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As Tony saw me walk out on the stage to present He said.. The bodybuilding world is in trouble. That guy got something real special. So I always talk about the power of words. And what you really believe, and if you’re willing to back up what you speak. Muhammad Ali was that way. I love his energy, and how he would speak a particular thing .. .. And say this is gonna happen, this guy is gonna go out in the third round, or the fourth round. That was my attitude. I think there is special people that have a certain mindset.. To deliver on their vision. Everybody don’t have it.. I think there is something that’s inside of certain people that speak it, and make that a reality. I never had a doubt. Inner assurance and strength .. .. That I had and that people who achieve great things have. It’s nothing that can be manufactured in your mind.. You can’t make that. You either got it, or you don’t. Very succesful people, being in fitness or whatever. They have a different kind of attitude. And that’s what separates the would be’s from the guys who actually GET THERE. They get there.. We don’t look for no excuses. It’s DO or DIE. There’s nothing wrong with heaving a healthy ago. That’s why there’s sheep and there’s shepherds. Must be crazy.. That’s what it’s all about!! One more for NUMBER ONE!! I wanted to make sure nobody was outtraining me. All of those different elements of adding to success.. I made sure happened. I don’t trash my body because it takes care of me. You know, if I take care of it, it’s gonna take care of me. You’re gonna be confronted with negativity, negative people.. But you have to hold true to who you are and BELIEVE.. And continue to move forward. So don’t give up, keep pushing foward, keep believing in yourself.


  1. ''There's something inside of people that speak it and make it a reality. It's nothing that can be manufactured in your mind. You either got it, or you don't. Succesful people in fitness or whatever, they have a different kind of attitude. That's what seperates the would be's from the guys that actually get there. We don't look for no excuses.. It's do or die.''

  2. I call Lee Haney "The Gentle Champ".
    Was there any drama circling his name?
    He was all about business. The coolest thing, him leaving when still on the top.

  3. Next level video synchronization and balance. Pieces of the video, the music and the voice everything is so well edited and put together. You have surpassed makaveli motivation bro. I mean I know you don't compete but you really my favourite now. The music and clarity has improved so much. The rhythm you out together is perfect. It's not only music …it's not only words's balance between both that makes Ur videos unique and beautiful

  4. Por fin pusieron algo bueno ya que últimamente estaban subiendo videos de culturista sin ninguna trayectoria,para nada motivantes

  5. Eu não entendo pq ele é o menos falado entre os Mr Olympias. Todos aparecem bem mais que eles, inclusive os que nunca ganharam como Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler, Tom Plats… Todos aparecem mais que ele que ganhou 8x o Mr Olympia. É como se fosse uma parte esquecida do bodybuilder…

  6. Eu so queria que essas competicoes de fisicuturismo fosse 100/. Porcento natural so comida descanco e treino ai eu queria ver aonde o fisico poderia chegar au natural porque agente que nao vai usar anabolizantes nunca vai chegar ao fisico deles .ai da uma sensacao de frustracao na gente.

  7. I do my best when I see these videos!Today was back day and I see this video before I start to train and I do 10000 percent !

  8. Haney never gets enough credit. He looked awesome! An absolute class act, and a fantastic human being. I love that guy. No homo. Lol. There should be a lot more Haney videos.

  9. Super!!!. Sin desmerecer al gran Lee Haney pero tambien hay que reconocer el trabajo de @nicandrovisionmotivation que gran video, que edición y que música. Pura pasión👊😎

  10. If there is ever a champion that gets overlooked even by those he defeated … it would be Lee Haney

  11. Lee Haney seemed to have great wisdom and belief to build his successes on. Great editing and thank you for sharing 🙂

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