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if you’re using beta alanine like most
people you’re probably missing out on your full potential. I’ll show you how to
fix that, along with two quick tips for how to use beta alanine for bodybuilding
based on two incredible experiences I had in the Editor-in-Chief’s office when
I worked for Muscle & Fitness. At the end we’ll tie it all together I’ll show you exactly
how I do it with my clients and athletes Let’s get to it. I’m David Barr and if
you’re looking to get bigger faster stronger, get leaner, go longer, hit that
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The first lesson from the editor-in-chief’s office, at the time it was Dr. Chris
Lockwood, and he revealed to me that as part of his doctoral research he’d done
some early work on beta alanine -which is perfect- he told me before it was
published that beta alanine could actually increase muscle growth with
high-intensity interval training. This blew my mind, this was not even
conceivable to me, but it started me down the path of thinking about energy
systems and needs analysis, and this is a lesson we can get from strength and
conditioning coaches and just in general the field of strength and conditioning. I
think we can apply it and fix beta alanine. So a needs analysis, what is
this? Well, before you develop a program for an athlete you have to look at their
sport and what they’re trying to accomplish. So you look at the type of
movements, the speed, the energy systems, or the metabolic pathways involved, then
you tailor their program, short and long-term, based on that needs analysis.
And this is where beta alanine comes in because beta alanine works through
metabolic energy systems, right now we’re not doing that as bodybuilders we’re
typically just taking beta alanine expecting it to work for us. We need to
figure out how beta alanine works and then tailor our programming around that.
That’s applying the needs analysis and that’s really going to help us get
results from beta alanine because right now the results aren’t great for fellow
meatheads and you’ve probably experienced this yourself, so this is one
way to tweak it. So here’s the fix train high-intensity higher volume with higher
reps and shorter rest periods, that’s really going to stress the energy systems and
that’s where beta alanine is going to excel. Now this doesn’t mean you have to
train that way all the time but occasionally when you do train that way
that’s where beta alanine is going to excel you’re going to feel it it’s going
to feel definitely different you’re going to get the results based
on that type of training. Now here’s a bonus tip for strength of power athletes,
you can actually use beta alanine as well even if you’re doing lower reps and
longer rest periods, and the reason is if the hydrogen ions or protons are going
to cause more of a slow twitch slower fiber conversion, then if you can mop up
as much of those with beta alanine as possible then you can potentially
mitigate, or even eliminate that transition, however minor it may be. So
beta alanine is wide open for anybody but if your bodybuilding, looking for
muscle growth, then that’s where you have to reach into those higher reps shorter
rest periods. So what does that training look like? Well it means your sets should be
around 12 reps each tack on a couple extra sets, but remember you have to push
yourself because the beta alanine is going to allow you to do that to be able
to push yourself harder, if you don’t take advantage of that then you’re not
going to get the added benefit, you’re not going to get the results that you’re
after. So keep the rest periods short try for
you know a minute to two minutes but keep the volume high, keep the intensity
high and really push the limits of what beta alanine can do for you and that’s
where you’re going to get those results. The next lesson from the chief he was
talking about amino acid stacking and this is related to beta alanine and
really to sum up the idea of competitive amino acid transport he summed it up
beautifully: “they don’t like each other” and what it means is that two different
amino acids can use the same transporter it’s like they’re fighting for the same
parking spot so they don’t like each other you don’t want to combine them in
the same drink. This is related to beta alanine because you don’t want to stack
BA with taurine. They fight for the same parking spot that same transporter so
just think they don’t like each other. Unfortunately there are way too many
products that combine these two already, so you’re definitely shooting yourself
in the foot by consuming those within a few hours of each other. So if you’re
taking your taurine separate from your beta alanine not a bad idea at all
that’s something I do but you don’t want to consume them in the same drink why
because they don’t like each other. Now real quick, what do you stack beta
alanine with? Do you use it with taurine? Do you use it with creatine? Just
let me know in the comments below. Here’s your bonus tip: we’ve covered what you
don’t want to stack beta-alanine with again that’s the taurine but what do you
want to stack the beta-alanine with? Well, probably the simplest type of
supplementation you can do is throwing sodium chloride, regular table salt, into
your drink with your beta alanine. Why because rather than fighting for the
same parking spot, the sodium and the chloride are going to help facilitate
the beta alanine getting into your muscle getting it where you want it to
go, so rather than not liking each other like the taurine in the beta alanine, the
sodium and the chloride they love beta alanine. So it’s super simple, super
cheap, a quick tip for you fire that one up. So in summary how do I use this stuff
and I have to preface by saying even though I’m a dual certified sports
nutritionist these are not recommendations or prescriptions this is
just what I do. So quite simply if I’m loading just starting off beta alanine,
they’ll do eight grams a day -two times four gram doses, divided twice a day, and
I’ll do that for eight weeks. I will then maintain at four grams a day every day,
if you skip a day if you’re skipping your beta alanine supplementation
on off days it’s not a big deal but 4 grams a day will do it. You throw in your
little sodium chloride, pretty simple tip and make sure your training is going to
be that high volume higher intensity, but shorter rest periods and higher reps
okay you really want push those energy systems, some people like to use it
before workouts right now there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference so it
doesn’t matter if it’s morning pre-workout post-workout right now and
I’ll keep you apprised to keep you updated if that changes, but that’s how
we do it and that’s beta alanine. Here’s our three point checklist that you can
use to see if you want to add beta alanine to your supplement regimen. Check
number one, can you find banned substances and purity testing on beta
alanine? Yeah you sure can, this is especially important for athletes. Check
number two, it’s going to be how long has this stuff been around, because most
supplements are flash-in-the-pan or around for one to two years and then
they’re gone, that’s why we’ve got thousands of ingredients come and go, so
how long has this stuff been around? Well I can tell you beta alanine has been
around since about 2005 and there’s a story behind why I know that,
and I’ll share that in another video, but it’s been around long enough has a
decent track record. Now number three is probably the most important that’s going
to be proof or more specifically proof on PubMed. Is there evidence of efficacy
that is supported by the published peer-reviewed published scientific
literature and most ingredients the answer is no, the answer is yes for
beta alanine, but don’t forget we have to fix it for what we’re after okay. It can be
great for athletics but in terms of let’s say body composition, muscle growth,
adaptation, and that kind of thing, we need to tailor our training to that somewhat.
So there’s a three point checklist overall it’s pretty positive, but now you
decide. Hey thanks for watching, if you liked this video be sure to check out the
rest of the channel, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe, don’t miss anything.
Until next time, Raise The Barr

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