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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Good morning, so I’m going to do cardio right now and supposed to be a rest day I might hit some ABS just to throw them in there a couple things I want to talk about in the video the supplements I take and I’m gonna try to film a full day of eating full day of regular eating Today is the Super Bowl. I’m not going to any parties or anything I’ll probably watch it, but I have a lot of work to do still so I’ll probably be on the TV I’m not centering my day around it. I’m not recommending supplements. I’m just telling you guys the ones that hi Kate. I’m fasted right now 8:14 a.m.. I haven’t had any food play also why I’m a little finicky lack of sleep and no food It’s not not a good look for me, but I just drove to the gym, and it’s Sunday And they’re not open till 12:00 on Sunday. I have another gym. That’s close to my house I just don’t like it small arts in Anytime Fitness. I’ve never liked Anytime Fitness gyms I just haven’t I mean they have some decent equipment. This one’s all set up all wonky So I’m gonna head to Anytime Fitness now that I just messed my myself up and drove It’s ten minutes down the road for no reason. This is also why I want to open my own gym. This won’t happen We’ll do it right 24 hours Monday through Friday Friday closed at 10:00 Saturday to 7:00 to 10:00 Sunday say 8:00 Those are good hours Then Monday. Oh you both back up at like 4:00. That’s legit all right. I’m just rambling now, but I will see you guys Another time I’ll see you then or I’ll see it another time. What movie name it, okay? Bye They just gave me it’s about to be mentioned Just got done. I am headed home fifty minutes total 426 calories, I’m gonna show you guys the supplements. I’m using in like 5 sec stop wanted to show you guys all Supplements that I currently pretty much everyday. I will start with cellucor rc4 I don’t really care about the flavor to be honest pink lemonade is the one I have now They have the 60 serving size one good today price on any of this stuff look it up I use one and a half to two scoops of this cuz I’ve been using it for a while every morning before my workouts with that 35 grams of creatine monohydrate every morning with my Tibor This is fitness fiber. I Try to get anywhere between 30 to 35 grams of fiber a day This is by the way. I don’t recommend. This is body by body tech I’m not like in love with this beautiful away. I just it’s almost gone and once it’s gone on probably switch to Ghosts I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard really good things, but I mean I’ve not noticed anything So Everyone people say all all creatine is the same I don’t really necessarily agree. I think you always gonna find something Like another thing for different reasons so this Fitness fiber But often the nutrition I do two teaspoons of this which is Twelve carbs every single day and that gives me 10 grams of fiber I do that with my creatine and I see four in the morning every morning reason why is? Let up and just watching a lot of fitness blogs, and they were talking about keeping track your fiber It’s one of one of the things that they make sure that they’re doing against 30 to 35 I think some people do up to 38 and They try to stay within that range, but ever since I started paying attention to how much fiber I’m getting I noticed a significant difference and looked So I’m less bloated Regularly, I carry less water Regularly when I make sure I get these two in the morning in and then with my food throughout the day around 30 to 35 And then when I didn’t have this for like two weeks, and I definitely notice like carrying an extra extra water in my hips extra water arms like you look less to file so if you’re not Paying attention your fiber. I definitely suggest that and then this cook you look up you know 3 say for 180 capsules you take 3 add a vasodilator also pump I swear by these 3 Ones I just mentioned and again. I swear back creatine, but I don’t think this is doing a lot for Land or water I’m gonna make sure I get a different brand or something to switch it up or what I might start doing it since I’ve been Taking it before and we start consuming it immediately after I think there’s different theories out on that as well When you should be taking it for the past year I’ve been drinking I’ve been taking of this with my pre-workout everything else so now I got to switch it up see my body reacts differently to that Maybe of the timing things are aminos Recently I used to use these throughout the day I’d have anywhere from three to six scoops of this It gives you great energy again if I optimum nutrition out which I think this is I? Love this if you’re like an energy drink person or you like you know the taste is great. It’s just it’s good It’s really good I promise try, but recently what I’ve been doing is I’ve been bringing it to the gym And then after him every workout will put three scoops in so I can have it there any workout That’s fine, my workouts. Been