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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] I had it worked out since summer break started basically I’m out of shape I mean like I’ve been out of shape of his face Thank You Bernie hit me but that’s beside the point so recently well not even recently like a month ago in one of the run VTS behind the scenes John Wilkes workout routine was leaked I have a screenshot of his phone that has the steps to big workout routine [Music] apparently he doesn’t like doing cardio so I’m not gonna be doing for him I mean it’s not like I was going to do it anyway but you know just to follow his route key [Music] they did jumping jacks as a warm-up and I’m not sure how many they did but I’m just gonna go with 20 [Music] [Music] I am physically incapable of doing push-ups so I’m going to put my knees on the floor and try to do proper push-ups but like I can’t [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I don’t think I want to do this anymore I feel like throwing up [Music] [Applause] I hate burpees 15 burpees it looks like they’re doing a push-up in between each Burpee but I don’t do my burpees always I’m not to approach up I’m just not capable of doing that so I’m just going to go in this position come back up and jump [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so for the Superman’s exercise I’m not entirely sure what the 20 means like it’s a 20 seconds it’s like 20 reps I don’t know I’m just gonna do 20 seconds because that’s easier [Music] for the cooldown exercise it looks like they’re doing something like like this I don’t know if this is not even sure if this is pulling her down so I’m just gonna skip that okay well I’ll see you in a week [Music] [Music] brennon to you with the drug star you were picking up your prescription it’s funny cuz I gotta take it to you and we were in love and even though you broke it off a struggle with it like you were a bottle of pills [Music] because [Music] yeah yeah gazonga oh you’re buy-in and I know you owned a [Laughter] [Music] [Music] Oh my wrist in my mind like windows in cathedrals downtown don’t wanna do it anymore I just need a moment on the dance I [Music] forgetting what I no I’m us in the City of Angels worth hitting home I guess the double-plays games when he is bored that’s right I’m done I’m done with you you it’s been a week and I still struggle with the workout routine it’s so hard it doesn’t get easier like it really doesn’t the jump squats and the Burpee tests get me every single time I think I’m going to continue to follow this workout routine from now on because it’s actually really nice I get a good workout out of it so I guess that’s it thank you guys for watching until the end please give this video a thumbs up and comment down below and subscribe please raise my engagement I’ll see you in my next video bye bye I’m gonna die I hate [Applause] [Music] [Music] dude why work out if you can do this like windows in cathedrals downtown [Music] I just need a moment on the day I [Music] my lights for getting wood [Music]

100 thoughts on “I followed Jungkook’s workout routine for a week // getting fit with yoora season 1 ep 1

  1. New subscriber! I love the way you talk, and you also love BTS. I want to be your friend but I live in Colombia 🙁

  2. I feel a lot lean after playing this sport for a week. But the shock was my weight 66 and became 68😭🌝💔💔💔💔wtf

  3. Yo I did this workout and I am a swimmer so my muscle strength on land is weak and I got so SORE especially in my arms and my lat area which are good swimmer muscles to work but my leg muscles are broken I swear

  4. 20 squats
    20 pushups
    20 jump squats
    20 pike push ups
    10 planks (I’ll just make it 1min)
    20 mountain climbers
    15 burpees
    20 crunches
    20 leg raises
    20 Superman excercise

  5. These exercises are like my warm up 😂😂 i workout 4 times a week so im used to do them often to the point they became the easiest exercise

  6. If someone did this can you please tell me how long the workout takes? 30 minutes? I wanna know if I can do this cause I don't got a lot of time to exercise. I do it 6 days a week , and I wanted to know if I could do this routine instead of the one I already do on mondays cause I realy don't like the one I'm doing now.

  7. Omg can I make a similar video? I mean it’s a great idea and I would like to try this workout of our dear Maknae~ I hope it won’t be a problem💕💕 thank you for inspiring me😂👌🏻

  8. wow! It's so cool you can find so many kpop goods in the US now, but yikes those prices! I feel like in the underground shopping center those socks go for like 1,000 or 2,000 won at most. Even the official ones at the line store aren't 10,000!

  9. I don't that jungook only do this well this is good but not enough for someone wonna get the best body but keep going any way it will be easier 😉😉

  10. im 15 and my work out is every afternoon 2pm i run in the oval 10 times and do stretchings then 8 kinds of push ups 10 times each and do boxing 😂

  11. ok but like??? this video is such a confidence booster????because doing this workout with anybody else would feel like it's an impossible workout that I can't do because it's an idol's workout and we all know that they're in peak physical condition, but since Yoora is doing it, it just feels like a whole lot more attainable and like,, reasonable??? workout??? idk I'm probably not making sense but oh well

  12. I dont care what i have to do aslong as i get jungkook's abs i wont quit
    I love watching others try jungkook workout to give me motivation i liked yours the most because you arent hiding how tired you feel

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