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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of,
and in this video I want to answer another very common question that I receive, which
is from people who say that they want to start working out and start putting on some muscle,
but they don’t want to get “too big” or “too bulky” and would rather just aim
for a more athletic look. Now the problem with this question really is that it’s ultimately
coming from a highly skewed perception of just how quickly (or rather, just how slowly)
the average person’s body actually gains new muscle. Assuming that you possess average
muscle building genetics and that you’re not “chemically enhanced” in any way, building
muscle is actually going to be a very slow and gradual process for you, just like it
is for everyone else. If you’re a male and are a complete beginner (because keep in mind
that the less experienced you are, the faster you’ll be able to build new muscle, and
vice versa), then you can probably expect to put on anywhere from about one quarter
to half a pound of actual lean muscle per week and that’s assuming that you’re doing
everything correctly. And since women have much lower natural testosterone levels than
men do, they can expect to progress at a rate about half of that or even slightly slower.
So in other words, unless you choose to intentionally not look at yourself in the mirror, not weigh
yourself and not go out in public for a very lengthy period of time, then the likelihood
that you’ll suddenly wake up one day to realize that you’ve “gone too far” and
have accidentally gotten “too big”, the probabiity of that is virtually zero. Instead,
you’ll always see your increases in muscle size unfolding from a mile away and you’ll
be able to easily adjust and tweak your approach accordingly as you move forward. So for that
reason, even if you’re not ultimately looking to build a huge amount of muscle over the
long run, your best bet is still to structure your program in a way that maximizes your
current rate of growth. Unless you are completely and absolutely out to lunch on this, there
is no realistic scenario where you’ll mistakenly get “too big” or “too bulky”, and
intentionally taking actions to slow down your muscle building progress right from the
start, that’s only going to increase the chances that you’ll ultimately end up failing altogether.
Whether the person emailing me for advice is a female looking to put on 8 pounds of
muscle and get a “lean and toned” body or a male who’s looking to gain 40 pounds
of muscle and get as big and ripped as possible, the basic bodybuilding approach that I would
give to either person would ultimately still be the same. If a situation eventually arose
where either person reached a level of muscular development that they were completely satisfied
with, they could then make adjustments to their overall plan in order to prevent further
muscle growth and to make sure that they just maintain their current build. And the simple
way of doing that is to keep everything in your program the same in terms of training
and nutrition, except that you’re going to want to lower your daily energy intake from
a calorie surplus down to your calorie maintenance level. So the bottom line on this is, whether
you’re a male or a female, and whether you’re aiming to gain 5 pounds of muscle or 50, there’s
no need at all to worry about “getting too big” or intentionally structuring your program
in a way that moderates how quickly you put on new muscle. Even if an average male is
training and eating perfectly for his body type, he’s still only going to put on around
2 pounds of actual lean muscle per month as a beginner, with the rate of growth steadily
decreasing as he becomes more experienced. And like I said before, women are going to
progress at a rate roughly half of that. And on top of this, also keep in mind that there
is no such thing as “lean muscle” versus “bulky muscle” like some people think.
Muscle tissue is muscle tissue, and you’re either gaining it, maintaining it or losing
it. Someone who you consider “too big” is not that way because they somehow possess
a different “type” of muscle. Instead, they’re simply carrying a larger amount
of it, and the appearance of that muscle may also be further “enhanced” because that
person has particularly low body fat levels. So, if you’re wanting to put on some muscle,
then just aim to maximize your current rate of growth regardless of how much you’re
specifically aiming to gain. So thanks for watching this video lesson, I hope you found
the information useful here today. If you want to learn exactly HOW to maximize your
current rate of muscle growth through proper training, nutrition and supplementation, then
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42 thoughts on ““I Don’t Want To Get Too Big!” (Lean Muscle Vs. Bulky Muscle)

  1. you aint no Mike chang six pack shortcuts.. i cant belive how Mike chang can fool so many poeple and make so much cash,, its crazy man people will do anything to get results, i dont get fooled so by the way to talk about nutrition and bodybuilding i can tell you aint bullshiting, i aint no sucker.. good videos

  2. Skinny faggots thinking that they will look like ronnie coleman after a week of lifting , u wont , not even if u take steroids , people work their asses off to put on so litlle muscles and u think u'll get too big ?? Smh

  3. I earnestly feel you really are dedicated to this work and not for the money,unlike many others. ,:) Unfortunately where I come from, gyms don't accept 13 year olds,nor do I think I would be able to do many of your workouts,haha. If your offer is still here after like 3 years,I certainly will attempt it. x) Stay strong!

