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How are you? Do you speak English? I speak English. Great. I saw you filming here for a little, do you
know what’s going on? Yeah, I guess it’s against killing animals
in cages. Yeah, sort of, I mean we’re showing the realities
behind the meat industry, the dairy industry, egg industry, we have some fur footage as
well, basically any industry in which human beings are using or exploiting animals. Have you ever seen any of this footage before? A similar one I would say. Which industry? Like cows, pigs? Pigs. Pigs. On Facebook? I have also visited a pig farm once. Oh wow! How was that experience? Terrifying. And why did you go to a pig farm? I think it was kind of a school trip. Okay. Well, I am vegetarian, so, I am really against
this kind of stuff. Totally, totally. So was that trip that you went to…cause
it’s not every day that I meet people that go to these farms and see that stuff, so it
must have been pretty impactful for you. What age was that at? A good question. Like young school? Middle, like somewhere around 14 or 15. Okay. So yeah, that, was that pretty impactful for
you? Was that the moment you decided to go vegetarian? No that was later, I think back then I didn’t,
you know, sometimes like when you’re a child you don’t really realize what’s going on. You see, but you can’t really think about
it. You don’t let it get close to you. So, I think that is what happened back then. But, like deep down I always knew I didn’t
want to eat meat, so, I just it was a social thing. Sure. Well, we’re conditioned that way, I mean,
I grew up in America. Are you from here as well? I am from here. So this part of the world as well. It’s very like consumer-driven, and it is
very animal product forward. From the clothes that we wear to the industries,
we support to the food we eat, right? Yeah. So what was it after like 14/15, what was
it that got you to like go vegetarian? Was it a movie, video, talk to me about that. Actually, I went to do volunteer work in Thailand. Okay. and there was a community there that
was vegetarian and, um, we also, there were lots of animals around and once the hosts
son got an animal and he didn’t really take care of it, so, me and my boyfriend did instead,
but we didn’t really have a cage and then it escaped overnight and got bitten by the
dog. Okay. I was really sad about that. It got me thinking, like, why am I so sad
about just one animal when I keep eating them every day? True. That is like something that I could not get
rid of. And I just started thinking about it and I
thought, okay, actually I always thought that becoming a vegetarian was not possible because
there are not enough options, I will get sick, like, and living in that community eating
vegetarian food all of the time took away that fear for me and so those two things I
think. Wow, so you had a connection with an animal,
an individual. Yeah. And that is how it was for me. I used to hunt, I used to fish. Really? And still, be disconnected as well. Hello. That’s my friend. Hello friend, how are you? We are discussing what they are doing right
now. Yeah, no worries. We are showing footage of what happens in
like the meat industry, the dairy industry, egg industry, and, so you had that connection
with the individual and you started to not see the difference between species? Yeah. why are we loving one dog…Even if I am not
directly responsible for an animal death I am indirectly responsible by buying that meat. True. That is why I thought. Wow, that’s powerful to hear you say that. And how long ago was that? That was 2 years ago. Okay. Cool. Are you vegetarian as well? No. It’s totally okay, no judgment. Are you vegetarian? Vegan. So all of us are vegan. So you know of vegan then, of course. So what are your thoughts on veganism? Have you done research on it? I really want to become a vegan. But that is still, it’s just difficult for
me. Of course. Not because I can’t do it, but more because
when I am hanging out with other people they would have to go to restaurants where I could
eat something. I don’t want to make it too complicated for
them. Yeah. I never buy milk or eggs at home. Yeah. It is just when I am eating outside. And it’s a lot easier to live in the world
and be vegetarian, like, every place has vegetarian options because it’s like, oh, we can still
have cheese, we can still have milk. Have you done any research or seen any footage
of what happens in like the dairy or egg industry? I mean…Not meant to make you feel guilty
either. No, I just know that if I watch it I will
probably rethink. Yeah, and I think it’s kinda like you had
the experience with the animal in Thailand, once we see it like there is a very famous
quote by Albert Einstein, “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” Yeah. So once we know, once we see, once we open
our eyes and can see the cruelty and the exploitation and the use that is going on, it’s already
connects with your heart about the cruelty and the welfare side of it, but now it’s like
living in full alignment with the belief that animals are here with us not for us. Yeah. You know, so what do you think your biggest
challenge is minus the social aspect, is there any other challenges to veganism? For you? Not really, no. Okay, so how to navigate the friends and the
social environments. And I think it is a really important one too. I had a lot of friends that weren’t vegan
when I chose to go vegan. Especially from hunting and fishing and living
in a very meat forward society in America. I said, how am I going to do this? How am I going to tell my family and friends
this? What happened was I started to build a conviction,
so I started to watch this footage, I thought vegetarian was the most ethical thing we could
do. Because I did not want to give up cheese yet. Yeah. I didn’t want to give up eggs yet, right? Most people don’t. But then I watched what happened in the dairy
industry. And I know you sort of probably know, but,
I would highly recommend looking into it because the dairy industry is the meat industry. It’s all the same stuff and once we see it
with our own eyes it’s now, once we have the why, the friends and family, if they love
you and support you, it’s all about how we communicate, right? If you just go up to your friends and go I
