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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, I’m Kyle Brayer, your next in home cardio
exercise will be mountain climbers. Mountain climbers is a great exercise for your legs
as well as for your heart, it also works your shoulders and your chest. So you’re going
to actually start in a peaked push up position which means that your hands are flat on the
ground and your glutes are pointing straight up in the air. You’re going to actually start
with one leg forward, so in this case my left leg is forward my right leg is back and all
I’m going to do is shuttle my legs. So I’m going to jump up and down, creating space
and switching from my right to my left, so it looks like this. At first a nice slow pace
is sufficient and after you get in shape you can move a little quicker. And to the front.
Make sure you’re breathing during this exercise and if you need to take a break, put both
knees down, rest on your heels, and then continue. So mountain climbers not only work your legs,
your shoulders and your chest but they actually work your heart as well so mountain climbers
concludes our cardio for that section.

100 thoughts on “In-Home Cardio Workouts : How to Do Mountain Climber Exercises

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  2. he said what are u saying. Not what is ur name. it definitley didnt sound like kyle brayer, so u'd better read, not him

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  4. If you Concentrate on how he says his name you obviously are not getting a workout. I didn't even catch that blooper because I actually cared what he was trying to demonstrate.

  5. Haha, so true. Good post. Sick of people coming to these workout videos just to trash the fitness trainer. Those haters probably have big bellies.

  6. @spikydane
    No that's not what it says… What it actually says and I quote NIV "there is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made of perfect love" 1 John 4:18

  7. WTF is it with all the penny grabbing idiots promoting other workouts on this comment wall when they themselves have never tried it?!

    To the poster: thanx for the vid!

  8. i'm doing this in my sock on my yoga mat and my toes really hurt and sting after i do that so i can't even finish it :S

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  10. its amazing how many people STOP breathing (at least properly and adequately), burdening themselves in exercises like these

  11. ok, take 50 pushups, see if you can breath normal during that, and i if you are a strong person do 100. so menny peopel stop breathing when they do strength exercises. and i am shure it is the same to you.

  12. Truthfully, the most common mistake people make when doing an intense exercise is stop breathing. Telling someone to keep breathing is the best advice you can give.

  13. It's actually a very good tip. People have a tendency to hold their breath when doing exercises like these or push-ups. It may seem obvious, but some people don't realize they're doing that until someone says something as simple as "breathe while you're doing this."

  14. i don't know if you're being serious or not, but a lot of people actually do mistake themselves for being fat when in actuality they are just big boned. A simple way to tell if you have a small or big bone structure is to wrap your thumb and middle finger around your wrist and if they touch then you have a small bone structure, but if they do not then you have a big bone structure.

  15. I do 10 in a row then a 10 second break then do 10 more. I'd do that everyday so it could be really beneficial.

  16. Mountain climbers are a great ab, as well as a cardio workout.

    If anybody can't do these because they have problems with their back, please visit us at theabstand*net

  17. I know that doing yoga has helped me out quite a bit. We focus a lot on breathing when during our stretches and routines. It may help you as well. 🙂 Glad I'm not the only one that has a hard time with it! Haha!

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  19. Good video, but I have one nitpick… correct me if I'm wrong: You shouldn't– especially if you have any knee pain or problems— rest on your knees… kneeling isn't the best for your knee health. This is what I've been lead to believe, and have even felt it myself after a little kneeling (and my knees are in pretty good shape). But otherwise, very good.

  20. That's really unfortunate! I guess I should feel very lucky that my yoga instructor is really thorough and helpful! He even comes to look at each person to see if they are getting it.

  21. i think a few seconds here and there wont do any damage, its resting on them for prolonged periods that affect them over time.

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  27. This is one of the best exercises you can do to tighten up your core….Do these with the combination of a couple other exercises (planks, leg lifts) you have yourself a very intense workout…Great stuff!

  28. Do Mountain Climbers work well with Burpees and Jumping Jacks when incorporated with weight lifting to form an interval training fat burning workout?

  29. yes. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. check it out here ->

  30. you're right. i do some basic exercises at home like pullups, pushups, presses, squats etc and i forget to breath in the meantime almost exclusively.

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  34. this is my favorite work out. My record so far is 410 mountain climbers in 1 set. My goal is to get to 500 then hopefully eventually 1,000. Brutal work out. You don't need a gym to get in shape.

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  36. Hi, when I do these my shoes come off ( from the toes hitting the ground and then the soles not being flexible enough to take the bending at the tops of my feet when my feet strike the ground) Any tips on how to prevent this? Am I doing the exercise wrong?

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  39. Perfect full body workout for active 80 yr old Mom!>>> Work at your own level and pace to keep aging bones & joints moving. Best purchase for her, ever. Would highly recommend for all, especially active seniors.

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