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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m going to talk about today my work of nutrition and how you can get a lot of carbs you’re in the workout carbs and protein and how can it help you to train harder just to recap the last video I talked a little bit about my training and how most of my sessions are anywhere between two to three hours and they still keep a full intensity those hold two to three hours I do encourage you to try and train harder I promise you that whatever you think you’re doing you can do a little bit more so even if it’s we had a few more self in every exercise too and try to do it a little bit more weight it’s possible specially with what I’m going to show you right now so I want to talk to you a little bit about quality of product my biggest changes here was to quit saying that they change I changed my supplement and I changed my super supplements now when I’m talking about quality when I start working in for mujhey what happened is that I could lower my dosage and still have a lot better result because the supersoul onions are very clean and very quality and you guys need to understand that this is something you’re putting into your body so the more clean it is and the more quality the better your physique will look like I’ll talk about exactly what I’m thinking and how in the next few videos but I’m gonna talk to now about the actual supplements so people don’t give a lot of love credit to supplements but what I’m gonna show you is how the combination between regular supplement and super supplements can take you to the next level so I told you in the last video how long you in my office is like it’s used 350 grams of carbs in the workout and about 100 grams of protein okay so what did I actually use when I trained and obviously when you’re dieting and all the models are going to be different but I’m going to show you the secret so this is called plasma from bio death and the basic ingredients in the plasma is highly branched cyclodextrin in hydrolyzed bioactive casein protein which is basically project jested protein which help you help it to absorb a lot faster in your body this formula specifically from biotech a lot of companies write anything but nothing actually get it even close actually made me to have my workouts about it would say 60% longer that what they were before you should really really try it you can check them out the team second product they use called medicare in company and this is basically just a protein I use it post-workout and before bed and the recovery from this product is absolutely amazing again it stays with the super supplement quality and everything so we have a company who trusts in their product works this is what you should go with let’s talk a little bit about the breakdown again it’s very different if you’re dieting or trying to gain muscle but I would suggest try to put in your workout and can these discern or if not more of your daily carbs intake so in my offseason I ain’t close to a thousand grams of carbs one 350 of them came in her workout from lab now I would say that the best places to put your cards are pre and when I’m saying freaked about an hour before a workout intra from the plasma and post-workout dose at about six hours window this is where you want to get most of your carbs in rest of the day should be if you’re also in a relatively low carb no more than 25 to 50 a meal and if you’re diving in to be no carbs at all you will see that when you’re trading like that with the plasma your workout even when died it will be very very intense and you want to lose any energy while you’re training that’s for diet I know a lot of there’s a new conception that you have to eat a lot of stolen meals a day I can tell you that all now when I’m about four weeks out it’s three solid meals a day in the red cups and may extend and plasma that’s move so my cold calories come from so if it’s easier for you to have the liquid food it’s fine it’s absorb the same and there no problem to have it then if you prefer to eat food that’s fine too in our next video I’m gonna talk a little bit about the super supplement and in a more specific way of what I’m taking and how much I do encourage you though to try to plan I’m try to make ten in your workout and try to push as hard as you can I promise you the results will be very very different than what we saw up until now keep training hard see you in the next video

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