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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Personally I like back, back is one of my favorite body part to train As a body builder umm, it’s a lifestyle, so I honestly like to train every single part. I’m excited to hit the gym Every single day. Even in my off day I’m always thinking about the gym, always thinking about training So, to be honest with you I love training every single body part. But if I have to choose one body part It definitely be “back” My meals typically look like Ground beef Chicken Fish Yams White Rice And green pretty much Egg whites, Oatmeal It’s pretty much it all consists of. I actually have 7 meals a day Total and uhh…I don’t really count shakes as a meal, but I usually have a post workout shake as well SHREDZ protein and with a little bit of carbs as well Usually what I hate to eat the most is fish Definitely fish, I was never a big fish person ever when I was growing up umm…usually, usually I call it hell week. The last week of You know my prep. A week out I’m eating about 6 fish meal a day. All Tilapia But I do use my flavor god seasoning, which I love I put uh…usually the everything flavor with with the garlic lovers Definitely my favorite, definitely does the job It really kills that fish taste so… I mean as far as hating what I eat, it probably be the Tilapia Can anybody be a body builder? I personally think anybody can definitely be a body builder You know…genetics definitely plays a role But if you have heart, and you have dedication, and you have a sick work ethic You know anything is possible You killing it in the gym you’re consistent with your diet you stay focused you know, in and out of the gym You can definitely be a body builder, and you can definitely live you know as a body builder to your full potential off season cardio I would recommend I personally do 30 minutes fasted 3 times a week just to keep the cardiovascular system running umm…metabolism up and uh…just to keep the heart healthy During my training for the show I took, you know a good ammount of SHREDZ supplements I took Creatine, I took Testosterone I am actually taking the burner max right now that we just got Awesome energy, awesome stamina, awesome endurance uh…performance pre-workout it has really been doing the job for me Energy level are low so… The supplement are really helping me maximize all my workouts As well SHREDZ protein post-workout that is definitely an essential I feel like you know there is a lot of pressure on me, but I know that I’m gonna bring my best package to the stage and I know I’m really going kill it when I get up there. I’m going to shock a lot of people, turn a lot of heads and It definitely is going to be a good pro debut As far as uh…a struggle phase or a struggle week I would say is the last week of my prep That’s when I have to eat all these fish meals About 6 fish meals a day I really don’t like to eat fish, but you know I do it because I have to and it makes look my best It really thins out the skin and really makes me nice and you know, vascular It gets me ready you know, show prep and literally paper thin So As far as you know hell week I will call it hell week my last week of prep but you know, I still love every second of it man I love what I do Just really, just knowing that one day I’m going to really actually make it to the top. I’m going to be successful No matter what I’m going to make it happen, you know that’s my mentality I have you know a great work ethic, and I’m going to kill it until the last breath and I just want to thank all my family, my supporters, my fans, and everybody on social media That shows me so much love and support. You guys are actually my motivator as well You guys help me get up in the morning, you guys push me as well so I want to thank you guys Prior to the Pheonix Europa, I was told last year that I need to bring up my back My back thickness, upper chest, and a little bit of size of my legs to be in the top contender in the 212 class And I feel like I have done that, I brought up all these body parts and definitely going to be a competitor and I’m going to fight, and I’m going to battle on stage And I’m really turn some heads, and really make it happen this year The feeling that I get whenI go on stage is unbelievable. It’s a feeling like none other It’s a feeling that I literally wait for whole year long to step on stage for 3 minutes I mean everything is literally totally blocks out. I hear nothing, I see nothing, all it is, is me Myself, and my posing. And just showing off everything I worked for that entire year, for 3 minutses on the stage The first time I ever competed, when I went on stage I was nervous Once I got out there I was like wow this isn’t that bad You know, it’s actually really comfortable up here. I was actually really comfortable up there. And ever since then, I had no problem being up there. I enjoy being up there and I enjoy having the crowd when I hit the front double biceps and go crazy I haven’t really been nervous for any of my past shows. So, I’m actually really excited to step on stage For my pro debut and really make it happen It will be my dream come true to qualify for the Olympia, and that’s my goal. To qualify and be up in the Olympia stage next year, so I am planning in going in there and killing it, killing it for SHREDZ Killing it for the SHREDZ Army Getting up there and taking the first place, and I’m going to be up there in the Olympia stage 2016. You bet that! As far for Arnold wanting to bring back the old aesthetics look I totally agree with him I totally agree with a small waist aesthetic look. Really small waist V Taper, X Frame That is what we have been looking for That’s what the judges have actually been looking for, and you can tell that more competitors are coming in You know, totally shredded. A lot more and better conditioned and that is what we are reallly looking for and that is what Arnold was explaining, and I definitely agree with that

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  1. I'm all about looking good but wearing the sun glasses for his debut interview. Nah! Otherwise he looks good and vascular! Good Luck!

  2. Good luck at the Mr. O contest, Tristan! I know you'll do very well, you're looking HUGE, well-toned, well proportioned, and well conditioned!

  3. Bears eat lots of fish! And look at how big and strong they are. I hate eating fish too, unless it's from Popeye's.

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