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Hey guys, Tom Johnson here again with Myprotein today we’re gonna do a product review on the impact whey protein. As you know proteins probably the most popular supplement in the industry. Now this
particular protein is the highest standard manufactured in the world. it mixes very very well and the taste is
absolutely exceptional if I do say so myself. They come in I think more
than 20 flavours, they do flavours like chocolate, strawberry, mocca to do
absolutely loads and even do Unflavour as well so you fancy having a look, go have a look at that. right open this up and show you how it mixes. now one thing I do advise make sure you put the water in first. it sticks to the bottom. As every
trainer will know. so water goes in I usually put in about 300 400 ml but if you want it thicker put less in, if you want it more Well more runnier and put more water in. so
there’s one scoop here straight into the shaker. Make sure your lid is on properly, give it a good shake it doesn’t take much shakes Its very easy to
the mix abilities very very good. as you can see you shaking it for about five
seconds and it’s absolutely smooth anything. Then pour it straight into
your cup and as you can see guys there’s no bits is absolutely no bits in there
it’s all you saw me shake it about five times absolutely perfect

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  1. i got it with a 5% student card discount i used to buy optimum nutrition 2.5kg for £45 wheras myprotein is just as good if not better 5kg for £51 a real bargain

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