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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(dramatic electronic music) – Hi my name is Gunnar Peterson I am a Beverly Hills based strength coach, personal trainer, however
you wanna look at it. Because of where I am
I meet a lot of people in the entertainment
industry as well as athletes from a number of different sports. So the goal is to get
them where they wanna go from a performance
standpoint and, of course, from a aesthetic standpoint. We do a lot of strength training and of course we work on flexibility, cardiovascular strength as
well and hopefully everything they do in the gym makes
everything they do outside the gym just a little bit better. Today I’m gonna show you a
series of different movements that you can incorporate as you need or as you see fit in your own workout or you could use this
as a standalone workout since we hit multiple points
of motion, upper body, lower body, push, pull and of
course the all important core. (punchy music) Alright so, the farmer’s walk. Terrific exercise, great
to elevate the heart rate not to mention you can get a
lot of lower extremity work and if you throw in the shrug
like Jack’s doing right here you’re gonna get the upper body work. But what we’ve done is put
it on at 11 percent incline so even more challenging
and if you have access to this I highly recommend it. If you have a treadmill
you’re gonna use dumbbells and if not you can always do these outside or you can do ’em in a gym. Make sure you’re standing upright, slightly pitch forward
if you’re on the incline but if not you’re straight up and down and your thought is: abs
are engaged, core is tight and locking out at the top. Flex, I wanna feel the glutes fire at the top of the movement. (punchy music) So this is a belt squat. It’s a lower extremity move but without the compressive forces on the spine and he’s still
gonna get all the work from lower extremity, are you not Jack? – Oh yeah. – That’s what I thought.
– Definitely. – Terrific alternative to
a tradition back squat. You can stagger your stance. So cheat it this way a little bit. Stagger stance is a little more functional and also from a sports specific standpoint this is gonna be something that
applies to you in any sport. Keep in natural, think
about the explosiveness on the way up; it’s a great tool. (punchy music) So this is a Cormax Waterbag. You can also use a barbell or a dumbbell or a dowel or anything you have but with the water its dynamic. Obviously the weight’s shifting inside. Think about a gallon of
water, eight pounds roughly, and as Jack moves it
and sweeps it under him, we’re gonna add some rotation
transfers to put into it so it’s more sports specific. It’s gonna load the glutes,
it’s gonna tax his core and it’s also gonna bump his heart rate maybe, possibly, higher than his SATs. – Probably. – I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m just throwing it out there. – I guess we’re about to find out. – Let’s see.
(Jack laughs) Side, side, front, front, back, back. Let’s see what you’ve got. Big sweep. Yeah, love it. Boom. Terrific, great range of motion. So, pretty comprehensive, pretty athletic. (punchy music) – [Jack] Think I got this. – Oh, for sure. So there’s the pull-up and then
there’s the moving pull-up. We’re gonna add a
different plane of motion, a little bit of frontal plane. Jack, whaddya got? – Let’s do it. – Pull up. Pull up. The core’s engaged, the lats are engaged. Traveling pull-up, you can do this on anywhere you have a longer chin bar. You can do it, or even if you only have a regular chin-up bar you can go to one side,
pull, one side, pull. Jump out.
(record scratch) (crashing) And these things happen in a facility and you just have to go with it. (Jack snorting) – I’m sorry. – From a form standpoint
obviously you want your pull-up form to be intact, hips slightly forward,
chest driving up at the top, elbows pulling to the back so
the lats firing are engaged and another key thing to make sure is that not only are your lats engaged and your core is engaged but that you have insurance
for your facility. (punchy music) Alright so bench press,
push up, dumbbell press, all working pecs, front shoulders, obviously triceps with the synergic. This is a Sorinex and it’s jammer armed but these arms articulate at the top so there’s freewheel motion. More stability challenge for the shoulder. Way more sports specific
and again, real life which is what we’re really training for. Let me see you hit it. Bang it like you mean it. So from a formal standpoint I want you to think about keeping a straight line. At the end of the movement you should look like superman taking off. That’s how we want it and
if you look at the way Jack did it, it was perfect. (punchy music) So we all hear about how the plank is such a terrific core exercise and it is but how about an active plank? How much more fun is that? This is a terrific piece,
the Stealth Core Plankster and it has a video game
so it’s gonna speak to a lot of different people. You don’t have to do
it with the video game, of course you can just do it for time but with the game it’s interactive and it kinda takes your mind off it, but it definitely doesn’t
take your body off it. So as you can see he’s
working with a hang glider. It’s flying him through
trees, with obstacles, with bonus things he can hit
and he’s gonna be engaged for a lot longer than he
probably would in a plank and definitely mentally
he’s involved in this. (punchy music) So a little variation of a snatch, right, which can be done with
a barbell or a dumbbell. Doing it on the jammer
arms on the Sorinex, but these are different,
again, they articulate. It makes it really unpredictable and he has to fire from
head to toe on this. Let me see you go, pop that thing. Bang, yup. Stick it at the end. Bam. Love it. Yup. So it’s a big move, core
stabilization, explosive and from the hips, glutes
and shoulder at the end. Tremendous for sports
because its super taxing on the central nervous system, the CNS, and metabolically it’s a big challenge. So working this single
arm, unilateral work is hugely important because in sport and in real life you’re
not always two hands, perfect fixed path of
motion, this is real. You recruit different muscles,
different firing patterns in the muscles so you
become better overall, not just at sports but in life. (punchy music) I don’t care what you do for cardio. I don’t care if it’s high
impact like jump rope. I don’t care if it’s
low impact, like rowing as long as you are
bumping it up every time. What we’re tryna do is
create an aerobic environment by doing what would
traditionally be considered anerobic movements,
right, strength movements, but sequenced a certain
way so that the person is gonna burn the body fat
and actually sort of unveil the muscles that they’ve
worked so hard to earn. Jack, what are you waiting for? Come on, don’t be sitting here talking. Good lord, unbelievable. Thank you. Jack, could you make
it look less athletic? What the (beep) are you doing? Now bear down on it,
like get in tight to it and make it like a run. That’s what I want, thank you. My work here is done. So depending on your level of conditioning and where you’re trying to
go, what you’re capable of and of course that you’ve
got the green light from the physician, think about
starting with your workout, two, three, four times a week. Build on it, listen to your
body first and foremost. If your body’s tired, if you’re beat up you probably could use some recovery more than you could use some workout. It’s not always about the extra mile sometimes the extra hour of
sleep will get you there. But when you’re ready,
tee it up and go hard.

89 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman & Matthew McConaughey’s Workout Explained | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

  1. Great video, what an awesome trainer no nonsense but with a sense of humor, these qualities are needed for intense training regimens like those of superstars, the workout was fun especially the video game plank super interactive, my students whine about planks all the time and this is something defo gonna incorporate.

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