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What’s going on nation? Today I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a v-up The V-up is a really great exercise and target your upper and lower abdominals But it really puts a lot more emphasis on targeting the lower Abdominals or at least in my opinion it does because by time I finish these my lower Abs are fried now the way this exercise works is you are putting pressure on the lower back if you have a tight lower back It might be a really good idea to loosen up before you perform the movement, but this movement also requires a bit of coordination So if you can’t do multiple reps in a row like I’m going to do in this video Start off just doing three to five take a rest, and then do three to five more It’s going to help you build up the strength you need to perform the exercise properly It’s also going to help you work with your coordination as well Begin the exercise by laying on your back on the ground with your legs together and your arms over your head Once you’re in position. You’re going to contract your core while simultaneously elevating your legs and arms up off the ground so they meet in the middle of your body thus forming a V as You reach for your toes with the tips of your fingers make sure your shoulder blades come up off the ground during each repetition you can also contract your glutes to help with extra stability throughout the movement as Soon as you touch your feet with the tips of your fingers you’re going to slowly return to the starting position and repeat the movement There’s also a few ways to make this exercise a little more intense as well The first method Involves not letting your feet or your hands touch the ground as you perform each repetition This is going to keep a lot more tension on your core throughout the entire movement If you think you’re ready to take the exercise to a whole new level You can attach wrists and ankle weights to your body if you don’t have wrist and ankle weights you can try holding a small pair Of dumbbells in your hands as well what this is going to do is make it a lot harder for you to maintain stability As you go up and touch your feet with your hands Just take it one step at a time and in no time you’ll be doing multiple repetitions in a row So there you guys have it that’s how you perform a V-up for more great tips Exercise in your teens feel free to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

65 thoughts on “How To: V-Up (Hardcore Abdominal Exercise)

  1. Hey Scott, I need some help with my routine. I'm currently in a push pull leg workout routine and I'm not sure when should I incorporate abs exercises in it. Thanks great video

  2. I JUST started doing these 2 weeks ago.  I got tired of crunches not doing anything for my lower abs (they were weak support for other exercises) and being afraid the door contraption I use for my hanging leg raises was gonna break on me in a vulnerable position.  It is awesome!! No way I can do it like you though.  LOL  Will be there someday though. 

  3. Scott bro you have to help me, Im in very good body shape its just that my lower stomach is flabby and lose skinish how do I get rid of it? 

  4. is there a video where a skinny guy like me can get started at home. im thinking of a whole body workout something i can do everyday

  5. if you want to feel your abs,it's not just about the exercise,it's aboud the mind muscle connection,don't get me wrong,this is a great exercise,but if you feel your abs now and didn't before,it wasn't the exercise!

  6. This is such a great exercise, thanks for reminding me about it! We used to do these in gymnastics and they are definitely killer!

  7. cant really actively target "lower abs" since the rectus abdominis is a single muscle, but great exercise none the less, the hip flexor muscles are assisting a lot of the work done with the legs raising (hips flexing), "lower abs" stem mostly from low body fat % (cardio), great diet, and genetics

  8. This is one of the hardest shit out there but its also very easy to make it complete wrong. My abs are growing and I have barely done this. But will try more

  9. Hey Scott, im 17 years old male, i train 3-4 times a week and pretty fit, but i wanna get some muscle. Recently i started some medication and one of the side effects can be muscle and joint pain, my hips are really hurting whenever i try to run so my cardio cant really be trained :/ and btw i also broke my tailbone a few years back so there are some other excises i cant do that invovles legs too. 

    I've always been the skinny guy and i really want to change that! So I was thinking about maybe doing like an Insanity program or something where you just go nuts for like 3 months, i really want to build some muscle! Do you have any suggestions or advises? 

    – Emil

  10. damn, this is so hard for me. do i cheat if i use my body momentum to do this? i feel kinda 'jerky' if i use my body momentum instead.

  11. Any tips for a new Marine whose trying to prepare for MCT in one month. I will be doing a lot of hiking with packs up and down hills

  12. To force yourself to not touch the ground, do it on a box or bench to where there's no floor where your legs or back are. #HTH

  13. when i do ab stuff i feel like my back gets sore before my abs, am i doing it wrong or is it because my abs are getting tired so i use my back when i shouldnt be?

  14. Your intro music is great , it has an intensity that is deep and moving. I can imagine our creator listening to it while he's touching the planet creating the Grand Canyon , the oceans , and the other wonders of the world. I also hope he can give me a hand with these V-Ups ?? Thanks for the vid.

  15. Great channel Scott. Love your workouts and the way you go into detail when u explain them. I'm looking for other channels like this, do u recommend anyone else?

    Hi i am facing a problem. I use an easy curl bar for bicep curls. It puts stress on my inner forearm and wrist. Pain lasts many days. It feels like if the pain is coming from bone. Now it pains even when do normal dumbbell curls. I would appreciate any solutions. Thank You 

  17. tried it yesterday. couldnt keep my legs straight all the time so i kept it bent but managed to get 10-15 reps for 3 sets. now today im sore as fuck! Thnx Scott for this awesome v-up exercise

  18. I just attempted these and I am unable to touch my toes.  I have always had poor flexibility.  Even without touching my toes I could feel the intense contraction on my abdominal muscles.  I want to get to a point where I am touching toes.  Any suggestions?

  19. Hi Scott, how many times a week do you recommend this? I am going for mass (body building) and usually train one body part per week. Thanks.

  20. hey scott, for lower abs and V cut can you show what are the best exercises, im doing abs training 3-4times/week for 2 years with running and football ocasionaly and as a result i have upper abs lateral abs V cut is starting to whow a little bit but the lower are hard to get …and i know the meal is very important

  21. hey scott!i am a girl and i want to lose fat on my lower abs .are there any effective exercises for me?…or these would work for me?

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