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100 thoughts on “I took the US Army Fitness Test

  1. UPDATE: I just took on the US Marines Fitness Test since you all easily hit 15,000 likes! And I tried to get a perfect score 'cause we like a challenge! 🙏 

    Here it is:

  2. Holy f**kin shit we got a woman and she's not even American and she knew we was gonna watch her like a hawk and she still killed that shit……yeah I've got nothing besides challenge navabeast for the marine test

  3. Good job, being uncomfortable and alittle sore is a constant in the army… and you have trained for it…. you’re in good shape…

  4. Everyone that did this test in his life knows that the worst thing is that you have to run 2 miles right after doing shit tone of sit-ups with your abdominal muscles tight and stiff.

  5. On the positive side: good job! You did well and studied up.
    On the negative side: reading Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins and Born to Run, by McDougall have ruined me for all normal athletic challenges.

  6. What was wrong with some of those situps that did not count as a rep? I cannot figure it out?

  7. The Army has changed its physical fitness test. Check in to it and try it out, it looks really really fun!

  8. Appreciate that you knew the regulations for each event and did them the way the army would make you unlike some youtubers that just do bad pushups and sit ups the whole time. BUT… Technically you only did 81 Sit ups since they only count when you touch the ground not when you come up, so the last one didn't count. You did a pretty good job tho

  9. now , is the actual test suppose to be in a row, meaning no break in between exercises. or breaking it out like that , i mean it is a good challenge, but not so difficult for some one doing fitness activities for a while

  10. Guess what the Army has changed the PT test. It makes this one look very puny. you have to sprint with a kettlebell and a bunch of other nasty things and there is no difference for age. That will really give you a challenge.

  11. That was very impressive come to my unit and you would blow all the women and 75 percent of the men out of the water good job💪💪💪👌👌👌

  12. I been learning about like US AND British war like the Revolutionary War and I loving it now and now watch she doing things from what the US war do I love THIS VIDEO

  13. Guy in the us army here. First off great job, some tips tho. On sit ups technically 1 rep is up and down not just up. Second you seem to be using energy to lower yourself on sit-ups instead of just falling. As you fall throw your elbows out till they touch the ground but while keeping your fingers interlocked. Personally I slap my elbows down hard and after my shoulders are bruised from falling down rather than lowering myself. Also very good job on holding yourself to getting proper form and not counting the bad ones. A+ 👍

  14. Your form was perfect on those push-ups. In all honesty if you got just a tiny bit sloppy on a few after 40, they would have counted and you'd get that 44. Killed it though!

  15. I'm watching this because I'm nervous for basic training 🤦 I ship out Nov 18 and I can do 10 push-ups and 20 sit-ups and I'm having an issue with running trying to learn the breathing techniques

  16. Keep in mind that this just a TEST. you should not be running this workout everyday. Use it to see where you are at physically on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

  17. I had to do the Cooper-Test 3 times at school. I always started to train for it weeks before.
    Honestly, I hate running if it's 3km or so. Running short distances as fast as possible is much more enjoyable.

  18. i dont know what wrong with my form, breathing or else…i really cant do straight jog in 2.5 km only…i can do situp and push up easily, but jog, marathon always failed me…i really nervous for running test in fitness test this friday…

  19. Your in Australia … and did the US angry test 😂😂 loved it though! I can’t even do push ups without being on my knees, and I don’t run. 😂😂

  20. Better pushups than most US Army Soldiers, male and female. The only critique there is that you have to come back to and pause in the starting position after resting, before continuing your repetitions. For situps you count on the down, not on the up. So 82 wouldn't have counted. Still maxed though.

  21. You failed your push-ups for incorrect form, not coming to a complete starting position after a rest, and not having your head facing forward.

  22. Great job. I’ve watched a few of these now and so far you are the only one who executed the test to standard. Great job and great score!!!

  23. The Gurkhas are finally allowing female recruits. I bet you could pass the test! Running with 55lbs sand, 75 bench jumps in one minute and 70 sit-ups in two mins- all completed in 48 minutes

  24. You should do the Ranger fitness test!! They had to modify it so they could even get a girl in the program so it’d be super interesting how you do since you killed the normal one!

  25. As a former Army guy I can tell you that to be that close to maxing the PT test without actually training for it is impressive. Great job.

  26. The only thing that every person misses when they attempt this is that the sit ups counts when you are in the down position. Not when your chest touch your legs.

  27. In Finland some high schools students need run 2 miles test and like 50% run that under 12 minutes and they are 12-15 years old and if they run Cooper many student can got over 2600 metries run

  28. 20 push ups in 2 mins? That's such a low requirement! No trash talk here, but even a normal guy like me who exercises moderately could do 40 push ups in one go non stop. I mean, in the video, she actually takes a few rests in between push ups, but then she's a woman so that kind of balances it out (impressive nonetheless). My point is that the requirement should be raised to 40 push ups at the very least. We don't want no weak ass mofo in the military.

  29. 17 push ups?
    50 sit ups sounds right.
    2 mile run in 19 min?
    I hope this is for women which it sounds otherwise we are f*cked as a nation.
    I remember doing a mile and 1/2 in 10 min and 90 push ups in Navy boot camp back in 2000.

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  31. With the sit ups you can basically throw yourself down and use the impact to start going back up. You use more energy controlling yourself on the way down.

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