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How to Use DHEA. A hormone made in the adrenal glands, DHEA
levels decrease after age 30. Supplementing with DHEA has been thought to
slow aging, help in weight loss, build muscle, and improve overall health. You will need and dhea cream, pills, or injections. DHEA is not recommended for regular use without
supervision by a licensed health professional. Step 1. Use DHEA on your face and neck. Some studies suggest that topical creams containing
DHEA help reverse aging and repair sun-damaged skin. Step 2. Lose weight. DHEA was found to support weight loss and
fat loss in most clinical trials, although further research is needed. Step 3. Fight the symptoms of aging. Some studies have found that DHEA may prevent
or combat a host of conditions associated with aging, including immune function, certain
cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, bone loss, menopausal disorders, arthritis, sexual function, memory,
and muscle strength. Step 4. Treat depression with DHEA. Most clinical trials found DHEA effective
for depression under the guidance of a specialist. Step 5. Ease the symptoms of systemic lupus, an autoimmune
disease. Combined with conventional medicine, DHEA
has been found to reduce symptoms, such as facial rashes and muscle weakness, in patients. Step 6. Improve your adrenal function. DHEA has shown promising results in people
with insufficient adrenal function, like Addison’s disease. Step 7. Take DHEA if you’re over 40 years old, unless
your DHEA levels are known to be low. The recommended dose for adult men is 50 milligrams
per day and 25 milligrams for women taken in the morning. Check with your doctor about the appropriate
dosage for you. Did you know In a six-month trial with men
and women aged 40 to 70 given DHEA daily, 67 percent of the men and 84 percent of the
women reported feeling more relaxed, having increased energy, were able to handle stress
more easily, and experienced deeper sleep.

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  1. Start on a low dose and build up…that is just common sense. Supplements affect people in different ways.

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