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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet


  1. i tried arms workout too but holly's one, already in my 20 days, and my arms feels super toned up 🀘

  2. Fifi last time when I asked about arm fat burning workout you replied me that you're currently working on this video,thanks for the video soooo much.i will definitely try this.

  3. kadang sedih juga sih kalo banyak yg komen "buat video diet lagi dong" jangan maksain ya kak! do whatever you want and make sure you're okayβ™₯️

  4. Oh my my I laughed so much! I share the same hate for push up so I cant judge. I will never be that brave to do it everyday.

  5. I have problems with my elbows when I do Planks, that's why I hate Ellbow Planks (also if I am on a yoga mat) . The only two exercises that I dislike too is Burpees (Always die there) and Reverse Crunches. I am also a bit insecure of my upper arms and my thights. We can make it. Also great you show your workouts πŸ‘ I like also use different workout videos. I prefer arms and legs. I dislike abs workouts πŸ˜… have a good day

  6. Senang banget nemu chanel ini, ga nyesel subscribe πŸ˜„ merasa ketemu temen senasib, ga jaim (apa adanya) πŸ˜„ Sukaak sama personality & konten2nya tentunya πŸ‘πŸ˜ Moga subscribernya makin banyaak & sukses kedepannya ! πŸ™

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