am not spending time with you, I’m vegan blah blah blah, people probably going to look at
you a little bit weird and not want to spend time with you. But if you get to a point where you say, hey,
this is why I am doing it. This is why I want to be going to this restaurant,
do you support me on that. Would you come out? Or you do research and find the restaurants
that have the options that you can eat at. That is what I had to do in the beginning. Because it became a why. Because if I stayed vegetarian I was still
contributing to the dairy and egg industry. Which still kills babies and mothers in both
industries. So, it’s the same thing, and I mean once we
take a moment to look at it, to research it, to educate ourselves, it’s, you have the love
in your heart, you have the justice there, the respect to give to all beings, it’s now
just looking at everything else, right? Yeah. It’s looking at the industries like you said,
most people don’t want to watch it because if we watch it, it’s like, oops, now I have
to accept the fact that maybe I need to be aligning my values and beliefs with my actions. so could you see yourself being vegan in the
future? I do. Yeah. It’s just a matter of time. I’m just giving myself a little time. Yeah. Same for the vegetarian thing. It took a little while but then I did it and
I didn’t go back and I feel like if I try to forcefully to do it I won’t maybe have
the same reason behind it. Sure. And I feel pressured, so that’s why I still
need time. But I will keep that in mind. It’s great, I think at the end of the day,
you have to be the one to decide. Do you want to contribute to this or do you
not want to contribute to this? And I think that is the questions I ask myself
all the time. I put myself in the victims perspective. Even in the dairy industry. Cause giving up eggs, I ate 3 eggs every single
morning. Eggs were the hardest thing for me. And then I watched what happens in the egg
industry. Do you know anything about eggs? I do. So baby chickens. They kill all the male ones and yeah. Okay. So you know it. And once again, not meant to make you feel
guilty, more of just to, it’s good that you are aware of it and educated. Sometimes we just have to watch with our own
eyes. But if you already think that that’s kind
of the place you want to go. I don’t meet too many people that know about
these industries and chose to go vegetarian because of connecting with an individual,
it’s already there, now it’s just about the next step. What I told my family and friends is they
were like, “Why do we have to make a sacrifice for you?” I go, I see you once a week, twice a week
like if I make a sacrifice for you and go to your restaurant, animals die. If you make a sacrifice for me once a week,
twice a week, we get to eat plants and be healthy and I am sure you have had good tasting
vegan meals. It’s we know that it’s there, it’s just about
taking that next step. So what I will do is give you once of these. We have some really amazing documentaries
to watch on here. Forks over knives talk about heath and animal
agriculture. Cowspiracy talks about the environment if
you’re into the environment. Talks about how animal agriculture has a big
impact on the environment. This is about fish. So for a lot of…Do you eat fish? No. Okay. Some vegetarians are like, oh, I eat fish. Isn’t that pescatarian? No. So watch some of that stuff. Here is another thing. Do you have Facebook? I do. So vegan 22 and we also have a German once
here. But vegan 22 is a free Facebook group that
you get involved in and it’s people who are trying veganism together for 22 days. And there are mentors in there, people who
are doing the challenge together. So if you ever have questions or need a support
system it’s in there. And if you can remember one thing, I usually
carry a pen, but, there is a video on YouTube. When you’re ready, it’s called Dairy is Scary. Very easy to remember. It’s a very powerful 5 minute YouTube video
that educates us on what happens in the Dairy industry. So, at that moment when you decide hey, I
do want to open up my eyes. I want to see for myself what happens, it’s
very informative, very educational, and I think we owe it, not only to ourselves and
to the planet, but to the animals. Cause to me, and I totally get it, like the
friends is so tough, I never want to pressure anyone to do anything, I want people to have
their own conviction on the inside. And I truly believe that the majority of people
in the world have it in their heart. We all grew up with dogs and cats and if either
of you were to see an animal hurt over there you would say something or do something, right? I think when we see injustice happening in
front of our eyes we want to end it, it’s in our heart. I truly believe it’s in here, it’s just now
about taking that next step. But you have already asked powerful questions
to yourself, and so, it’s really amazing, I appreciate it, look into that stuff and
if you ever have any questions there are websites out there. This is the organization that we do our work
with and they have an email, we’re set up in 1000 cities around the world, so people
are doing these all over. Brcause the next step of being, choosing with
our heart, you know, choosing with an ethical framework, a moral compass, is vegansim. It’s getting to a place where we can truly
extend that love and compassion to all beings, but I really appreciate you having a conversation
and we’re getting to a place where now are eyes are open, that’s what we do here. We bring the truth to the public so people
can’t hide from it anymore. We can see what happens these industries. But I will give you one of these too if youd
like to look into some stuff. Thank you. You’re welcome. And I really really love, let’s see if it’s
on here. I would definitely recommend watching forks
over knives, it’s non-graphic. It really talks a lot about the health aspect
so we can take care of our own health, but cowsiracy, well pretty much everything on
there is like your tool kit for looking at stuff, educating yourself and really coming
to that conclusion that’s it’s the next step that you want to tak. Okay, yeah, thank you so much. I will definitely have a look into it. I really apprecaute it. Nice meeting you. Have a beautiful day. Have a good one. Bye. Thank you.

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