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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to show you how to do a kickback which is an exercise for your tricep What you’re gonna do is grab a lighter dumbbell go over to a bench put one leg up It’s the opposite leg of the one you’re working you’re going to lean over and maintain a little bit arched back, okay? Keep everything straight Keep your spine nice and aligned keep your neutral spine right here on your neck Use your other foot for support maintain a slight bend in your knee bring your elbow up So that your arm is parallel to the ground right here that forms a 90 degree angle and simply kick it back And make sure you breathe out when you do the kick just like this And you really feel those triceps get torn up soon as you finish one side just move to the other and That’s how you do tricep kickbacks For more great information, please feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 thoughts on “How To: Tricep Kickback (Dumbbell)

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  2. Scott could you wear a shirt when doing your videos? Every time I watch your videos, my parents walk around my PC thinking I like to watch undressed man videos and actually think I'm gay… Thanks

  3. What if you are really weak and you are just starting out. I tried this and could not do it. Is there any other ways to do a tricep exercise like this?

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  7. Most retarded exercise ever. Why is your shirt off? Deadlift, bench, military press, and squat. That's what this guy needs. Not pink weight kick backs. Those do nothing. Your pivot is too looks at concentric. I have videos too. I actually lift though. Why is your shirt off? Creepy

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  15. Hi scott thanks for your videos I would like to ask something. I m on diet but I m afraid I lose also muscle can I take something to help me keep the muscle and just lose fat. Thanks a lot.

  16. what is the best weight to begin with for a novice?my weight is 91 kg and height is 6 foot 1.what the best i can do.

  17. Bro these are amazing. I've learned to love em. I could skullcrusher like 25's, but starting these i use 2.5lb lol but the development now has been crazy. that stretch at the top when your fully extended, hold… glorious.

  18. Scott, any reason why you kick back on the same side that your leg is touching the ground? I also do this but I have the opposite leg on the ground.

  19. Excellent set of weights!>>>    I start with these for motivation, then I get on my BOWFLEX M3 MAX TRAINER! I can do cardio and strength in the same workout! I do a set of reps for three different muscles, then after I do a set for each of those muscles, I FEEL ENERGIZED TO HOP ON MY ELLIPTICAL (the M3) FOR 20 MINUTES, then I get off and do 2 more sets for those three different muscle groups, and I'm done!! Excellent equipment, just gotta keep doing it at least 5 times a week!

  20. Damn man you're keeping your perfect form while doing the movement , it's really much harder then it seems .bravo bravo 👏

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