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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys? Troy here with
Welcome to my underground layer. It’s actually one of my favorite weekend hangouts and I’ll
hang out down here with my Ninja Turtle friends. We’ll eat pizza with protein shakes, we’ll
do lots of push-ups. We’ll invite a bunch of girls down here and we’ll just hang out.
By my Ninja Turtle friends, I’m talking about Michelangelo, Donatello and Rossa Westbrook.
These are my Ninja Turtle friends. We have a great time down here and I want to unveil
a secret to you guys. Now I just shared a little secret of my life with you guys – my
underground layer and I want to give you guys three mass building secrets. It’s so important to always incorporate different
mass building tricks for naturally skinny guys. I’ve kind of just made it my mission
to always come up with different tricks and different clever things to increase my protein
synthesis and build more muscle to maximize my anabolic hormones at sky high levels. Let
me get right into my list. Number one is I’ve been incorporating better forms of protein
into my diet and this is mostly important when you’re going to go long periods without
eating. So I’m talking about before you go to bed, when you go to bed obviously you’re
not going to be eating for between like 6 and 10 hours, depending on how much you sleep
and then also like if you’re traveling or you just know it’s going to be a stretch of
time maybe with your work or other commitments in your life where you’re not going to be
able to eat for a while, it’s so important to get a slow digesting form of quality protein.
And so, this is why it’s all about, it’s not really about the macronutrients you consume,
it’s the quality of the macronutrients that you consume when you try and to gain muscle
as this naturally skinny guy. Think about like a whey isolate shake is going to give
you say 40 grams of protein but it’s going to be that rapid digesting hormone proteins.
If you’re not eating for five or six hours, it’s going to give you a quick source of protein
but as naturally a skinny guy, you got that really fast metabolism. So you consume something
and you’re hungry 30 minutes later; you have a naturally fast metabolism. So in order to
always create an atmosphere that builds muscle – that positive nitrogen balance, that anabolic
atmosphere in our body, we want quality slow digesting forms of protein. So I’m talking
things like casein protein powder. I’m talking about liquid egg whites, whole eggs, grass
fed beef, grilled chicken. It’s a lot better if you’re not going to eat for 4-5 hours to
consume these slower digesting forms of protein. They’re going to drip-feed our muscles with
anabolic fuel. You’re going to create that anabolic atmosphere – it’s going to help you
guys build muscle mass and just turn into the Terminator. You guys want to be anabolic
beasts around the clock, so make sure to consistently consume high quality forms of protein. Number two on my mass building secret is I’ve
been ramping up my carbohydrate intake around my workout. So I’m talking about like an hour
and a half to two hours before my workout and an hour and a half to two hours after
my workout. I will ramp up my carbs really high. I’ll have a big pre-workout meal of
slow digesting carbs anywhere between like 60 and 80 grams – things like lentils, sweet
potatos, black beans, any kind of beans, lots of vegetables, lots of whole fruit I should
say. We want to ramp up our slow digesting carbs. Right after you workout you want to
hit that anabolic window and you want to spike your insulin with those fast digesting carbs
like dextrose, like glucose powder and then following this, you want to stablize those
blood sugar levels, give your body more of that anabolic fuel, initiate protein synthesis
and recovery and we do this with the lean protein in another form of slow digesting
carb. So, along with that slow digesting carb list, pick another slow digesting carb like
sweet potatos, black bean, lentils, quinoa. There’s so many great sources. Check out our
video of the top muscle building carbohydrates if you guys are looking for some ideas. Two
hours before, two hours after, we want to do heavy carbohydrate consumption. This is
going to pay huge dividends for a really important anabolic hormone insulin. Number three mass building secret is to keep
a strength log and think about this guys: you will not get bigger unless you get stronger
and I’m talking about getting stronger on our compound exercises with the largest and
strongest muscle groups. You could have a perfect diet. You can follow everything to
a tee, but if you’re not getting stronger in the gym on your compound exercises, I guarantee
you that you are not getting bigger. I don’t want to overwhelm you guys – Italk a lot about
keeping a workout log, tracking your workouts, writing everything down. If you guys are new
to that you may find it overwhelming. So at the very minimum, I want you to keep the strength
log on these three exercises – on the bench-press, on the squat and the deadlifts. These are
like, I’d say the three most important exercises for maximizing your anabolic hormone production
and getting big. Every single time you perform the bench-press, the squat and the deadlift,
I want you to track down your weight and your repetitions. Every single time you step in
the gym, say your best 200 pounds three times your last workout. I want you to make it your
mission to do it four times or do 205 pounds. But every single time you set foot in the
gym, just focus on getting a little bit stronger because all these little steps are going to
equate to massive, masive gains long term, guys. I mean, I remember when I used to workout,
when I was probably like 16, 17 years old I was struggling to put up 135 pounds. Now
I can bench like three plates, I can get up through around 315 pretty easily. Just focus
on the small gains, focus on getting stronger every single workout. Don’t worry about where
you are, compared to this guy or that guy. Just focus on every single time you step foot
in the gym. If you need to just get a little bit stronger this will have such an incredible
compound effect in a year, even in like six months, even in three months. I guarantee
guys, just focus on getting stronger as a naturally skinny guy. Don’t put too much emphasis
and look at yourself in the mirror, compare yourself and think you’re never going to get
there. Just increase your strength, you’re going to see amazing results. So, that is my three mass building secrets.
If you guys are looking for more great tips on how to bulk up and gain lean muscle mass,
check out Thanks guys!

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