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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You know, we live in a day and age when everybody
talks about there not being enough hours in a day. There’s not enough time for me to work out. There’s not enough time for me to eat right. There’s not enough hours in a day for me to
get all of my meals prepared. Protein powder enables someone, and really
empowers someone, to have the protein on the go. To have that powder when they need it. To be able to get protein in their system
when they may not be able to necessarily eat a meal or two. Protein powders also, I think, are extremely
important for those who are seeking to time their protein. Because the timing of your nutrients, if your
goal is to put on lean muscle, it’s extremely important to time how you administer protein
and ingest protein throughout the day. Protein powder allows you to, it can be mixed
with water, can be mixed with skim milk, but you can also utilize the powder to take before
and after workouts, and even during workouts. I teach my clients to almost like an intravenous
drip, to feed their bodies protein throughout the day, constantly. And for some it’s extremely difficult, if
not sometimes impossible to be eating. Bring it with you to work. Open the baggy. Throw it in the water. Drink it down at your desk sometimes. So that’s quick and efficient. But again, I think the most important thing
to remember about the protein powder is not only that it’s a good, solid fast source of
getting protein into your system. But it’s also a way to time your protein before,
after, and during a workout. Since you don’t want to be eating any solid
foods right before a workout. A liquid digests in your body within twenty
to thirty-five, forty minutes it’s already digested. That allows you to have a shake as you’re
on your way to the gym, knowing that by the time you warm up and so on you’ll be ready
to go. With the protein, you’ll be hydrating your
body, and your muscle cells, and so on. And then you could even slowly sip a protein
cocktail or something like that during the workout. And then again even afterwards. So protein powder for a muscle building program,
for someone seeking to put on lean tissue, I would consider protein powder to be truly
indispensable. Especially when you consider the fact that
you’re going to be timing your protein. You’re going to need more protein powder throughout
the day and you can’t always eat. Protein powder is something you definitely
need in your arsenal.

41 thoughts on “How to Use Protein Powder to Gain Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

  1. protein is good but gotta keep in mind not to drink alot of it try as much as possible to get ur protein intake from healthy food if ur goal is to build muscle

  2. Unless you're body building there really is no reason for you to take protein supplements, besides unless you work-out really hard it's not going to be useful. Coming from someone who's used it multiple times over the courses of 3 years it's not really worth it. Once you stop working out the muscle shrinks faster than it would normally. Best advice is just eat food high in protein and workout once a day for 45 minutes.

  3. That is based on your body, I only use it 2 times a day and it has increased my gain and I work out an hour to an hour a half a day 6 days a week. So it really depends on body as well as workout and rest of diet.

  4. I wasn't trying to say that it wont help, but It really wont be important since it doesn't help your strength as much as people my think it will. And the bad part is that if you start working out it'll go down within 3 weeks instead of the normal 6.

  5. You know what protein is right?It is not as much a supplement as it is a food.What you just said is the same as saying that eating chicken will make your muscles shrink down faster.In other words, it just does not do that.

  6. Okay, people still don't understand the usage of this…. Unless you are a bodybuilder/dieter it is almost useless for you… When you are one it, you're body gets used to that high amount of protein intake which allows you to build slighter more muscle quicker right? Hence when you get off of it the amount of protein your body needs is still high and it drains most of what you eat hence it shrinks faster, I exagerated a bit for 3 weeks but it still less them the main 6 for normal people.

  7. And no I'm a first grader and not in high school so I don't know what amino acids are….. -_-.. Please give me an explanation…

  8. Well see the problem is your are thinking of it as an extra thing, it is only meant to replace protein you can't eat during the day. It is looked at like a booster when it isn't mean to be anyway.

  9. Noo,,,? I'm thinking of it as it should be… People can get all the protein they need from foods, if they can't eat get protein rich food then that is understandable, but then that goes into completely different category. People need to stop trying to prove me wrong when I've researched this multiple times, and gotten advice from professional athletes… Eating food is the way to go, a lot of it….

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  26. ppl usually misconcepted about the protein powder… they think that they should lower or even stop their regular meal and food and take protein powder instead. but actually it is just sth that can help you take more protein as our regular meals dont have enough protein for us. i like junk food, i like regular meals, i dont stop all of those things and i add protein powder whenever i need…
    btw i have 1.84 to 1 shoulder to waist ratio and i am a calisthenics athlete, i can do 12kg weighted one arm pull up, i can do 130lbs weighted pistol squat. just consider protein powder as a supplement which is meant to be added to your "input".

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