  4. Next time my friends talk to me like "I'd like to train with you, but I don't want to get too big like you". This is the video I'm gonna let them watch. Thank you Sean!

  5. you wont if your enetics don't allow you to get too big even if you do use steroids e'g a mesomorph or endomorph can get bigger than an ectomorph

  6. hey sean i tried to message u on fb got no response whats the best training routine build muscle wile lowering bf right now i do 3 day split push pull legs rest when should i do cardio on my off days 

  7. Thanks for this vid cleared up the whole " I don't want to get big thing " it makes total sense now .. Don't know why I'm such a jack ass I was just born that way ..

  8. My problem is when I workout using body weight only, my arms and legs are too small. When I start using weight it IS like I wake up too big in a matter of days (for my upper half anyway). And I'm talking maybe 2-3 days. Maybe it's because I'm a bit short and I "seem" bulkier than I really am?

  9. Glad found your videos as used to watch Mike Chang and for a good while thought he was good until he started doing all these link in about buying books, free trial on books and just other plain selling techniques from his sponsors rather than exercise advice!
    I can honestly say your advice and videos are consistent, have no hidden agenda and most importantly have no B.S in them.
    Definitely genuine advice and thank you Sean.

  10. 1/2 lb muscle a week….that's 2 lbs muscle a month and 24 lb of muscle in a year. If gaining muscle was this easy everybody would be ripped.

  11. I got a sixpack only after 2 weeks of working out. Does that count as "Genetically Enchanced" ? (10 minutes of ab workout everyday)

  12. This is actually something I've worried about. Since I'm skinny but have a bit of a gut (in comparison to the rest of my body) I'm constantly afraid that if I start working out and eating more I'm just gonna get fat rather than muscular.

  13. I think what people really want are that they want to build muscle and drop to a very low fat percantage (around %10). People will start to gain muscle without looking atheletic if they have higher fat percentage. The answer lies here.

  14. this is not 100% correct though. Shorter guys will look more bulky even if they just train in 1 yeat.

  15. I've actually had this problem. I trained my body parts equally much and my chest and legs grew a lot bigger than my back and arms. It looked retarded, so I started training my arms and my back more than my legs and chest so it started looking more equal even though it still looked strange from certain angles. The tricky parts was also that if I didn't work out a particular body part for a while, I would get D.O.M.S which isn't comfortable at all, so I had to fix that by not training legs and chest as hard. People call me lucky and shit like that but if I had a choice, I would prefer to just work out my entire body and seeing equal results.

  16. i am training for 2 months at home and i got a big chest right now, my arms got really big and i got abs like wtf

  17. I'm a 46 year old male with a little bit of body fat around the waist I'm going to start HGH is it better to lean or bulk I'm not too sure which one to do

  18. I am just curious about how to build like Scott Adkins in that Boyka movie. His muscle size is not very large compare to other body builders in videos, but the shape of his muscle is amazing.

  19. What idiots lmfao it takes atleast 8-10 years to get "to big" and still then u won't be to big as a natural lmao unless you use steroids for years and years and lift religiously while eating 6-10 meals a day your not going to get to big mother fuckers

  20. I think what most people mean when they say "too big" is they don't want to compromise their mobility.

  21. Low key yo u guys should just do calisthenics if you're so worried about massive muscle gain, cause calisthenics is pure body weight workout

  22. This was a great video! I'm probably gonna go back to lifting and then just try not to let the appetite I get from it take over.

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