Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Theme Music] Dang man! I’m looking lean. I’m lookin’ fit. I’m lookin’ over my shoulder at you, momma! Hey sexy baby check out my gun.
You don’t need a permit. Ugh no thanks. I think you misunderstood.
With this gun there is no waiting period. I’ve seen bigger. Woah dang! She’s seen
bigger guns than these?! Johnny needs bigger muscles pronto. but working out is too much work. Oh if only there was a way I could maintain my slender V shape without having to get all sore. Psst. Hey. I think I can help you out. Yeah thanks buddy but I don’t need a spot. I’m not talkin’ about giving you a spot!
I’m talkin’ about [Inaudible Whispering] Steroids! Keep it down will ya! What are those? Steroids will make
working out less work. Well I hate work Lay ’em on me mustache! Alright, pull down your pants. Okay but no funny stuff. Alright I’m gonna just stick this in. I said no funny stuff! It’s only gonna hurt a little. What’s gonna hurt a little? A needle?! [Screams] Johnny I don’t need no needles Johnny needs needles
if Johnny wants an easier workout. Okay fine. Stick it in me. S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-suddenly Susan!!! How long till these
babies kick in? Just keep working out they’ll kick in. One-two-ten! One-two-ten! One-two-ten! Oh man, these steroids are mighty fine man! Look at that man! Who’s that? It’s me! Don’t call me the Beanstalk cause I am jacked! You’re looking good Johnny. Oh yeah! Say man why’s my back sproutin’ pink broccoli? It’s just a little backne. Backne!?! Back it on up man! You didn’t say this stuff cause backne. It’s just a side effect. Fine. Well at least nobody will be staring at my back
because of my big muscles and my beautiful hair. What the frog man?! My hair just pulled a Harry Houdini! It’s another side effect. Side effect! Losin’ my hair is a “I wish I died” effect! Sorry pal steroids have side effects. But not my hair man! I mean, what’s next?
Is this stuff gonna shrink my tiddly and winks?! Eh you might wanna take a look. Fine, let me check on my boys. Check please! Johnny, ya look great!
You want some more steroids? Don’t mind if I DON’T! Gah! I’m so mad!!
It’s like I can’t control my emotions! Yeah that could be roid rage. Roid Rage?! I don’t have roid rage!
I just wanna beat you from pillar to post! Come here! Yeah I’d like to report some maniac on steroids committing assault. Woah dang man. Johnny can’t breathe. My left arm feels kinda funny. Also, he’s having a heart attack. Yeah, whatever.


  1. Johnny: (His hair falls off his head) What the frog man?! My hair just pulled a Harry Houdini!
    Me: Ribbit!

  2. Saitama: You have to keep training until your hair falls out, that's the only way to get truly strong"
    Johnny : consumes steroids and loses hair

    Saitama: WaIT THat's IlEgAL

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