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Hi there Kevin Weiss from Body Performance personal
training and in the last thirty years of being a competitive bodybuilder both on the national
and world stage as well as being a competitive powerlifter I’ve learned a thing or two about
what works and what doesn’t. The last thing you want when you’re handling
a heavy weight whether it be with deadlifts, rows, pull ups, pull downs anything like that
where your grip becomes a factor is your grip to slip on you so today I want to show you
something I’ve used over the years and a great product that I have come across that really
is going to help you out with that. So the product that I want to share with you
today is the Rip Toned weight lifting strap and I just want to give you a real brief description
of how to properly use these. 1. The first thing that you’re going to do
is you’re going to find the loop.. 2. Slide the one end through
3. Then slide it onto your hand so that the strap is down your palm you don’t want it
this way over top… down on your palm and down on your hand like this you don’t want
it up on your wrist cause that’s not going to support it all down onto your hand
4. Cinch it up like this…and that’s ready to go
5. Now I’ll show you how to wrap it around the barbell to get your best grip possible
6. So your starting position for this is close to the bar with the strap going underneath,
do not go overtop like this you’ll still be able to wrap it around like that but you’re
not going to get a tight grip. 7. Put it underneath the same way your thumb
would go underneath, you can push the strap underneath and then grab it on the other side
with your fingers like this and pull it until it is taught.
8. Now that you have it like this it’s a simple matter of just flipping it over flipping it
over each time you flip it over if you really want to keep it tight which works good is
that is you do similar to a motorcycle grip or a motorcycle throttle twist it… bring
it around so real simple bring it… pull it… twist it… you’re good to go
9. Then you just simply repeat that with the other hand Simple as that… now I got a good grip that’s
not going to slip out of my hands at any point in time. All right so that’s all there is to it…
real simple product and it’s going to make a big difference in any exercises where grip
is going to be a factor. I’m Kevin Weiss from Body Performance personal
training have a great day. Click the link below for more information
on RipToned padded weight lifting straps.

100 thoughts on “How to Use Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Wrist Support When Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

  1. It's the wrong way to put on straps. The ens do the strip should go toward your thumb, between the thumb and the index finger, not toward the pinky.

  2. I seriously feel like an absolute moron… but is one a right and one a left? Cause these both work on my left hand but not my right…. am I seriously this stupid? Any help is appreciated.

  3. Can I use these for bench/incline press ? New to free weights and kind of have lame wrists so I got some thinking they were wraps instead of straps ha

  4. If you're using a mixed grip do you still put the straps under the bar for both hands?

    Or would you put it over for one and under for the other?

  5. This was great, I been tryin to find out about "exercises to increase your bench press" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Yenabriel Deadlift Smasher – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

  6. I rather use chalk or liquid chalk like the liquid grip. Got mine on ipumpshop for about US$8 and they ship internationally too through dhl. Link:

  7. Thats funny i bought these exact straps off amazon, because i pulled a forearm muscle (divorce) but i kept putting them over the top. ok, ready to rock!

  8. I started getting wrist ligament strains from ya inch the straps all the way down to m hands, the ligament at the base of the thumb, so I either put it just above my wrists (which works) or do mix grip

  9. Got these today in the grey camo and the colour already grew on me. Just in time right before I head out to the gym, and it so happens to be Deadlift day as well. Gonna see how these compare to my old straps of similar build and material

  10. I used straps for the first time today and i did it completely wrong and almost felt like i was going to drop the weight cuz my grip wasnโ€™t that tight and correct. This video is really helpful for guys like me.

  11. So wait, you want it to face away from your thumb? Iโ€™ve been wearing them with the strap going between the thumb and pointer finger.

  12. @RipToned great video, i been working out for a long time without the straps but after watching your video i bought these straps and they work awesome, thanks for the video

  13. I thought the strap should parallel the thumb not headed in the opposite direction towards your pinky? Looking at the palm of your hands the strap should lay between your index finger and thumb; if I am wrong change my mind.

  14. My coach didn't show me to grip the strap so I was wrapping but still gripping raw metal….That helped a bit but gripping the wrapped strap is 10X more comfortable.

  15. This guy doesn't really show you how to put them on correctly. It is never clearly shown. Not sure if I am putting them on right.

  16. I wear straps in every lift I do, the effects of arthritis destroyed my grip even when using lightweight, you do what you have to to stay in the game

  17. The video shows the over-hand or prone grip. What about the under hand grip, like when you do curls? Good video even if the camera could be better.

  18. 1.1k subs, 1.1m views…. damn I better make a โ€œhow to make a sandwichโ€ video for that mad revenue

  19. How would you strap it if one hand is over and one hand is under the bar? Same thing for the under grip but reversed?

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