a little longer, and I find that that’s helping me stay stronger Energy throughout the workout the intera workout, so there’s little things I can do to change it up I’m just kind of trying to listen to my body and Adjust it that and then the second I get home I have ghost fish oil definitely recommend 12 fat is 1.25 grams omega-3 fatty acid yato all that good stuff I have that with Puritans prized name using vitamin E thousand, I use I Heard this is your skin’s so I’ve been taking that along with officially because So and a-hat most the time, and I put it up, so I’m sweating and drenched as well right now I’m just sitting in my sweaty clothes, and I have my shoulders in like that break out a lot because of that And no matter how much I scrub or anything so I’m hoping that this I just starts taking this Not too long 30 days ago. I’ve noticed a slight difference in Breakouts, so I’m hoping it gets better, and then this is animal stacks pack Pretty much. I didn’t know there’s black bar business actually Multivitamin pretty much everything you possibly need in a vitamin pack I used to take these years ago you feel Noticeably different when you do it, you know people think items are always the time the thing is is like I don’t think it can hurt you so it’s like why not make sure that you’re hitting those. You know you’re getting enough Getting enough button see you’re getting enough vitamin e D Etc so I make sure I think this the tax look like this if you guys have no idea kind of vitamins they taste horrible, they smell horrible, but I Always like these guys. I think they’re the expression. I’m real tried and true brand this is Ghost protein you this this flavor cereal milk one scoop is Total fat is 1.5 grams Carbs are four grams and protein is 25 grams in one scoop, so I will pretty much have one shake a day With two scoops one shake a day So that’ll just help me get my protein and it’s nice when I want to go mm-hmm sometimes I’ll have to and that’s the days that I can lazy euros alright Haven’t had time, but the reason I like ghost is not only the numbers like my macros are great But the flavors my wife doesn’t have the flavor complete transparency my wife definitely doesn’t like the flavor of any of these She says as if your Apple tastes. I don’t taste that But we definitely have differences in just about everything so go cereal milk. There’s a blueberry toaster pastry there’s Snickerdoodle I believe with still out there’s peanut butter cereal milk, which is really really good if you’re trying to take your macros And you’re like craving a milkshake And you want something with lt’s getting the peanut butter cereal milk throwing it in there was actual like low-fat or low-fat milk with some fruit and maybe a scoop of peanut butter Oh, my that’s amazing, but ghosts you can go to I think it’s ghost lifestyle calm, and you can do these two products They’re super. Good actually just on a chancy that carries this which I wasn’t aware that stores you can carry them Strictly oh that’s cool, and then last but not least dextrose this is again. I’m not it’s muscle feast is the brand 0 546 carbs in one scoop, that’s 46 grams, so it’s pretty much a gram of carbs per Gram my necrobutcher at the end of this Justin Bieber He says so I was just telling them I feel more fatigue throughout the day I don’t like eating right before my workout some people do I don’t like my workouts Whether it’s protein. Whether it’s fab its Carville its combination I don’t I’m not a fan of eating directly below my workout at most maybe a banana But I feel bogged down and tired like read before workout no matter what I eat, but he said I should put 10 grams of this in my Water throughout the throughout the workout, and that’ll help me get through and I’ve done it a few times right this thing It’s pretty much a lot of this for a while But I do it on days that I feel a little sluggish and it definitely Helps now does your body a little extra energy throughout the days, and then you’re only kind of wasting 10 grams of carbs Throughout the day too, but that’s also why I started doing it more with the amino is to taste better This actually has caffeine in it so you get dejected some pre-workout You’re good to go. He should Whip the gym itself, but that’s it I just wanted to give you guys kind of a breakdown of taking it on a daily. I don’t think I’m missing anything I’m not saying take car am I saying don’t take them. I’m not saying anything. I’m saying This is what I take. I’m about to eat my first meal. It is 10:00 a.m.. I’ve had zero food I’m starving so Hold it eating consists of supplements I can just showed you guys, but I’m going to show you how I measure everything out Get a scale and we will start with the creatine that I showed you guys Again, I’ve not eat that today. I’m making this so I can drink this well I’m making breakfast so what I don’t want to do is I put everything in because I know the measurements that I need five four five grams of Preteens, and then I’m gonna do Do it back out here, and then two scoops