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100 thoughts on “I Made A Giant 30-Pound Donut For A Bodybuilder • Tasty

  1. Non-friend: 👋

    Alvin: omg!!heres a giant taco filled with giant meat and giant lettuce and giant mustard and-

    Random person:😲

    Friend: oh Alvin!!! Hey bud how u doing? Have I told u how flawless u hands are?

    Alvin: oh hey, have a cupcake!

    Friend: 😐😑

  2. I like how Alvin tries stuff even if he hasn't done it before and pushes his boundaries.
    Could you try…

    A giant cupcake?
    (Unless you've made one before and I'm being ignorant)

  3. Do you know what I find funny…

    The giant doughnut is just a cake with a hole so…they could of just baked a cake and put a hole in it

  4. Tasty should open a restaurant which could have weekly menus with some of the best dishes they have ever cooked.

  5. To be honest I’m been on a all meat diet for a couple months and now I can se a six pack and muscle on my arms lots of protein
    Also I request a giant rib burger like the McRib but a giant version or a giant meat pie

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