to lift the frame by
itself talked about like very serious amusing yep and recovery from them
yeah but I’m guessing you’ve got a lot of like tendinitis in these kind of
things yeah well just like aches and pain yet how do you deal with those the
Train it’s sim Magnus and the Magnussen said
once that if you ever woke up and he wasn’t sore they think he was dead and
that’s pretty much what strong – it’s just waking up and being sore but again
if your demobilization you stretch and you have a decent really good recovery
protocol in place and you get plenty of quality sleep then you can limit that
but yeah you just you you a sore a lot of the time you mentioned that you have
saunas do utilize they ice baths and yeah basically I’ve got I’m very
fortunate got like him a local counselor on how clubs got a sauna in a spar so
I’ll do sauna plunge pool sauna plunge pool and some days I’ll just do sauna
and so yeah yeah yeah but I do I do all that and you find that helps a lot Oh
without a shadow of a doubt and definitely yeah em it’s them it
definitely reduces soreness and then there’s you know there’s papers out
there and theories that it restricts muscle growth because you’re stunting
the body’s natural response to to the stimulus but if you want to train again
the next day you’ve got to do that so yeah it definitely helps and one thing I
definitely have noticed when I’ve been injured or or when have not been
training particularly for a competition or at peak is that doing that helps with
maintaining muscle mass yeah without a shadow of a doubt because there’s
nothing you know everything else tapers off the
food that you eat and the amount of training that you’re
doing well you keep that recovery protocol up in you seem to maintain your
muscle mass so yeah definitely helps you now remark or just join any I mean yeah
you ready for the video Oh 131 more 2006 without kind of plant-based penis here
at least one place one place in one place penis oh yeah that’s still fine
long drop your open dominance on 74.6 so here can sew so what I’ve
tasted way too much after workouts actually getting it out
of the storeroom it’s not particularly heavy on loaded you can load it
but that’s on two kilos now well because it’s machined and it’s
thick it makes it a lot harder again so when it comes to comp in theory it’ll be
a lot a lot easier all right it’s a handle so when you’re actually competing in
strongman are there certain events that you expect
to win and others that you are you going to place like maybe stephan1 yeah and I
would always hope in a deadlift and overhead event or any contest a static
strength that would always be top three if not top two the events that aren’t my best are normally moving
events because I’m quite sure I say quite sure I’m still at all but not
compared to the you know does it see from qadian against over six-foot mainly
home so yeah they’re the events that I would struggle with but again I would
hope to not come any lower than the the Miam than the top quarter of the field
and I guess there’s some events where Guntur might be an advantage oh god yeah
we’ve got them a sack toss so like I mentioned before Gary garden is like six
foot seven so it’s Actos over 4 meters sort of guys
with his wingspan is already 3/4 of the way there so yeah truck pull is another
em when you tall in subs ant ages stone Logan again being tall is advantageous
yeah are there anywhere is an advantage being
a little bit sure I’ll got them yeah pressing without a shadow of that yeah
crashing and and deadlift in yes without shadow them so if there’s any potential
strong men out there they’re thinking about getting started
yeah what would be some of the key piece of advice you’d give them home
I suppose that the main piece of advice especially with the Danes we live in a
social media and we’re connected and can see everything that everybody’s doing
he’s just focused on yourself and focus on your training it doesn’t matter what
Joe Bloggs is doing or John Doe is doing focus on you and so long as you’re
consistent with your training so long as you do the best you can each session
you’re not sometimes you’re going to have bad sessions everybody does
sometimes you’ll have amazing sessions but the key to it is consistency just
focus on you focus on on your path and just be consistent with your food with
your training with your recovery with your mobility and don’t worry about what
anybody else is doing really that’s the main thing you

21 thoughts on “How to train like a strongman, with Luke Fullbrook

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