in mind ramp so maybe four or a solid 18 18 and you slide them over since again when the gun the last thing I add to the drink is two teaspoons of Fiber six point five grams, and so I just do two right off the bat. That’s 13 Let’s go again if I just found out this has 5 grams of carbs in it has a disclosure guys So I’m gonna start scanning this what I’m gonna. Do I sat on a crows clock What’s cool is as you start using the app more and more? You can actually just carry over and copy meals that you’ve already ate or Accommodations that you’ve already had or supplements that you’ve already spent in but I’ve literally never done this one so I’m just going to see they’re expanding their thing today, so one pack is this says two carbs We also have to double check sometimes they ask wrong The on the box that says 5 grams of carbs in 2 grams of fiber So I’m gonna edit my nutritional facts or quit 20 calories the missing section 40 calories no fat 5 carbs and 2 grams of 5 or 5 grams of protein that didn’t know any of that anything in this whole time This will be you can see it put it in there as post-workout So that’s all I have scammed in there right now, and then I will scan my fiber 2 teaspoons When I skim the aminos under 4 scoops is again double checking what it is right to 2 grams of carbs per scoop? So ate carbs nice and the ghosts Make sure to count your fat So it’s not in there so you have to manually either goes Fish oil all right so my macros right now are 225 protein 248 carb 55 fat on a daily and Like I said my protein right now before I’ve even had any food is five protein 25 carbs 1.3 fat I’m gonna have some eggs and then just kind of do this day on the fly as opposed to Pre-planning so you guys can see what it’s like to actually count and track them, and then I will keep letting you guys know This is churches, and she’s also having three slices of uncured turkey bacon I Think you guys the macros on this when I’m done, but she has 184 grams of egg whites and one whole egg three slices of turkey bacon I’m doing four I’m doing three whole eggs, and I’m about to do a hundred and thirty-eight It’s Measured out on the scale, and then I’ll probably have four pieces of farmhouse oatmeal Bread the macros on these are two grams of fat per slice 22 carbs per slice than four grams of protein I’m fighting for this is probably my biggest meal of the day We used some pan lotion Or this there’s zero fat zero carbs your protein. It’s a serving size. It’s 1/4 second spray Good to go real quick I carry egg whites green four large brown ants we got I think we got this from Costco too big yeah No nitrate or nitrates added for moms columbus hickory smoked uncured Turkey bacon and again like I said I get you guys some macros I’m gonna put it in right now and then let you guys know what I’m alright so the Everything I’m at right now is 78 grams of protein a hundred and forty one hundred thirteen cards and 32 grams of fat Just for my friend in this meal alone, and then that’ll leave me with I have 147 protein left 127 carb left and 22.7 fat left for the day, and it’s 10:31 a.m. So I’m gonna eat this and I will see you guys next meal I forgot to tell you guys the secret ingredient and Then I added black pepper and of course. I’m gonna throw on a little bit of Himalayan pink salt Voila there you have it And then I’ll probably just mix this around it’ll look all soupy. I love condiments. I am actually headed to the gym for round two Again, I did a reaiiy wouldn’t normally do two days of just cardio Ever especially not now because I’m not supposed to It’s not in my training plan or I’m not supposed to be doing this much cardio jump But I did a reef eat yesterday. It was a little heavier today And like I said, I’ve noticed. I’m carrying around a little more blow, so I’m going to Jim again Probably other 30 minutes to an hour to just do some walking cardio See you guys Soon, what’s up guys? I am about to eat some Premium kettle corn one bag is three protein 20 car 3.5 Bats putting me at eighty one protein for the day 141 carb 35.8 fat right now. I have 144 protein left 99 carbs and 19.2 Fat I think I’m gonna have I know I said I wasn’t gonna plan anything But you kind of have to plan some stuff. I think I’m gonna have flatbread pizza homemade flatbread pizzas, so I have this for later Macros are pretty good on it, so I think I’m gonna have two big ones some sauce some mini bell peppers and Some fat-free mozzarella cheese, it’s gonna be so good so good But the sooner my snack for now and then I’m gonna have those I might even have three if loaf it There’s a sounds phenomenal right now I’m still hungry so this is 4 points 1 ounces of Beef jerky a Powerade zero. There is nothing in it so less than one carb That’ll probably my snack until pizza and then from the 44 pro team 28 carbs and poor fat in 4.1 ounces of nature, so you know Crap crazy here. I started to cook the pizza top ones are mine Two of them are mine, and then two more cherishes, and then those are regular tortillas not a flatbread On the