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– Do you remember the Olympic dive?
– Mm-hmm. – It’s just a moment, you with yourself.
This is your one moment you can do, anybody can do this. It takes
about four minutes in total. – Right. And it’s how to reset the nervous system,
and at the same time, you see, ” I’m influencing the
chemistry and my performance ability is enhanced to its natural standard.” Yeah, let it go.
Breathe. Let it go. Breathe towards whatever
you feel different than normal. You’re just oxtanigizing the body.
Breathe long. Just after exhalation, stop. And go, do push-ups. One, two,
one, two, three, four, three, four, five, six, seven, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten, eight, nine. Come on make the point. Thirty-eight.
Yeah. It’s okay. It’s okay. The 30 is either 31
without air in the lungs. – I don’t how many I did.
Was anybody counting? – Thirty-eight. Thirty-one without air in
the lungs. And that’s amazing already. – Yeah. Now, I did breathe around…
– Yes, I know, after the 31. – I had to take another breathe.
– Yes, it doesn’t matter. You did more. – That’s fantastic. Wow.
– Strong. – Cool.
– Strong. – Thank you, Wim. – It’s good. And it’s not about the amount
of push-ups and all that, though it’s nice, it’s about resetting the nervous
system to its utmost functionality. – Wow. Thanks guys. Wim Hof method.

47 thoughts on “Increase Your Physical Strength Using This Breathing Technique | Wim Hof

  1. I've been taking cold showers, and doing the Wim Hof method, for almost a year, it's amazing, I can now hold my breaths for 3.20 minutes, and do up to 100 pushups without breathing.

  2. what about using this technique for something heavy like squats/deadlifts or overhead press, you still wont need to breathe? lol so its 30 breaths hyperventilating or trying to push out the oxygen or just deep breaths in general?

  3. Counted 20 pushups that were shown. Why would you cut the other 18 if your point is to show that the method increases your maximum?

  4. This holding breath technique is similar with Aikido's lesson I attended. Sit on you knees. You hold you breath ( this is not the first lesson) and push the guy who do the same like you, push him as much as you can. Then breath out, relax.

  5. I been doing the breathing exercises, stretching , cold water therapy for like a week now and man…it definitely helps raise testosterone levels and energy. It usually really relaxes me but I had one experience that after I did it I felt like an uncaged animal, like the devil took ahold of me. I felt like "The Beast" in the movie "Split", I was so damn angry and frustrated about things in my life and I felt like I could run through a brick wall or no human being could stop me as my energy was so crazy intense. I been doing these teachings to try to rid my body of inflammation and seborrheic dermatitis around my nose and so far it hasn't cleared me up at all. That along with other things are driving me mad.

  6. I have recently discovered applying this technique for deadlifts! it is truly incredible for me how much more I can lift. I made a video of my experience if you want to have a look:

  7. Bad presentation. The breathing is not explained properly. The push ups weren't shown fully (and were executed badly). The end feels rushed and weird.

  8. Watch more of Wim Hof in his episode in Mindvalley Mentoring as well as many other episodes with other teachers:

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