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Hey guys, my name is Vanessa! I’m a
student at Guelph-Humber University and today ,we’re gonna be taking a tour
through the Humber Fitness Centre and I’m gonna be showing you the ropes! Here
at Humber Athletics we offer a lot more than you think we offer varsity,
extramural, and intramural sports as well as for the fitness side, we have free
fitness classes as well as a discounted personal training price that’s going to
be convenient for you! So if you just want to skip this video
and just sign up for the Humber gym there’s a link below that you
can just sign up for and also this video is gonna be a bit longer so if you just
want to skip and see what the other segments of this video is just skip through the time lapses and
you’ll be on your way! So access to the facility is
very simple. Once you sign up with the Par-Q and the waiver form completed,
you will get this authorization sticker on your card and you’ll be on your way! To get to the weight room and cardio room, just got to take these stairs and the weight room will be just straight down where as the cardio room will be to
your right. If you are need of elevator services, no problem at all the elevators
actually are just here to the side there and they’ll take you from the first floor to
the second floor no problem. Let’s go! Alrighty guys, just behind me are the
change rooms which is free of access to anyone that has access to this facility.
Once you’re in there you are free to use it to change, store your items and the
lockers as well as have a lock to lock it It’s very important to make sure you
guys have a lot because unfortunately, Humber is not responsible for any lost
or stolen items, so if you do forget to bring a lock, they’re available at the
front desk of Humber Athletics or at the Bookstore. Now that we are done, we
will just be going to the right to the cardio room let’s go! So just before I forget guys, there’s a
link down below that actually tells you the hours of the gym if you just want to
check that out okay. So here we are in the cardio room which is part of the
access that you are able to use and the cardio room has various equipments that
you can use to get the heart rate up guys! So here we have Recumbent bikes,
Jacob’s Ladder, a StairMaster, various types of ellipticals, treadmills, more
bikes, a rower and this new feature that we have here, the Woodway treadmill.
This feature is so cool because it allows you to power the treadmill by
yourself, how cool is that! If you’re ever interested in any of the
fitness classes, look no further it happens right here in room A227. Fitness
classes offered are very diverse. We have ranges from yoga, cardio boxing, bootcamp
and so much more and if those interest you but you’ve never done it before
you’re scared to try something new whatever has you, don’t worry about that
the fitness instructors are great and they’re here to help you and they modify
the exercises so don’t you worry about that. Each of the classes consists of a
warm-up, the actual exercise itself and a cool-down so you can get your whole
fitness in in about 50 minutes In order to make sure that you can guarantee
yourself a spot, arrive 5 to 10 minutes just before the classes because if you
try to arrive later than that unfortunately, you might not have a slot.
Remember guys, it’s important to come in your workout clothes because that is how
you get your best energy your best workout and unfortunately, jeans aren’t
allowed in classes just like they wouldn’t be allowed on the fitness floor.
However, fitness classes changes every semester so there’s a link below that
you can actually follow in order to check when and how the fitness classes
will change So some of the reasons why more people should come into the fitness centre is because one its free, two, you’re
definitely involved in the community and three, it opens you up to more exercises that you would do beyond the
cardio and the weight room. I personally love coming into classes just because I
also learn new exercises that I wouldn’t implement into my own workout
and before I never used to come into classes now I’m here every week! You should try it out. And here we have the weight room guys! Here at
the weight room there are various equipment and machines that will be here
to help with your fitness needs We have mats, dumbbells, squat racks, benches and
other assisted machines that can either enhance your workout or you can use it
for the first time If you feel intimidated by that,
don’t you worry! The Life at Humber team and Kendra have
made a video together that you can find the link below, that will help expand what the equipments are If not, it doesn’t help you, we have personal trainers of all types that can help you
with your goal as well. So the personal trainers here at Humber
are certified professionals that are here to cater to your fitness goals. For your fitness package, you get an hour consultation, as well as, an hour session
based on the package that you choose to buy that better suits your needs and
your availability. In order to get a personal training package, you just have to inquire and/or purchase at the Humber front desk tell them your availability
and you will get paired up with a personal trainer that best suits your
availability and your goals and together you guys will meet up, talk about it in
your consultations, work together to build up a fitness plan and you guys
will be off from there. We always encourage students to get a personal
trainer because if you are new to the gym, intimidated or you’re unsure of what
to do, a personal trainer is a great asset to your fitness life in order to
help you kickstart, build or enhance your personal trainer goals and get
the fitness goal you want! Getting a personal trainer here is always
encouraged because they help you with your motivation and focus and together
they help you to work to build your personal training goals as well as work
on your desires and needs in order to better yourself at the gym and at school! Thank you guy so much for watching this video, and I really hope it helps you
guys learn a lot about the Humber Fitness Centre as well as the classes
and personal training services that we offer here If this helps you a lot, like
share, subscribe anything that you can do to help you and your peers with this video. Also, if you want to check out the Humber Fitness Center website or social media just the link down below, click it
and you’ll be on your way! And we’ll see you at the gym!

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