bottom, and those are the boys so I used sugar you guys earlier for mine flatout artisan thin pizza crust and Mission flour tortilla, this is what I put on for the boys just regular taco shells this for Sauce and then I put some Peppers on one of mine fat-free mozzarella Macros are really good zero fat two carbs nine grams of protein per serving I put a cup on between the two so half a cup on each piece and I did Two packets of stevia zero calorie sweetener for my sauce bo just does give it a little sweetener Sweeten it up, and then of course Himalayan pink salt black pepper and Salt free mrs. – Italian metally on the top Okay, I’ll show you guys the finished product when it is Done a couple more minutes Oh I did that. I’m gonna eat this a current Macros are did I tell you guys yet I don’t think I told you so that meal two of those with everything that I just showed you guys that I put on it 51 protein 67 carbs for fat 502 calories it’s like the perfect dinner which brings me to 176 protein 236 car 43.8. I have 49 protein left for carb 11.2 fats gonna be weird I might be under fat today once I could figure something out try it. I’m watching Bleed for this I’ve seen it before but it’s a good movie and cherish is Looking at one of the Kardashians being pregnant or something like that whatever but uh I’m about to have my last meal, and I was kind of worried because I had no carbs left and fat and Protein a lot of protein 50 protein. I have up, but I got really really lucky Because this is actually my secret weapon I should’ve showed you guys this one I showed you my supplements this morning MCT oil by on it one tablespoon is 14 grams of fat Hot so 14 grams of fat 130 calories, so it’s super super good And then I’m doing two scoops of ghost away, which together I actually calculated it already And I can only do point seven five of a tablespoon 3/4 of a tablespoon which Instead of 15 milliliters it turns out to be eleven point two five milliliters so this Protein shake will be 50 grams of protein ate carbs 13.5 fat which puts me at You see that negative 1 negative 4 negative 2 point 3 So my goal is to get in within 5 of every single one of those 5 within protein plus or minus 5 within carbs plus or minus and 5 within fat plus or minus didn’t after this shake is done 226 protein 244 car 57 point 3 fat again I went over each one just a little try to stay within 5 my numbers my regular numbers you guys forgot are 225 protein 240 carb 55 fat. That’s a failure this week I just sent my numbers my macros rosedust and Draper, and you will probably lower them because we is exactly the same I’ve actually recovering my Lois is 181 I’m hovering around 183, so I’ll probably lower them and be like stop stop eating all that food fatty probably. Thank you but But that is a full day of eating it’s super super easy like the only thing I really planned I was like I’m gonna eat pizza. That was the only thing I really planned today, so I do suggest if you guys are doing this you should plan your day I plan my day every morning pretty much So I’ll have my supplements and my pre-workout you know banana or protein bar whatever prior after my workout I’ll have it’s always eggs and either oatmeal or eggs in a bagel or eggs and bread So it depends on when I’m feeling that day, and then once I skin some of that I start planning my day ahead, and I go I’ll do my dinner so I have my first meal my last meal pretty much It’s an obvious improver Go you know what it’s always something small and then I’ll start filling it in in between and then that’ll let me know what I need to add throughout the day or Should I add an extra egg because it’s I’m extra five grams of fat, or should I add another slice of bread? because it’s some extra 22 car or should I take away a slice of bread because 22 carbs and the Meal I’m planning on eating later is you know I need those carbs for later so it just pretty plan and you guys are fine, so guys any help, let me know I Don’t care What’s so we’re gonna go celebrate the Kardashians Birth little South South Kardashian. What are they? oh They’re the same they’re all the same. They’re just replicas of each other. What did they name? It? Is that a boy is a girl? Cuz the names probably I’m just kidding I don’t know Kiwi oh It’s funny wow this I need a haircut What is doing? let me know if you guys like videos like this or If you you know prefer the fitness stuff or the more the lifestyle stuff Or if this is the kind of thing that’s gonna help you guys like just let me know you can comment You know just let me know what you’d like to see pretty much so be sure to hit the thumbs up button, please If you liked it, and then thanks for watching don’t forget to hit your macros

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  1. I've tried the calorie counting when I did two months of insanity, but found it super difficult. Wanted to start tracking macros instead. How do you figure out how many macros you need a day? Is it the same for everyone?

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